AOHi Magline PRO+ USB4 100W cable, USB-C to USB-C

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Get your devices juiced at lightning speed! AOHi presents the Magline PRO+ USB4 charging cable with a fantastic 100W power that makes this task a breeze.

You will be able to monitor the information about the Watts flowing in real time on the brilliant digital display or from a distance with the help of colour LED signalling. Even with this extra fast charging, your device remains safe and protected from short circuit, overheating, too high current and voltage. All this is monitored by the built-in smart E-marker chip.

But this upgraded Magline series can do much more than just charging. It supports the display of video in crystal clear 8K resolution on one display or in superb 4K resolution on a dual monitor. In addition, it gets you ultra-high data transfer speeds of up to 40 Gb/s. As we have become accustomed to with AOHi, this cable also excels in its unrivalled durability. High-quality aluminium alloy for connectors and their housings, double nylon braiding and reinforced fibre core guarantee exceptional resistance. Faster, safer and more durable - you can't ask for more than Magline offers!

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AOHi Magline PRO+  USB4 100W kabel, USB-C na USB-C

Support faster power to save your time

You can top up the battery of your phone, laptop or tablet without annoying waiting! AOHi has prepared a great Magline PRO+ charging cable for you, which will take care of all your devices with a USB-C interface. It takes its power up to 100 W (5 A). This means that you can charge, for example, a MacBook Pro 16'' from 0% to 45% in just 30 minutes! This amount of input current for small electronics and accessories could lead to damage? Don't worry, it is under control. The integrated E-marker chip monitors the safety of your devices. This through current regulates and thus protects your device from the danger of a short circuit, overheating, excessively high voltage and current, or its fluctuations. Thanks to the chip, even at this speed, charging remains safe and smooth.

Keep the charging process under your control

The Magline is equipped with a handy digital display. On it, you can monitor the current performance in Watts, as well as indicate charging with Power Delivery technology. A multi-coloured LED also gives you a visual indication of the progress of charging: yellow indicates fast charging at full power, blue indicates normal speed, while green indicates slow charging. In that case, we recommend purchasing a more powerful charger. This will help you fully utilize the potential of this sleek accessory and really save time.

AOHi Magline PRO+  USB4 100W kabel, USB-C na USB-C

The amazingly fast data transfer and 8K resolution support we've all been waiting for

Do you also hate slow data syncing? That endless wait while transferring files? That's exactly the end! You'll love Magline for its ultra-high speed transfer rate of up to 40 Gb/s! This allows you to transfer movies, videos, music and pictures up to 5GB per second - literally! And how else to enjoy movies than in top quality. The cable supports high definition 8K video display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz when connecting one monitor. You can enjoy a great visual experience and a crystal clear picture even when connecting a dual monitor. In this case, you can look forward to 4K quality.

AOHi Magline PRO+  USB4 100W kabel, USB-C na USB-C

Made to last

AOHi used high-quality Swedish aluminium to manufacture the end caps and housing. Thanks to the premium materials, they resist internal damage during frequent plugging and unplugging from the socket. The fibre core is reinforced and protected from wear, breakage or any other damage by nylon braiding in combination with TPE. The extraordinary durability of the cable is also demonstrated by the fact that it has successfully passed a demanding bending life test with more than 30,000 bends and more than 10,000 plug in tests. It can even carry 80kg load. With its great speed, high level of safety and exceptional durability, Magline leaves the competition far behind!


  • Compatible with Android, Windows PC and all devices with a USB-C connector
  • Technical specifications

  • USB-C/USB-C charging cable with digital display
  • Extremely fast charging and data transfer
  • Maximum power 5 A, 100 W
  • Three-stage LED signaling of the charging status
  • Fast data transfer of 40 Gb/s
  • Support for displaying video in 8K quality for 1 monitor, 4K when dual monitors are connected
  • Image refresh rate 60 Hz
  • Extremely durable materials and construction
  • Built-in E-marker smart chip
  • Protection against short circuit, overheating, too high voltage and current
  • Cable length: 122 cm
  • Colour: black
  • Package contents

  • 1x Magline nylon cable USB-C to USB-C with digital display

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    AOHi is an independent brand of Aohai Technology. It aims to use pioneering solutions and the latest technology in the development of new charging devices and smart additional services. Innovation, quality and determination are the basis of its philosophy. And that he really takes it seriously is proven by the fact that it has a professional research and development team with more than 300 engineers, 267 registered patents and is a world leader in its field.

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