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The Invoxia Bike Tracker will alert you of any movement of your bike via your smartphone - in real time! In addition, it is equipped with a reliable GPS locator and an application tailored for cyclists.

The look of the tracker is absolutely brilliant - nobody would look for a GPS tracker in the seat post reflector. You do not have to mask anything and when the theft occurs, the thief does not even think of removing the tracker, which significantly increases your chances of finding your bike.

Invoxia Bike Tracker includes FREE subscription to Sigfox for 3 years. Without the need for a mobile network, after pairing the tracker with the app, you can reliably find out your bike's location information thanks to a sensitive accelerometer.

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Instant alert function during any movement of the bike

Simply put the Bike Tracker into the reflector and attach it to the seat post. In case of suspicious bike movement (change of location, tilting) that follows at least 5 minutes of rest, you will be notified immediately on your mobile.

Cycling is about freedom of movement, whether you're in the city or on steep slopes. That's what Invoxia thinks of, and that's why the Bike Tracker is equipped with a waterproof finish that can handle a heavy rain.

Alarm na kolo s GPS lokátorem Invoxia Bike Tracker

No SIM card and no distance limit

With Invoxia, you do not need to look for a SIM card and pay extra data, as the entire system operates on a low-voltage Sigfox network (with a LoRa network fuse). In addition to a reliable signal and unlimited distance, this technology also requires a minimum power consumption.

Sigfox offers full coverage in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For coverage in other countries, see your provider's website.

So you can start using the Bike Tracker right after unboxing at no extra cost and hassle for 3 years. After this time, you can subscribe to the service for only € 9.99 per year (about € 0.83 per month), which is approximately 22 Kč per month.

Invoxia GPS App

aplikace pro Invoxia GPS TrackerFree Invoxia GPS app for iOS (version 10.0) and Android (version 5.0+).
In addition to the above functions, the app also allows you to set a safe zone, which if crossed, you will be notified or you can track the bike´s movement history.

More advantages of the Invoxia GPS tracker

You also do not have to worrythe battery since it has an incomparably longer battery life compared to other trackers - up to 3 months depending on usage and activity. The Bike Tracker is fully charged in 90 minutes via the included USB cable.

You will definitely not forget to replace it, because the Bike Tracker logs in to charge the battery itself on your phone when the capacity drops below 20%. In connection with maintenance and installation, you will come across another safety feature - the shaping of screws that require a non-standard Allen key to loosen them.

montáž Invoxia GPS trackeru na sedlovku kola

Best for cycling in the city

Do you use your bike as a means of transport in busy places? If so, you probably at least indirectly encountered a bike theft or damage once in your life. With a tailor-made bike locator, you no longer have to worry whenever you leave your bike out of sight.

The alert for changing the status is also useful in the case of damage from parking cars. You will always know immediately that someone has knocked or crushed your bike and you will have a chance to deal with the culprit.

Feature overview

  • IoT GPS locator with bike motion alert
  • No distance limits depending on coverage
  • Sigfox network FREE for 3 years
  • Weight 50 g
  • Real-time motion and tilt alert function
  • Location alerts every 5 minutes (depending on settings, network and coverage)
  • Displays the locator distance in meters within Bluetooth range (20 m)
  • Uses a secure communication channel
  • Reflector design
  • Battery life from 14 days to 3 months depending on usage
  • LED battery charge status indicator (flashing 1, 2 or 3 LEDs correspond to 0%, 50% and 75% capacity; LED on - fully charged)
  • Certified waterproof up to 1m (IP67 coverage)
  • It takes approximately 60 - 90 minutes to charge the rechargeable battery using the micro USB cable (supplied)
  • Geofence function –alert when the defined zone is crossed
  • Screw head safety shaping

  • Find use for Invoxia even during winter

    The Invoxia GPS tracker can be conveniently removed from the reflector, and the collar attachment system is included in the package as well. So when you are not on the bike you can easily equip your pet with a tracker, because the Invoxia app is also ready to track your dog or cat.

    Package contents

  • GPS tracker
  • Reflector on the seat post
  • Star Allen
  • Micro USB to USB charging cable
  • Quick guide

  • Invoxia is the world leader in the design and development of telecommunication products, speakers and connectivity devices. Invoxia is known for its unique, advanced In Vivo Acoustic® technology, which offers a number of top conference phones with excellent audio and voice recording capabilities. The company was established in France in 2010. Currently, it has branches in the USA, Switzerland and China.
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