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With the Cubroid kit, children can easily build any functional robot they would like to. And then they control building block sensors via an intuitive application on their mobile or tablet. In addition, they can decorate the robot with Lego, which is compatible with Cubroid.

This kit will convince you in a moment that robotics and programming are great fun. If you are more respectful of the latest technologies, believe that Cubroid will get to know you and your children. And just so you know - in the most fun way!

Cubroid is not only a robotic kit, but also the perfect STEAM toy for children between the age of 5 and 12. With Cubroid you can have fun both at home and at school. Teachers and curious parents can find support on a portal full of guides and ideas.

A pack of functional blocks waits for you to build crazy inventions and cool tools. Any creation can be easily moved and animated with drag and drop applications or by Scratch programming.

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Design and build more than 300 robots

The real fun begins when you try to make your robots, carts, carousels, or even musical instruments move and revive the selected function. Your car may stop in front of a flashing traffic light, and the robot would wave with a smile - it's up to you what you want to try.

The building blocks are connected the same way as Lego is, with which they are compatible. Even preschool children can build a visitor from the future who gets to know their toys. And kids will control this meeting themselves through a simple mobile app.

S Cubroid zvládnete STEAM vzdělávání předškolních dětí

What interests you the most about Cubroid?

What do kids learn with Cubroid?
How do you revive your creation?
Overview of basic features
Package content
What does Cubroid bring to children in addition to entertainment?
How does the STEAM concept work?
Applications, Scratch, tutorials

Introducing Cubroid in video:

The funniest subject? With Cubroid it's definitely IT!

You can train your skills during assembling 6 types of function modules and other building components. Cubroid thus fulfils the principles of the STEAM concept - it supports and deepens the knowledge needed to solve technical challenges, develops creativity and teaches children to use their own ideas effectively.

Playing with Cubroid includes an incredible amount of fun experiments, imaginative solutions, eliminating problems, and ultimately enjoying celebratory moments with a finished prototype that will not last as long as you’d think, because you will have the most fun time when disassembling your finished product and perfecting it yet again.

From “scratch” to Scratch

Simple and handy apps for mobile and tablet that enable children to control their creations and change their behaviour. Just pair the blocks with the application via Bluetooth and then assemble them into groups using “drag and drop” technique as a puzzle.

Cubroid has a lot to offer to those who have already made progress in programming. It is compatible with the Scratch programming platform. In this editor, kids can take full advantage of all the features and program any project they want to.

Co si můžete postavit ze stavebnice Cubroid - foťák, vrtulník, auto, semafor

Cubroid thought of every detail

  • Building blocks are wireless
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble and block functions are color-coded
  • Blocks are charged and paired with the PC via USB cable
  • Compatible with Lego and other similar kits
  • You will try programming gradually in several difficulty levels
  • Step by step from intuitive mobile app to Scratch
  • Ready to entertain you at home and support school projects
  • Fulfils the principles of the modern STEAM education concept
  • Educational portal with tutorials and ideas for teachers and parents
  • You can find many video tutorials and ideas on YouTube
  • Video technical support and manuals to download

  • 6 types of IoT blocks and building materials

  • 1 Master block (allows programming in Scratch)
  • 1 LED block (64 LEDs)
  • 2 DC Motor Blocks (rotates 360 °)
  • 1 Sound block
  • 1 Block with proximity sensor
  • 1 Touch and light sensor block
  • 6 pyramids
  • 30 coloured cubes
  • 50 fasteners
  • 2 wheels
  • 2 support wheels
  • 6 one-sided junctions
  • 8 double-sided junctions
  • 1 USB 3-in-1 charging cable

  • Děti oživují roboty ze stavebnice Cubroid

    What will Cubroid bring to children in addition to entertainment?

  • Developed by parents and teachers for curious children between 5-12 years
  • Follows the STEAM education concept
  • Compact and durable design
  • Step by step programming from “scratch” to Scratch
  • Develops creativity and independence
  • Helps children to realize their ideas effectively

  • STEAM toy for pre-school children

    Cubroid is the ultimate STEAM toy that supports learning polytechnic fields and develops creativity of the pupils in fun team projects. New technologies, designs and constructions of functional objects, their programming in several levels of difficulty and solving all logical contexts – all of this will present you with a lot of student project ideas.

    Screenshoty aplikace ke stavebnici Cubroid na mobilu a tabletu

    Aplikace do mobilu

    Aplikace Cubroid 2 do mobiluCubroid Phone Coding App 2 is ideal for getting to know the whole system. The free app is available for iOS and mobile phones (version 10.0+) and Android (version 6.0+). In a simple interface with colourful icons and “drag and drop” controls, beginners and small children can quickly navigate their way in the app..

    Aplikace Cubroid 3 do mobiluCoding App 3 is stable on all Android devices (version 6.+). It supports different versions of Bluetooth, so it is ideal if you have a problem connecting blocks to your Android device in version 2. The app also allows you to select individual blocks.

    More advanced programming on your tablet

    Aplikace Cubroid na tabletThe Cubroid Tablet Coding App opens up other options for programming your own smart toys. The free app is available for iOS tablets (version 10.0+). And Android (version 6.0+).

    The block editor checks the correctness of your programmed sets composed by the "drag and drop" method. Set up and use all the features of each block on your tablet. You will learn the basic principles of programming, designing, controlling and implementing active rules.

    Děti programují své Cubroid výtvory v mobilu a na tabletu

    Scratch for skilled programmers

    Use your advanced coding knowledge in the Scratch platform on a Windows computer. You will learn what you need to control Cubroid with Scratch in this video.

    Tutorials and projects

    A number of well-arranged tutorials and projects for all 3 ways of programming and building Cubroid can be found on the education portal All you have to do is log in and all the support for the game and lessons with Cubroid is at your fingertips.

    logo Cubroid

    Children like to play to see how their ideas work in the real world. And since 2015, Cubroid has been successfully using educational toys to help children explore robotics and programming. The brand believes that easy use and testing goes hand in hand with the most effective learning and the most fun experience. With Cubroid, you can also join other parents and teachers who prepare children to use the latest technologies to promote their sustainable development.

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