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With this innovative and high-quality Lite bulb moments Smart Care UV-C bulb, you can easily reduce viruses, bacteria and fungi in your home, in an open space of up to 20 m2. The product consists of two parts, which are interdependent and must therefore be used simultaneously.

The base is a classic smart LED bulb in the form of an outer ring, which has a number of great features, such as a dimmer or timer. You can easily control it using the Lite application, you can set everything up with a few taps on your smartphone.

You can easily screw the bactericidal UV-C bulb into the LED ring. It is paired via Wi-Fi so you can control it from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Control is possible using the Lite application, or via Google Home or Alexa Amazon.

Lite bulb moments products are environmentally friendly because they are long-lasting and 100% recyclable.

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Lite bulb moment

Easy installation

The Lite bulb moments Smart Care product consists of two parts that fit together perfectly. The external LED bulb is in the form of a light ring, in its centre it has an E27 socket designed for screwing on a second, bactericidal, UV-C bulb. It is important to use both bulbs at the same time, screwing UV-C as a separate unit can damage your eyes and skin!

After the mechanical connection, it is time to activate the smart device. The simplest variant is to download the Lite app, which is designed for Lite bulb moments products and can be downloaded for free. The connection of light bulbs and applications in a mobile phone is possible via Wi-Fi, so you do not need any additional control unit. What is more, the Lite app is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so it can also be controlled using voice commands.

The setup itself in the Lite app is very intuitive and simple. The application has support in 12 different languages, so you can easily choose the one most convenient for you.

Lite bulb moment

Smart air cleaning

In our households, we all pay attention to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of viruses and bacteria remain in the air, which can cause the formation of fungi, but also a number of health problems. The Danish company Nordic Smartlight is therefore launching a unique solution in the form of a Smart Care light bulb, which can reduce the number of unwanted viruses and bacteria by up to 99% in an area of up to 20 m2.

The basis of the bulb is a base with LED light, which works as a normal lighting. You can control it with a common switch, use the mobile application to use all the functions. This ring automatically shuts off when the UV-C lights come on. The good news is that UV-C light has a built-in sensor that automatically switches the lighting to LED when it detects movement in the room. After leaving, it switches again and activates air cleaning.

Easily create daily routines

An indisputable advantage is the timer feature (Timer). Thanks to it, you can schedule daily routines for cleaning the space. For example, you can set the air purification from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm and the system will take care of the rest. And what if you come home earlier? No problem, the UV-C bulb can switch to LED lighting as soon as it detects movement. Daily routines can be set for each day - or only for selected days - for example, Monday to Friday. This makes it easy to create rules that you can adjust to your regular schedule. Each light bulb has its own settings, so you can assign each of them its own task.

It is also practical to set the light on function when you are approaching home - the bulbs are paired with a mobile phone, and therefore, based on geolocation, they can automatically turn on just before your arrival or turn off after leaving. Very practical.

logo aplikace Lite“ bulb moments width=The Lite bulb moments App is free for smartphones with iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac) and Android (from version 4.4). The App sends notifications, alerts and recommendations based on your personal settings. Control your lights from anywhere in the world. Control multiple devices with one App. Share devices between family members with a single tap. Easy connection.

Compatible with…

Lite bulb moments are compatible with Google Home and Alexa Amazon, you can easily add bulbs to a group of smart devices and control them using voice commands.

You can control light bulbs from several devices at once, which you will especially appreciate in a shared household.

Light bulb feature overview

  • Intuitive operation with the Lite app
  • Compatible with Google Home, Alexa Amazon
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks
  • Dimming
  • Timer
  • Controllable from multiple devices at once
  • Independent of the control unit, they do not need a Hub
  • Consists of 2 parts, UV-C bulb cannot be used alone
  • Effective cleaning of the air from bacteria and viruses with a success rate of up to 99%
  • Technical specifications – general

  • Energy class A +
  • Dimmer: YES, via application
  • Circadian light: NO
  • Technical specifications – LED bulb

  • Screw: E27
  • Diameter: 95 mm
  • Height: 117 mm
  • Lifespan: 15000 hours
  • Luminous intensity: 400 lm
  • Beam angle: 220 °
  • Module: Wi-Fi
  • Color Temperature (CCT): TBC
  • Power consumption: 6 W
  • Equivalent: 60 W
  • Technical specifications – UV-C bulb

  • Power supply: 20 W (UV-C 254 mm)
  • Module: Wi-Fi, Microwave (6 m detection)
  • Service life: 8000 hours

  • Light is a natural vitamin. Its amount and type have a significant effect on your energy throughout the day. Blue wakes you up, yellow-orange puts you to sleep. The need for a particular type of light changes during the day. The innovative Danish brand Lite bulb moments respect these circadian rhythms and brings the body light in the colour and intensity it requires at a given time of day.

    Nordic Smartlight comes to the market with durable, long-life LED bulbs, low energy consumption, timer and dimmer functions, and a choice of shade and intensity. Bring your smart home to life with innovative Lite bulb moments and support your health with the necessary dose of that optimal light.
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