Flic 2 Starter Kit – 4x Smart Bluetooth Button, Hub LR, Power Outlet, Stickers

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Control your smart home with a single button!
No more mobile applications, lots of controllers, or persuasions of the voice assistant - the smart wireless button Flic 2 will take care of controlling all smart Bluetooth devices in your apartment, office, or on the go.

Universal integration
Flic 2 is the smallest and fastest button for Apple HomeKit. At the same time, it is the only button available that launches Amazon Alexa commands at the touch of a button. Google Home is controlled as easily via IFTTT.

For all your favourite choices
The starter kit allows you to centralize and conveniently control the devices and applications you use most often. You can assign up to 3 actions to each button. With the LR Hub, Flic 2 will be used to turn off all appliances when you leave the house, to start music and lights when you get home, to call for help, or as a doorbell.

All you need is Bluetooth
Flic 2 supports 1000+ different devices and services that you can easily pair in the application. By setting up triggers for supported brands or with the help of the IFTTT platform, you will simplify your work, make your home comfortable or help children and your loved ones remotely.

Supports: Apple HomeKit and Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google assistant (IFTTT)
Work integration: Mac Client, Microsoft Flow, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, RSS feeds...
Security features: location of person / car / telephone, calling for help...
Smart home: scene control, IFTTT, Phillips Hue, Roomba, Uber, Ikea, Ecobee, Wiz, Lifx...
Entertainment and sport: MIDI, FitBit, Sonos, Bose, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter...

Flic 2 is only slightly larger in diameter than a coin. Thanks to the adhesive layer, you can place it anywhere (car, wall, furniture...). You can label the buttons with feature icon labels. You can then activate individual triggers or complex scenes by 1 push, double push, or holding the button.

• Replaceable battery lasts up to 3 years
• Bluetooth 5 has range up to 50 m
• 3 triggers in 1 button
• LED feedback (red, green, yellow)
• Multiplatform connectivity
• Wi-Fi: 2,4 / 5 GHz, Ethernet

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Flic 2 smart Bluetooth button

IoT controller for your smart home

The Flic 2 Starter Kit is a complete set of the wireless controller with the best version of the Flic 2 smart button and hub yet. With a smart button, you will have your entire home, office, or garage under your thumb. You can easily integrate Flic 2 into your existing HomeKit or Amazon smart home or pair it with virtually any Bluetooth smart device.

Flic 2 vypne spotřebiče a pošle notifikaci při odchodu, můžete si z něj udělat i domovní zvonek

Trendy gadget that will make your life easier

Flic 2 is not just an ordinary controller that solves problems like finding a phone or serving as a deaf voice assistant. One button contains the feature of 3 triggers, which you control by 1 push, double push, or holding the button. Flic can very effectively make the operation of your household more pleasant or simplify your work routines. You can use it, for example, as the ultimate button when leaving the house in order to turn off the lights with one push, lower the thermostat setting and open the garage door.

You can select your own features on 1000+ compatible devices, applications and services, including:
  • Phillips Hue
  • Ikea
  • Bose
  • Sonos
  • FitBit
  • iRobot
  • Nanoleaf
  • Ecobee
  • Uber
  • Lifx
  • Wiz
  • Arlo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Google Drive
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Pocket
  • Samsung

  • Hub LR – hub for smart button Flic 2

    Together with the hub, Flic can do even more

    You can connect Flic 2 directly to a smartphone or Flic Hub. The main advantage of using the Flic Hub is that your settings always remain active, regardless of the presence of your smartphone. The benefits of Flic can then be used by others in your absence. The setup of the hub is one-time and only requires pairing with the network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

    With a smartphone With LR Hub
  • Flic for travels
  • Phone feature
  • Location sharing
  • Writing messages
  • Fitness
  • Application control
  • Permanent setting
  • Full household coverage
  • IR Blaster
  • Programmable
  • Up to 63 buttons
  • Apple HomeKit

  • Tlačítko Flic lze umístit na jakýkoliv povrch, má vyměnitelnou baterii a rozlišovací nálepky

    You will always have Flic at hand

    The design of the button is as smart as its technology. The miniature dimensions and reusable adhesive layer allow you to place the button in any place at any time. Do you need another trigger? Simply move Flic to the place where it will serve best - for example, hidden under a table. And when multiple buttons come together in one place, you just need to distinguish them with stickers. Replacing the battery is just as easy.

    Flic 2 – plug, add, pick

    3 triggers in 1 button can be set in the application

    An intuitive accompanying application helps you pair your device with individual buttons. You assign the selected actions to the individual buttons. You can then set 3 different command variants on one button, for example - turn on the Hue lights (push once), lower the intensity to 50% (double push), turn on the party lighting (hold). Or you can start complex actions right away - with one push, for example: navigate to a selected location, count how many times you can reach a destination and start Spotify on Bose headphones.

    aplikace Flic pro chytré tlačítko

    Flic Application

    logo aplikace HidrateSpark Free Flic application for smartphones and tablets with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; from version 11.0+) and Android (from version 5.0+). The application sends the pairing option (possible only once for pairing with the hub) and personalised settings of the Flic 2 button.

