iBaby i6 - Artificial Intelligence Monitor, Breathe, Cry and Sleep Sensor

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Treat your little ones to the best. The iBaby i6 monitor really provides the best possible care thanks to its artificial intelligence capabilities. It continuously evaluates the child's breathing, movement and crying, and automatically warns of fluctuations and if the child's face is covered and there might be a risk of suffocation. It provides analytical graphs of the baby's breathing, crying and sleep rhythm.

The humidity and air temperature sensor helps to maintain ideal conditions in the room. The motion sensor is so sensitive that it detects even your child's attempt to climb over the crib’s barrier.

The smart video monitor provides visual contact with your child through an intuitive mobile app simply by connecting to the internet. Thanks to the wide range of coverage in the 355° horizontal and 95° vertical range, the camera will cover otherwise blind corners of the child's room, and the infrared light will ensure the quality transmission of a crystal-clear image in 2K resolution even during the night. The sound transmission is two-way, so you can talk to your baby or play a wide variety of lullabies or fairy tales recorded in the internal memory, and thus help your baby fall asleep peacefully and happily every night.

• Uses artificial intelligence
• Monitors breathing, movement, crying
• Automatically warns of fluctuations and if the child's face is covered
• Draws attention to the child's attempt to climb over the crib’s barrier
• Performs a thorough analysis of breathing, crying and sleep
• High quality video streaming from anywhere
• Infrared night vision
• Database of fairy tales and lullabies
• The rotating structure covers the entire room

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iBaby i6 - Artificial Intelligence Monitor

Artificial intelligence for maximum security

iBaby i6 monitor provides you with a continuous, high-quality stream from the child's room, thanks to its cutting-edge technology using advanced artificial intelligence. Even if you can't monitor the image all the time, you still have control over the child's activity - the mobile app on your smartphone will notify you of any unexpected activity. Highly sensitive breath and movement sensors record any deviations and notify you immediately when something is wrong. In the same way, activity including crying, increased breathing or excessive movement can be monitored over time through a detailed graphic analysis.

Perfect picture and sound

The camera provides a crystal-clear image in 2K resolution as well as a wide range of vertical and horizontal movement, which allows you to watch even the furthest corner of the room. Infrared light helps provide high-quality video recording 24 hours a day without disturbing your little one's sleep. In addition to the already mentioned motion and breathing sensors, the baby monitor also measures the temperature and humidity of the air, which ensures a stable and pleasant environment for rest.

ibaby i6 - Artificial Intelligence Monitor

Beauty in simplicity

The installation of the smart baby monitor is very easy and with a simple manual you can set it up in the perfect place in a few minutes. Then you just connect it to Wi-Fi and pair it with your smartphone through the app, where you can then fully control it anytime and from anywhere. The app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store.

The iBaby Care application is intended for smartphones and tablets with the iOS system iBaby Care. The iBaby Care for Android devices iBaby Care

Peacefull falling asleep, pleasant waking up

If the situation does not allow you to put your little one to sleep every night with your own fairy tale or lullaby, the nanny can easily do it for you. Just choose one of the many songs, choose the most suitable fairy tale or record your own audio. Through the spoken word, the monitor continuously expands your child's vocabulary, supports their imagination, develops their memory and helps them fall asleep peacefully and with a smile on their face every night.


Feature overview

  • Video monitor with artificial intelligence
  • Detailed monitoring of the child's breathing
  • Automatic alerts for too high or low breathing rate
  • Analysis of the child's sleep, evaluation of its sufficiency, numbers and length of interruptions, detailed statistics
  • Quick alerts when breathing stops, minimal movement or crying are detected
  • Face covering detection
  • Detection and notification of child's crying
  • High quality image (2K HD)
  • Horizontal image coverage of 355°
  • 95° wall mounting angle
  • Infrared night vision
  • Clear two-way audio transmission
  • Multi-user view and split screen capability
  • Adjustable sensors for motion, sound, temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Sound alerts and notifications
  • A timeline for storing significant milestones in a child's life
  • Option to take videos and photos
  • Night light sensor & lens for quality night vision
  • Playing music
  • Playing fairy tales
  • Moonlight projector
  • Free cloud storage
  • Easy sharing of videos and photos on social media
  • Quick installation
  • The package includes a wall mounting kit
  • Military grade AWS privacy protection
  • Technical specification

  • Video quality: HD 2K
  • WIFI 2.4/5GHz support
  • Input voltage and current: SV/1.5A
  • Zoom in/out mode, rotate 355°, tilt 95°
  • Infrared night vision
  • Operating temperature: -10°~40 °C
  • Dimensions: 76 x 177 x 177 mm
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Package content

  • iBaby i6 - Artificial Intelligence Monitor
  • Charging cable (SV/1.5A)
  • Quick guide
  • Wall mounting kit
  • Documentation

  • Manual in English

    Important Notice: The i6 baby monitor is not a medical device and is not intended to be used to diagnose human health conditions. It does not replace professional health care, nor does it take over a parent's responsibility for their concern of their child. It is a device that only contributes its assistance to the extent of its limited technical capabilities. In the end, no device in the world will give your child as much as your loving embrace.

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    iBaby company is the market leader in smart baby monitors thanks to their approach. They completely re-evaluate the possibilities of monitoring the youngest children and their surroundings. IBaby monitors have been very popular between parents since 2011, when the company was founded, as evidenced by the Top Choice, The Best of Baby Tech and Mom’s Choice awards.
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