iBaby Care M8 – video monitor, temperature and humidity sensor with night vision

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Simplify your parenting role with a smart assistant. This video baby monitor can cover a space in a range of 360° and allows you to have the baby in sight, wherever you are. That is not all, the monitor can do much more. It is literally packed with features that will become indispensable for you.

Thanks to the built-in sensors, M8 monitors the air quality, humidity and temperature in the room and notifies you of their fluctuations. Sound and motion sensors then let you know every time they detect a baby's crying or restlessness.

This baby monitor will alert you when your baby needs a diaper change or feeding. You will also appreciate the integrated video projection of the night sky and the possibility of playing more than 1,000 songs, lullabies and fairy tales that will transport your baby off to Dreamland.

The new iBaby Care M8 series represents the absolute technological cutting edge in the industry. It is characterized by multifunctionality, stylish design and very easy operation. You can easily install it in less than a minute.

• Video in 2K high resolution
• Sound and motions alerts
• Air quality, temperature and humidity sensors
• Diaper and feeding alarm
• Moonlight projector

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iBaby M8 baby monitor

Easy to set up and control

To get the most out of your device, you will need to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and download the free iBaby Care application. After creating a secure user account, you can watch streaming video, change the viewing angle by simply sliding your finger on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, and take videos and photos. Among other things, you can remotely control cool features via the application, such as music player or sensor sensitivity settings. The baby monitor then sends notifications to the paired smartphone or tablet. You can find the application for iOS phones and tablets here. For Android devices, you can then download it here.

For smartphones and tablets with iOS system (from version 8.0) there is iBaby Care. For devices with Android system (from version 4.1) there is iBaby Care.

iBaby M8 baby monitor

2K resolution for a crystal-clear image

The iBaby M8 baby monitor transmits a live image in 2K resolution, thus surpassing previous generation models. What is more, the monitor now also has low light lens and updated full colour night vision. Thanks to two independent axes of rotation, the monitor guarantees absolute space coverage. It offers users a viewing angle of 360 ° horizontally and 180 ° vertically.

Share magical moments with your family and friends

Captured videos and photos are stored on the manufacturer's free cloud storage. Thanks to linked accounts, you can also conveniently share them on social media. The security of your data and privacy is well taken care of, iBaby works with the best available security technology. The device fully supports remote Internet access, where not only you, but anyone with allowed access can watch and talk to the child from anywhere in the world. The application now allows you to connect an unlimited number of users.

iBaby M8 baby monitor

Moonlight projector and lullaby player to fall asleep easily

With the help of a video projection of the moon and stars, you can instantly create a truly magical environment right in front of your baby's eyes! A beautiful projection of the night sky together with listening to a soothing lullaby will help prepare the child to sleep. You can choose from more than 1,000 songs, which not only facilitate the daily sleep routine, but also contribute to the overall development of sound perception and vocabulary enrichment of your baby. The sound is undisturbed thanks to high-quality studio speakers. They produce it without drawing and echoes.

Temperature, motion and sound sensors

Control the quality of the air your child breathes with smart sensors. The monitor lets you know even when the temperature and humidity levels fluctuate outside the desired level. This way you can be sure that your baby spends time in ideal conditions and in a healthy environment. Sound and motion sensors will alert you via a notification or audible warning that your baby is crying, unable to fall asleep or otherwise restless and requires your presence. You no longer have to be constantly paying attention, as you would have to with other baby monitors.

Security and privacy features

The baby monitor can be put into sleep mode for maximum comfort and undisturbed privacy of the child. During this mode, access is blocked for all users (except the device owner) to use the monitor. Privacy mode shifts the camera's view to avoid sensitive situations such as breastfeeding or diaper changing. You can always turn the camera on / off manually.

Convenient placement, wall mount option

This product excels in its extremely low weight. You can safely place it on a wall and get a bird's eye view of the monitored scene. Mounting is extremely simple. Everything you need is already included in the package. If necessary, you can easily move the baby monitor or take it with you on trips.

Feature overview

  • smart video baby monitor
  • 2K high resolution
  • Full colour night vision
  • Takes videos and photographs
  • Moonlight projector
  • Installation under 60 seconds
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Sound and motion alerts
  • 355 degree pan and 180 degree vertical viewing angle
  • Built-in 2-way audio, no echo
  • Wall mounting kit included
  • Lens for low light
  • Unlimited amount of connected users
  • Diaper and feeding alarm
  • Wide range of songs, lullabies and fairy tales
  • Cloud data storage for free

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions: 178 x 178 x 178 mm
  • Weight: 85 gr
  • Supports Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Colour: white

  • Package contents

  • iBaby M8
  • charging adapter
  • wall mounting kit

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    California-based company iBaby Labs is a leader and innovative pioneer in the production of baby video monitors. In 2011, they introduced a Wi-Fi baby monitor model controlled by the Apple iOS mobile platform in combination with cloud technology. This essentially ushered in a new era of baby monitoring devices, allowing parents to monitor their children from anywhere directly on their smartphone.
  • More Information
    Product code IB-M8
    Barcode 860000454872
    Color White
    Manufacturer iBaby
    Manufacturer's website ibabylabs.com