Danalock Smart Lock V3 - BT & Zigbee (3.0), black

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Where are my keys? You don’t have think about that ever again. Leave your worries about the keys and securing the door to the smart Danalock V3 lock and with an overview of the lock’s use on your mobile.

The lock and application all boast with the highest security classes for the given categories. The Danalock V3 security lock fits to all common types of doors and mounting the whole system does not take more than one hour. All you have to do is to purchase appropriate security doors and adjust the number and range of access.

Danalock perfectly complements any design thanks to clean and minimalist design. Functionality in every detail is complemented by anodised aluminium design with scratch-resistant finish.

You can integrate Danalock V3 into your Zigbee smart home with a Bluetooth-enabled version of the Zigbee smart home protocol.

Note: This product is not self-functional. It is designed for mounting with M&C Color or Gerda safety cylinder.

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How can you use the smart lock Danalock V3?

  • Open any door with smart phone or Apple Watch
  • Danalock V3 isthe safest and smallest lock in its category
  • It also excels in speed and number of additional features
  • Lock is easy to install on all common types of doors
  • V3 is is powered by its own batteries (supplied battery with service life up to 1 year or 9000 cycles)
  • From the outside it also works as a standard cylinder lock, you can unlock with a classic key at any time
  • Danalock V3 is great for kids who can easily control smart phones – don’t worry about lost keys
  • Allow access to your apartment to other people that don´t have keys (craftsmen, housekeeper)

  • Danalock V3 otevře vaše dveře jediným kliknutím na obrazovku smart telefonu

    Smart locking at the highest security class

  • Danalock responds to developments in security technology and V3 is already the 3rd generation of security locks
  • In contrast with previous versions, the V3 is 4x faster and 2x stronger and significantly smaller and lighter
  • The smart lock Danalock V3 is the winner of safety tests
  • The administrator grants users access levels and always has an overview of who used the door and when
  • Data transfer is encrypted using TLS 1.2
  • A Hardware Security Module (HSM) chip stores high-security encryption keys
  • There is no sharing of personal key settings

  • Díky Danalock aplikaci budete vědět, že se děti vrátily ze školy domů

    For what exactly you can use Danalock application?

  • Step by step it will guide you through the installation and calibration of the Danalock V3 lock
  • If you are within reach of Bluetooth area, you will see the lock status (open / locked)
  • You can watch the remaining battery capacity of the lock (notifications when dropping 30, 20, 15, and 10%)
  • Data transfer is encrypted using the AES 128 algorithm
  • Through Bluetooth you will unlock the lock automatically when you arrive home
  • After your arrival, it automatically locks
  • Controls motorized fuse Twist Assist
  • You can set up 3 separate access levels (one-time, regular, permanent) and manage guest accounts
  • Permission sending via email or SMS - the user downloads the application and unlocks it
  • You are optionally receiving notifications
  • We encourage to grant permanent access to family members - for example, you will be informed that children are home
  • Thanks to Danalock, the Zigbee version is compatible with Danalock Danapad

  • Application

    logo aplikace DanalockFree Danalock application for smartphones and tablets with systems iOS (from version 9.0) and Android (from version 5.0) and Bluetooth 4.2. After downloading the app, create a user (administrator) account and add a new lock to the virtual keychain.

    How does the smart security lock work?

    Open Danalock V3 with a single touch of the phone display, or even with an Apple Watch app. Upon receiving the signal, the Danalock V3 rotates a specially modified insert and leaves the lock tab open for 5 seconds. The door is then fully locked in with Auto Lock according to the settings after 1 to 180 seconds. You will never have to come back to see if you have accidentally left the door unlocked.

    You can manage up to 100 users of a single lock with different types of rights. Each user can access an unlimited number of locks. Each lock is unique, so it can have only one owner - the administrator (when the administrator changes, in this case, the original administrator must remove the lock from its keychain).

    Manual unlocking and Twist-Assist function

    You can open from the outside with a classic key. This is especially in case your phone battery is dead. And if you want to open or close the door from the inside, just move the Danalock V3 handle slightly in a given direction. The Twist-Assist feature completes the operation for you, so you're sure it all locks in place perfectly.

    Logo protokolu Zigbee

    Connect all your smart home devices with Zigbee

  • In case you already have or want to purchase smart devices communicating through Zigbee protocol
  • You can open a door from all over the world, you just need an access to the Internet
  • Allows you to launch additional actions by unlocking the door
  • The only condition is support from your smart home's headquarters
  • You can use the Zigbee extension to for example turn on the light, turn off the alarm or start the music when the door is opened
  • And after locking? The reverse actions follow
  • With the Danalock app, the Zigbee version is compatible with Danalock Danapad
  • For details on the compatibility, features, and support of Amazon Alexa's assistant, see the Comparison Overview

  • Chytrá domácnost - Danalock V3 se Z-Wave Plus

    Summary of the basic features of the Danalock V3

  • Smart lock controlled via Bluetooth 4.2 and Zigbee
  • You control the lock with an app for the iOS and watchOS supported phones, tablets and watches
  • Suitable for all types of standard doors
  • Easy installation and activation, incl. automatic calibration
  • 1 owner (manager), up to 100 users with different access levels (one time, repeat, persistent)
  • Notification of invitation acceptance, lock usage, battery status
  • Possibility of detailed monitoring of lock usage
  • Auto Lock feature– automatic door lock in 1 - 180 seconds
  • Twist Assist feature – completes manual unlock / lock
  • The communication between the lock and the phone is encrypted by the AES 128 algorithm

  • Compatible accessories

  • Danapad V3 – eletronic code lock
  • Gerda universal certified cylinder for Danalock
  • Spare key for Gerda cylinder
  • M&C Color adjustable certified cylinder for Danalock
  • Spare key for cylinder insert M&C Color
  • Danalock V3 universal module - Bluetooth for controlling electronic devices and drives
  • Salto universal adapter for mounting Danalock V3 on safety cylinder

  • Technical specifications

  • Max. rotation range: 1080 ° in 3 turns
  • Battery: 4x CR123A (included)
  • Battery life: approx. 9000 cycles
  • Wireless communication: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Bluetooth range: 5 m
  • Material: anodized aluminium / ABS plastic
  • Size: 59 x 59 x 68 mm
  • Weight: 130 g / 195 g incl. batteries

  • LED status indication of the lock

  • Green light goes out - the lock has been unlocked successfully
  • Red light goes out - the lock has been locked successfully
  • White light for 3 seconds - lock identification, active status
  • Purple light - firmware update
  • Blue blink – changing the setting
  • Red blink every 5 minutes - critical battery condition

  • Package contents

  • Danalock V3 lock
  • 4 xCR123A battery
  • Rear mounting plate
  • Plastic (ABS) adapter

  • Video and instruction

    logo Danalock

    The world leader in the development and manufacture of smart locks and safety accessories Danalock is still a family company owned by a father and a son, the Overgaards. A team based in Denmark has been developing and refining smart locks for home and commercial sphere for more than 10 years.

    The company’s global footprint is reflected in an extensive experience with various types of doors, locking systems and technologies. All models apart from the smart technologies are connected by an unexpected user comfort and superior safety.

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