Conductivity sensor ICO (grey) – Replacement sensor TDS (grey) for smart monitor ONDILO ICO + calibration kit

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If you desire crystal clear water in your pool or whirlpool and do not want to measure the ratio of chemicals and minerals every day, you are definitely using the ONDILO ICO smart pool monitor or the ONDILO ICO Spa digital water tester. However, these devices need their sensors to be replaced once every 5 years. One of them is an irreplaceable grey TDS sensor.

The grey replacement sensor accurately determines the TDS of the water in the pool, i.e. the contents of mineral and bacterial substances. At the same time, it measures conductivity and temperature, which affect the behaviour of other substances and organisms in water. The grey sensor is indispensable for complex pool maintenance.

The sensors report the detected values via a smart monitor to a mobile application, which you can download to your phone free of charge. Information about the status of your wellness is always under control. In the package, together with a replacement grey sensor, you will also find a single use calibration kit to help you keep your ONDILO ICO smart monitor in great condition for many years to come.

• Measure the redox and TDS of your pool and whirlpool
• Keep water crystal clear
• Calibrate your ONDILO ICO monitor

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What values does the grey sensor measure?

The abbreviation TDS refers to a number of different, especially mineral substances, which can occur in water in various proportions. These may be mineral salts, calcium, sulphates, silicates, sunscreen residues and the like. Some of these substances can spoil the water, others could have a negative effect on our skin or components in the pool on a large scale. REDOX monitors the conductivity and temperature of water, which affect the ratio of chlorine and other substances.


What can the ONDILO ICO smart monitor do?

The ONDILO ICO smart pool monitor and the ONDILO ICO Spa digital water tester are indispensable helpers in maintaining your wellness. Whether you care for a swimming pool or hot tub, the smart monitor constantly monitors the temperature and ideal pH through sensors, maintaining the right level of disinfection, water conductivity and concentration of salt and other minerals. You control the monitor with a free mobile application that you download from the Apple Store or Google Play. By connecting to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can very easily install the application on your smartphone, and you will have full control over the condition of the pool and whirlpool.


Free accompanying application ICO for smart phones iOS (version 8.0+) and Android.

Why, when and how to change sensors

In order for your ONDILO ICO smart pool or whirlpool monitor to always work 100%, you need to calibrate it before every season and replace all sensors every five years. Thanks to the Twist & Lock system, the sensors change very easily and quickly. Once a season, you then perform a calibration that analyses, cleans, and optimizes the features of all sensors.

How to use the calibration kit?

A calibration kit is included with the replacement sensor, which optimizes the performance of all sensors, as well as your ONDILO ICO smart pool monitor. The kit contains three special buffer solutions, a stand and user manual, thanks to which you can easily optimize your monitor yourself at home. You monitor the calibration process and results via the free mobile ICO application for your smartphone, which guides you step by step through the process. The solutions are medically harmless and after calibration you can pour them into the drain.

This video tutorial shows you step by step how to calibrate your ICO

Package contents:

  • 1 Conductivity sensor
  • 1 sensor replacement guide
  • 1 calibration kit for free
  • 1 pH 4
  • 1 pH 7
  • 1 ORP
  • + 1 ICO calibration stand
  • 1 user manual

  • Feature overview

  • Replacement sensor for smart monitor of pools and whirlpools ONDILO ICO
  • Measures the TDS and REDOX levels
  • Easy and fast replacement: Twist & Lock system
  • Replacement once every 5 years
  • Warranty: 2 years

  • Feature overview: Calibration kit

  • Calibration of the smart monitor of pools and whirlpools ONDILO ICO
  • Free application for iOS and Android
  • Extends the life of your ONDILO ICO smart monitor to the maximum
  • Easy and fast process once a season
  • Maintenance of all sensors in the monitor - pH value, water temperature, disinfection and mineral capacity, water conductivity
  • Can only be used once (shelf life after opening 1 day)
  • Medically harmless

  • Technical specifications

  • Weight of the package: 200 g
  • Dimensions: 187 x 163 x 26 mm
  • Bluetooth version for the application: 4.0
  • Temperature for replacement and calibration: 20°C to 30 °C

  • User manual:

    CZ Manual ONDILO ICO - calibration kit

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    It's said - there is truth in wine and health in water. Thanks to its origin and specialization, the French brand Ondilo has taken this saying more than serious. Judge French wines for yourself, rather entrust the health safety of the water in your pool or whirlpool to the care of Ondil's smart water sensors.
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