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Are you thinking of how to free your dog from the leash, and not to worry about him running away for good? To find the solution, find the lightest GPS locator for dogs and other Pet Trackers from Invoxia.

On any collar, you can easily pin a locator with geolocation subscription for 3 years. It also has a GPS Pet Tracker with a battery that lasts up to 3 months, which is compared to similar products with several days of lasting two levels higher.

The GPS Tracker is ideal for watching animal movements at set intervals. It is ideal if you need to check the exact location of a dog or cat in the neighbourhood or in the landscape.

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What to expect from Invoxia tracker?

Without the use of a mobile network, paired with the application, the Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker will become the guardian of your pet. On the map with labels you can watch the movement of the animal, or the records of its activity and sleep.

In its class, Pet Tracker from Invoxia is the lightest, most compact and most versatile geolocation solution. You can easily place the locator with the attached handles on a collar or harness of any size. Without exaggeration, you can watch the movement points of a cat or even a horse.

With a battery that lasts for 1 to 3 months on one charge, Pet Tracker is the ideal solution for animal owners who require easy-to-read overview of the movement of their pet. You will learn about the discharging battery from the notifications on your mobile and it takes about an hour to recharge.

Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker – GPS lokátor pro psy a malá zvířata upevněný na obojku

Observe your dog’s habits

The basis of your observations will be the clear graphs and the map with the exact points and the most likely trajectory of the animal's movement. You do not have to search for coordinates or process data.

  • Set up Animal Activity Change Notifications (notification after 2 minutes of movement)
  • Ideal for tracking exact animal location at set intervals
  • Create a virtual fence (for example, around a cottage or park) that you will be notified about if the animal leaves the fence
  • Find the places your pet likes
  • Activity indicators let you to better understand what affects your animal's behaviour
  • You also have a motion alert notification (activated by at least 2-minute movement)

  • Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker – GPS lokátor pro psy a kočky

    How is Sigfox network related to the tracker?

    The Sigfox broadband network is an alternative to, for example, mobile or Wi-Fi networks. The function of GPS trackers and other IoT devices allows specific network features, such as wireless connection, low power consumption, and the transfer of a small amount of data to any distance.

  • Included in the Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker package is a subscription to geolocation services for 3 years
  • An annual subscription of € 9.99 per year is available after this 3-year period
  • Signal transfer consumes minimal amount of energy
  • In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the border regions the signal coverage is 100%
  • Coverage in other countries on the Sigfox provider website
  • Signal accuracy is at the GPS level
  • Allows setting notifications related to animal movement
  • Invoxia GPS App to download

    aplikace pro Invoxia GPS TrackerFree Invoxia GPS App for iOS (version 10.0+) and Android (version 5.0)+. The app includes 2 tracking modes with intervals 5 and 10 minutes. It alerts you of the discharged battery and allows you to subscribe to the network after the expiration of a three-year period.

    Thanks to the tracker, Invoxia GPS App enables you to

  • Watch the animal at regular intervals
  • Track motion history
  • Set up virtual fences – A notification comes when your pet enters or leaves a specified zone
  • Ensure additional subscriptions (9.99 EUR / year)
  • View duration of activity and amount of distance
  • Check animal sleep index
  • View data in a chart per week, month, and year
  • Invoxia GPS app uses the Sigfox and LoRa networks
  • Display current data at any distance
  • App monitors the tracker’s battery status sends notifications when the battery drops below 20%
  • It does not require a SIM card

  • Notifikace o překročení virtuálního plotu (Geofence)

    Main feature overview

  • View the location of the animal without distance limitation
  • Suitable for cats, dogs and small pets
  • Place on a collar of any size
  • Function in the Sigfox network for 3 years price included
  • After the 3-year period an annual subscription of € 9.99 per year
  • Notifications when battery charge drops below 20%
  • Geolocation – capture the exact locations of the tracker on the map
  • Virtual fence (Geofence) with overstepping notification
  • Adjustable 5- and 10-minute viewing intensity (affects the battery usage)
  • Invoxia GPS App free to download for iOS and Android
  • Innovation Awards CES 2019
  • For pairing with the application, the Bluetooth locator uses a wireless connection
  • It uses the Sigfox broadband network
  • The LoRa network is also used to improve the access of the signal

  • Technical parameters:

  • Uses a secure communication channel
  • Dimensions: 42 x 24 x 17 mm
  • Weight 15 g
  • LED battery charge indicator (flashing 1, 2, and 3 diodes correspond to 0%, 50% and 75%, LED light on - fully charged)
  • Certified waterproof up to 1m (IP67)
  • Charging the battery via the micro USB cable (included) takes approximately 60-90 minutes
  • Battery life depending on usage is 1 to 3 months

  • Package contents

  • Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker
  • A clip for a collar with a cut-out for a width up to 15 mm, up to 33 mm
  • Tracker hook loop
  • Micro USB charging cable - USB
  • Manual

  • Invoxia is the world leader in the design and development of telecommunication products, speakers and connectivity devices. Invoxia is known for its unique, advanced In Vivo Acoustic® technology, which offers a number of top conference phones with excellent audio and voice recording capabilities. The company was established in France in 2010. Currently, it has branches in the USA, Switzerland and China.
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