    Examples of Flic’s possible uses:

    Smart Home
  • Ultimate power button
  • It will start your morning
  • Controls / dims / changes the colour of the lights
  • Starts Microsoft Flow
  • Stops the vacuum cleaner when you get home
  • Adds an item to the shopping list
  • Welcomes guests via voice assistant
  • Turns on music according to the arrival of a specific person
  • Dims the light when the TV is turned on
  • In the morning, it turns on the coffee machine and opens the blinds
  • Snoozes / turns off the alarm
  • Opens the garage door after you leave
  • Cleaning starts when no one is home / Uber picks you up
  • The lights flash when cleaning is complete
  • Mutes the music / switches off the vacuum cleaner when the doorbell rings
  • Parks the mower according to the weather or calendar
  • Security
  • Calls a selected person
  • Calls for help
  • Emergency button
  • Shares location
  • Phone location feature
  • Sends notifications
  • Switches off appliances when leaving
  • Sets the thermostat / air conditioning / heating
  • Locks / unlocks the security system
  • Remembers the location of a parked car
  • Silences the alarm
  • Controls navigation
  • Counts and monitors medications you take
  • Helps you on the go
  • Work
  • Sends emails
  • Makes / ends a call
  • Monitors the time you worked
  • Sends notifications
  • Starts a PC and opens e.g. Photoshop
  • Controls a scene with work lighting
  • Synchronises reminders
  • Adds a new contact
  • Creates a card in Trell / Note
  • Preserves RSS feed content
  • Starts reading articles
  • Entertainment
  • Starts a scene for watching a movie / game / relaxation ...
  • Takes a selfie
  • Controls the speakers
  • Controls TV and media
  • Invites friends to a party
  • Calculates drunk beers
  • Monitors the cooking timer
  • Shares posts on Facebook
  • Shares Tweets and photos on Instagram
  • Starts a movie / Sonos
  • Adds a recording to the Spotify playlist
  • Works as wearables in sports
  • Connects the guitar to MIDI
  • Buzzer for games
  • Launches funny Google Home responses

  • Chytré tlačítko pro odchod z domu, ke spuštění scény Good night

    Feature overview

  • IoT smart buttons in a set with LR Hub
  • Very easy to pair and install
  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit (Google via IFTTT)
  • Compatible with more than 1000 brands, devices and services; updated list here
  • Open Flic platform - the ability to connect with applications from other developers
  • Bluetooth 5 Low Energy & Long Range with a range of 50 m
  • Replaceable battery life up to 3 years
  • Micro suction cups can be repeatedly attached to any surface
  • LED backlight - 3 colours for feedback
  • Multi-app support - the ability to connect multiple applications
  • Supports MIDI controllers and HID peripherals
  • Miniature dimensions
  • 3 triggers per 1 button: push, double push, hold

  • Technical specifications

    Flic 2
  • Battery: replaceable CR2032, lasts up to 3 years
  • Chip: Bluetooth 5 Low Energy & Long Range
  • Bluetooth range: up to 50m (up to 200 m straight line)
  • Triggers: push, double push, hold
  • LED feedback: red, green and yellow diodes
  • Dimensions: height 8,5 mm, ⌀ 30 mm
  • Weight: 8 g
  • Level of protection: splash-proof
  • Customisable: removable stickers with features’ icons
  • Material: PC / ABS with soft surface
  • Mounting: reusable adhesive layer
  • Interface type: Flic Protocol (connection to multiple applications), HID, MIDI

  • Flic Hub LR
  • Dimensions: 86 x 66 x 12,8 mm
  • Weight: 48,6 g
  • Number of Flic connections: 63 (simultaneously)
  • Colour: white
  • Material: polycarbonate PC
  • Energy consumption: max. 950 mA, standby mode 250 mA
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ +40 °C

  • Connection
  • Wi-Fi standard: 802.11ac/a/b/g/n
  • Ethernet: yes
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1 nRF52 chip; Bluetooth Low Energy & Long Range
  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz / 5GHz
  • Wi-Fi and BT range: up to 50 m
  • IR range: up to 200 m (straight line)

  • Documentation

  • Declaration of Conformity (CE certification)
  • Flic 2 User Manual (ENG)
  • Hub LR User Manual (ENG)
  • Extensive user community portal (ENG)

  • Package contents

  • 1x Flic Hub LR
  • 4x Flic 2 smart button
  • 9x sticker with features’ icons
  • 1x network adapter
  • 1x MicroUSB cable

  • logo Flic

    THE perfect button that connects you with the best devices and services in the world comes from the Stockholm Shortcut Labs team. The simplest user interface - the physical push of a button - allows a large user community around the world to simplify / streamline / make everyday life easier. What is more, it IS great - thanks to innovative hardware and completely smart software. Meet Flic 2!
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