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You know it - coffee preparation is mostly complete alchemy. The coffee is either too weak, or you do not have time to devote yourself to details, so the result often fails to meet your expectations.

The first smart multifunctional Gina coffee maker will turn the making of your coffee into a pleasant ritual, which will be 100% in your control. The Gina coffee maker will excite you if you want to feel like a barista, or you just need to clear your head by doing a nice activity.

You can set and save all your coffee cup preparation parameters in your smartphone app. Gina can make coffee in 3 ways - like French press, drip coffee, and cold brew coffee. Of course, Gina is great for making tea as well.

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When you really like something or you just want to enjoy it completely, you take preparation and selection of tools as a part of the enjoyment. If you enjoy coffee, you will appreciate 3 ways to prepare coffee in 1 tool.

Gina from Goat Story will excite you if you do not trust devices to make your coffee and rather rely on more traditional ways. Nonetheless, this extraordinary device has something extra - software and application that lets you set up the preparation process exactly to your requirements and each time you get the same perfect coffee.

Do you want a cup of coffee or tea?

  • Gina takes care of the unbelievable experience of preparing excellent beverages
  • Drip coffee
  • French press coffee
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Tea - Gina is ideal especially for the preparation of green and herbal teas that are sensitive to temperature and infusing time
    Goat Story Gina features

    Perfected design of Gina coffee maker:

  • GINA has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018
  • The appearance does not interfere with any buttons or displays –control via app on your smart phone
  • The choice of luxurious materials takes into account the high demands on the functionality of the device
  • The valve accurately dispenses the dwindling water
  • Easy to clean the ceramic and glass parts
  • The grooves of the ceramic funnel enable better air circulation
  • Additional module for cold brew coffee
  • 3 colour options – steel with white ceramic, white, black

    příprava kávy ve smart překapávači Goat Story

    Technical parameters of the smart coffee maker Gina:

  • Connect to a smart phone application using Bluetooth 4.0
  • 4 devices in 1 - weight, french press, steeping device and cold brew coffee preparation
  • 3 coffee preparation techniques + tea preparation
  • Weight 2 kg, dimensions 34.5 cm x 16.3 cm x 13.5 cm
  • With the application, you can see the current coffee to water ratio and time
  • Integrated scale with weighing precision of 0.1 g
  • No more equipment needed - weighs coffee and water directly while brewing the beverage
  • Battery (1000 mAh Li Polymer) is recharged via micro USB cable (charger not included)
  • Fully charged battery allows up to 20 hours of brewing and 30 days of standby
  • The volume of the glass container is 750 ml
  • The volume of the ceramic funnel is 300 ml
  • Maximum volume of prepared beverages - Drip 750 ml, steeping 300 ml, cold extraction 580 ml
  • Precise valve for drip control

    Goat Story Gina obrázek aplikace

    Get your hands on the perfect cup of coffee with help of app:

    App Goat Story Gina smart coffee makerThe application accurately weighs the raw materials, calculates the optimum duration of the coffee preparation phase, connects you with other coffee lovers and lets you store your favourite recipes. Download available for iOS and Android.

    Introducing the Gina coffee maker in the Video:

    Instructions for preparing Gina coffee using a dripping technique:
    (You'll need: Gina coffee maker, 92 ° C water, freshly ground coffee, and paper filters.)

    Instructions for preparing Gina coffee using a steeping technique:
    (You'll need: Gina coffee maker, ceramic cap, 92 ° C water, freshly ground coffee, spoon, and paper filters.)

    Instructions for preparing Gina cold brew coffee:
    (You'll need: Gina coffee maker, ceramic cap, cold water extraction module, ice water, freshly ground coffee, small paper filters.)

    logo Goat Story

    The team of coffee lovers at Goat Story are not afraid to be different and take on big challenges. Their goal is to turn every cup of coffee into an exceptional experience. Let yourself be spoiled with the coffee making accessories and drinking coffee, which is developed with the utmost regard to perfect design and perfect functionality.
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