Acefast D3 magnetic wireless charging car holder

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We finally got a charging holder for the phone inspired by Apple products, which does not look like an eyesore in the interior of modern cars!

Acefast sets future trends in the development of electronic devices and has set the bar really high with its magnetic charger for iPhone. The stylish circular design and the elegant metal design will make you fall in love at first sight. You can bet that such an exclusive jacket hides functions that we have long dreamed of in car chargers. First of all, it is a rock-solid magnetic fixation of the phone, which holds and just won't let go. The possibility of unlimited 360° rotation and tilting, as well as charging so fast and reliably that even some desktop chargers can't keep up.

That Acefast D3 can no longer pull out more tricks? On the contrary! Power of up to 15 W, effective LED backlighting of the panel for checking the charging progress, the possibility of mounting on ventilation vents and the presence of the most modern protective elements, including a smart E-marker chip - these are strong arguments for all those who might doubt it!

• 6-in-1 data and charging cable
• Extended length - 1.5 m
• Extra durable materials
• Very fast charging up to 60W
• Connectors: USB, USB-C, MicroUSB and Lightning

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Acefast D3 magnetic wireless charging car holder

Great magnetic attraction for wireless charging

We can finally say that the era of clumsy plastic car holders has come to an end. You can forget about their limited tilting and turning, the imperfect grip of the phone, when with every bump it threatens to fall and break. Also, how unpleasantly they looked, clashing with the stylish interior of your car. Acefast D3 works with a system of magnets that reliably and firmly fix the phone to the charging panel. At the same time, this system is so flexible that it allows you to rotate the device in the full range of 360° and tilt it so that even watching the navigation is as pleasant as possible. If you decide to use the holder for magnetic charging, you will be pleased with its speed. A burst of 7.5 W promises that you won't have to wait long for a full battery. For trouble-free charging without interruption, you can place the phone in any - vertical or horizontal - position. The magnetic force aligns it on the coil itself. Then just plug in the power cable. You can be sure that the one in the charger will hold firmly and will not fall out, as is the case with other models.

Safety with the most modern protective elements

Most manufacturers seem to not deal with protective elements in car chargers much? This is quite a common problem. But Acefast is definitely not one of many and places great emphasis on charging safety. Even in this case, it did not miss to include the most modern protection circuits that make the car charger resistant to accidental short-circuiting (for example, when the cable is crushed or cut). The integrated E-marker smart chip then ensures protection against overloading with high current and voltage, against power peaks, overheating and battery overcharging. In addition, the charger is magnetically and electrostatically shielded to resist the inductive effects of surrounding devices and to avoid the risk of an increase in voltage from electrostatic surfaces.

Acefast D3 magnetic wireless charging car holder

Stylish construction, which reflects your comfort requirements

The design of the charger is in line with Apple products. No wonder; after all, it is intended for iPhone series 12 and up. Its elegant metal construction matches them perfectly visually. Even the circular LED backlight of the charging panel does not disturb the perfect harmony. On the contrary, we are sure you will love this feature. All you have to do is glance at the colour of the LED light and you immediately know whether charging is still in progress, the phone is fully ready for action again, or that something is simply not right. The light signals a problem when, for example, you place a device that does not support magnetic charging, or it is prevented by the presence of metal objects or a phone case that is too thick (>3 mm). The package includes a metal handle, with the help of which you can easily attach the holder to almost any type of ventilation grill. Installing it is very easy and you can do it in a few steps. Silicone inserts on the inside of the metal clip ensure a tighter grip, a more secure fit and protect the car from scratches.

Technical specifications

  • Fast wireless car charger with magnetic holder
  • Output 5 W / 7,5 W / 10 W / 15 W
  • 360° rotation including tilting
  • Strong magnetic fixation
  • Specially designed for iPhone 12 series and above
  • LED indication of charging progress
  • Easy installation
  • Extension for mounting on the ventilation grill with protection against scratches
  • Built-in smart chip for safe operation
  • Protection against current overload
  • Protection against voltage overload
  • Resistant to unwanted short circuits
  • Protection against power peaks during charging
  • Protection against overheating with the help of AI circuits
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Magnetically and electrostatically shielded
  • Stylish design inspired by Apple products
  • Multiple certifications - CE, RoHS, FCC, EAC, QI, UL62368 test protocol
  • Material: ABS, polycarbonate, zinc alloy
  • Dimensions: diameter 65 mm, depth 15 mm
  • Weight: 129 g
  • Colour: silver
  • Package contents

  • 1x Acefast D3 magnetic charger
  • Power USB-C cable
  • Vent mounting clip
  • Manual
  • Documentation

  • Manual in English

  • logo Acefast

    The rapid development of the electronic and digital technology industry requires an equally high-speed response to consumer needs. And that's exactly what Acefast is all about. Since its inception, it has focused on the development of standard electronic and digital products of the best quality. It comes with practical and multifunctional solutions for charging, audio, cables, smart electronics and personal health care that are also beautiful to look at. So if you're looking for more creative products to make your digital life richer, more exciting and on the latest technology trends, Acefast is your brand!

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