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Your entrance door is as secure as your lock cylinder.

The M&C COLOR cylinder with 3rd security class certification is designed for Danalock V3 electronic locks. In addition to the SKG ***, it is equipped with technologies that protect it from pulling, punching and drilling.

The M&C COLOR adjustable lock cylinder can also be installed on wide security doors. In combination with the electronic lock Danalock V3, they create an impenetrable protection of your property.

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The lock cylinder determines the degree of security of your door

M&C COLOR is proud of its high level of security - security class 3 according to EN 1303: 2015. If your insurance company also allows a lower level of protection, it is possible to obtain insurance discounts thanks to its high protection. It is certified for use with Danalock V3 smart lock.

The cylinder dimensions can be adjusted using 3 segments and their combinations. The door length can be set to 32, 37, 42 or 47 mm from the outside of the door. It fits into all common door types where the original insert has one of the dimensions: 32 / 35,37 / 35, 42/35, 47/35 mm.

Another part of M&C COLOR's high level of safety is the hardened steel bridge, which makes the cylinder virtually unbreakable. The COLOR series keys are patented against unauthorized copying, and each set is equipped with a certificate that allows you to have additional keys produced only by an authorized seller.

We will advise you on a solution in case your door does not match the M&C liner settings at info@easystore.cz.

Assembly can handle everyone

M&C COLOR Feature overview

  • Safety class 3 according to EN 1303: 2015
  • Adjustable length cylinders with 32 / 35,37 / 35, 42/35 or 47/35 mm dimensions
  • Designed exclusively for mounting with Danalock V3
  • We will advise you on atypical door solutions at e-mailu info@easystore.cz
  • The outside of the cylinder is equipped with a length adjustment pin with 3 segments
  • The outside of the cylinder works with the supplied keys (when using Danalock V3)
  • Replacement key matrix is available to purchase

  • Safety features

  • Safety: more than 150,000 different combinations
  • Modular: with adjustable lengths of 32/35, 37/35, 42/35 or 47/35 mm
  • Flexible: master key system
  • Material: steel, hardened steel bridge
  • Drilling protection
  • Impact and punch protection
  • Tear-off protection

  • Documents

    M&C COLOR cylinder lenght adjustment – how to add spacers to extend the cylinder insert

    Package contents

  • 1x M&C COLOR cylinder with adjustable length
  • 3x key
  • 1x security card that allows to duplicate keys
  • 1x fitting bolt (side-mounted)
  • 3x spacer
  • 3x brass roller
  • 1x bridge

  • Even the lock specialist does not open the Color cylinder

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    Proper home security precautions are the key to your peaceful sleep. But what precautions are really safe and do they meet current standards? The answer can be found in products of  M&C - the Dutch brand. M&C cylinders respond flexibly to developments in security of cylinders and brand know-how are continually tested through the company's presence in several locksmith associations.
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