HidrateSpark 3 – smart bottle with Bluetooth tracker, 592 ml, orange

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HidrateSpark 3 oversees your drinking regime
Regular fluid intake is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. The smart bottle HidrateSpark 3 watches your drinking regime every day, tailor-made for you. Together with a Bluetooth tracker and a specially designed application, it will also provide you with a practical daily overview.

A bottle you will not lose easily
It is normal that you forget something in a hurry and then look aimlessly, for example for HidrateSpark 3. You can easily find a paired smart bottle through the application. If you forget it on the way home, it will come in handy to record the last HidrateSpark 3 synchronization with the location.

HidrateSpark 3 as a personal coach
HidrateSpark 3 in connection with the free HidrateSpark Smart Bottle application will be your personal coach. Set your goals yourself or have them evaluated. HidrateSpark 3 will then remind itself to you by a notification or LED light.

What can a smart bottle offer you?
• Supports HidrateSpark bottle location recording
• Possibility of synchronization with a smartphone with the Hidrate application
• Monitor your hydration status and goal achievement
• Has a built-in personal coach
• Follow or challenge your friends
• Improving physical health.

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HidrateSpark 3 - a step towards the right drinking regime

Improper drinking and subsequent dehydration have adverse effects on our body. For example, it can cause headaches, swelling, kidney problems and other unpleasant problems. With HidrateSpark 3, your body gets the necessary daily supply of water, and thus thinks of your health for you. You use Bluetooth to sync your smart bottle with your phone. You get access to daily statistics, but also a tailor-made drinking regime. The application can calculate the daily fluid intake based on your day according to the entered body parameters, current position and data from fitness applications.

What are the benefits of a proper drinking regime?

  • Prevent exhaustion and health problems
  • Drinking clean water helps you burn fat better
  • Proper drinking regimen will improve mood, memory and skin
  • Avoid headaches and all-day fatigue

  • „HidrateSpark

    A smart bottle that reminds you to drink at the right time

    A smart bottle helps with getting a regular drinking regimen. If you need a drink, HidrateSpark 3 will remind you with a light signal. If you synchronize the bottle with the application, you will receive alerts in the form of notifications.

    Functional design created for the modern world

    The smart HidrateSpark 3 bottle is fully functional and at the same time has a modern design. The rubberized "soft grip" surface finish ensures a unique look and a better grip. Thanks to the material used, the bottle will not mist up easily. You can then choose from several colour designs.


    A better experience with the Hidrate application

    Monitoring the drinking regime is not the only advantage that HidrateSpark 3 can offer. You get more options when connected to the app on your smartphone. You can set your own goals, motivations are also trophies or the possibility of sharing results with friends or family. The free HidrateSpark application is available for smartphones and tablets with iOS (version 11.3+) and Android (version 5.0+). You will appreciate the ability to connect data with other applications such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Under Armor Record, Google Fit and others.

    logo aplikace HidrateSpark Free HidrateSpark application for smartphones and tablets with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watchod version 11.3+) and Android (version 5.0+). The application sends notifications, alerts and recommendations based on your personal settings. It allows you to use records of your activity from Apple Health, Fitbit, Under Armor Record, or Withings HealthMate. You can view the history of the drinking regime in the application. You can share your data with family and friends.

    Feature overview

  • Monitors every drink and synchronizes with the Hidrate application
  • Ability to find the bottle using the last synchronized position
  • Tracks your daily fluid intake and generates statistics
  • Built-in motivational coach
  • Follow friends or family
  • Benefits your health

  • Technical specifications

  • Volume: 592 ml
  • Material: titanium and polypropylene plastics without BPA
  • Decomposable body for better hand washing of the bottle
  • Adjustable light notification
  • Rubberized "soft grip" body, which minimizes bottle condensation
  • Monitor and sync with Hidrate application using low-energy Bluetooth
  • Ability to synchronize the bottle with selected fitness applications
  • Carry loop makes it easy to carry on-the-go
  • DO NOT use this product with hot liquids
  • Guide

    Quick guide can be found here (CZ)


  • Devices with OS iOS (11.3+) and Android (5.0+)
  • Apple devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple Watch
  • Wearables: Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch
  • Integration of physical activity data from applications: Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin Connect, Fitbit, Under Armour Record, Withings HealthMate

  • Introducing smart bottle HidrateSpark in a video

    The smartest bottle in the world was created in 2014 and has been helping people develop healthy habits ever since. The HidrateSpark body hydration monitoring system has been developed to naturally support your drinking regime every day. Light signals make it easy to meet your body's needs even if you do not have time to check your phone. The latest knowledge in the field of hydration and wellness, verified by experts in clinics and hospitals is transformed to your everyday life in the form of design smart bottles.
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