ICO Spa – Smart Connected Sensor for your spa, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth

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Get a smart hot tub with healthy water. All you need is a small Ondilo ICO Spa floating analyser. This digital water tester constantly measures, analyses data and recommends measures to ensure perfectly clean and healthy water in your hot tub.

If necessary, Ondilo will advise you on the exact maintenance via the application on your phone or will send alerts about changes in water quality in real time, so that you can indulge in undisturbed relaxation in your home spa at any time.

Thanks to the patented technology, all recommendations are personalized directly for your hot tub. Alerts only come if they are really needed. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, you will be informed anytime, anywhere.

The elegant and compact design will make the Ondilo ICO Spa a pleasant and indispensable addition to your spa zone. 4 sensors are protected by a solid shell and the battery only needs to be charged once a season.

• Suitable for environments with Cl, Br and salt disinfection
• Quick and easy installation
• 4 sensors monitor water temperature, pH, disinfection capacity and conductivity (salt levels)
• It is enough to recharge the battery once a season
• Coverage IP68

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ONDILO ICO Spa – digitální tester vody ve vířivce testuje složení vody

How to ensure clean and safe water in your hot tub?

Disinfection is necessary to relax in healthy water. Well-disinfected water does not contain bacteria or toxic substances. Such water does not smell and is crystal clear. The ICO Spa allows you to enjoy healthy water with each bath.

The water balance in the hot tub consists in adjusting the chemical indicators (pH, TAC, TH) so that the water is not aggressive or spoiled. Balanced water will ensure a longer life of the hot tub. While water supersaturated with chemicals can damage the tub and its equipment, spoiled water leaves traces of dirt at the surface.

Hot tub maintenance is not just a matter of chemistry. It is also necessary to set the filtration correctly and maintain the device regularly. From time to time, the ICO will ask you for more details about your fund to clarify its recommendations.

aplikace ondilo ico je i v češtině

With the ICO app, hot tub maintenance will be a piece of cake

Free accompanying application ICO for smart phones iOS (version 8.0+) and Android.

  • Easy to use, also in Czech language
  • Analyses water in real time
  • Offers you personalized recommendations
  • Sends you alerts and notifications immediately
  • Also monitors temperature, battery capacity and signal strength

  • Artificial intelligence at your service

    Customise your analysis
    After downloading the application, you will give information about your hot tub: you will enter the location, system type, water volume and more. ICO Spa will then be connected to your hot tub and gives your current analysis of the quality of your water and it follows your choices. Algorithms evaluate data from the hot tub and create recommendations tailored to your priorities.

    How’s the water?
    An elaborate data management system does not only provide static numbers and simple measures. On the contrary, it can accurately evaluate the current state of water and predict its quality. Therefore, it can inform you in time and help you always keep the water in perfect quality through precise measures.

    Technical specifications

  • Weight: 0,7 kg
  • Dimensions: 15 × 11 × 6 cm
  • Requires Wi-Fi connection
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and later, range 10 m
  • Suitable for water treated with chlorine, bromine and salt
  • Application languages: FR, EN, D, SP, IT, P, NL, S, CZ, HU
  • Free application for OS iOS and Android
  • Input: DC 5 V (USB cable and adapter included in the package)
  • 4 sensors
  • Analyses: water temperature, disinfection capacity (ORP/Redox), TDS (amount of solutes in water), weather forecast
  • Meets CE certification
  • Coverage: IP68
  • Also available on Sigfox

  • Feature overview

  • Smart hot tub water analyser in 24/7 mode
  • Complete water analysis
  • Personalized water and pool / hot tub maintenance alerts
  • Interchangeable sensors - pH value, water temperature, disinfection capacity and conductivity
  • Robust and durable design
  • One charge lasts for the whole season
  • Suitable for all types of pools
  • Easy and simple to set up

  • More Information
    Product code OD-ICOSPAWIFI
    Barcode 3701168002178
    Color White
    Manufacturer Ondilo
    Manufacturer's website ico.ondilo.com
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