ONVIS Security Alarm Contact Sensor – HomeKit, BLE 5.0

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What else should start up your smart home than its own security? Onvis – a certified specialist in the HomeKit version of sensors, alarms, cameras, and plugs, allows you to secure your home or office, create custom automation, and control and monitor them remotely from an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The Onvis CS1 wireless security smart alarm immediately reports unauthorized intrusion and sensor activation, while notifying you on the iPhone or Apple Watch. After setting up the automation, the alarm can also start other processes, such as turn on smart lights or turn off the thermostat.

You can easily pair the alarm with your Apple Home application and connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 with the HomeKit control panel. That is why you can know at any time and from anywhere in what condition the monitored entrance is and what the temperature and humidity are.

• Easy to pair with Apple HomeKit and Home application
• Alarm up to 120 dB, 4 security system levels
• Displays status messages and sends push notifications
• 24/7 remote monitoring
• Records of the last 100 events
• Monitors humidity and air temperature
• Any automation with other smart devices

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Bezpečnostní systém Onvis – alarm se senzory CS1 pro Apple HomeKit

How does the alarm work within HomeKit?

Connecting to a smart home
The Onvis CS1 alarm with a magnetic sensor paired with your HomeKit hub sends instant push notifications when the sensor is activated. This means that you will immediately know that the door (window) is open. This will easily give you a reliable 24/7 overview of the security of your home, garage, office, or warehouse and effectively deter thieves. The sensor can also be controlled by voice commands via Siri.

Adjustable alarm
You can set the alarm sound in a moment according to your needs in 4 selectable modes, which correspond to different uses. The volume of the burglar alarm is up to 120 decibels with 3 volume levels and an adjustable time delay. You can control the alarm via the application, the button directly on the device, or Siri.

ONVIS Alarm na dveře / okno umožňuje automatizace chytré domácnosti Apple a hlasové povely Siri

Create useful automations

Switching on the sensor can also serve as part of automation, which will save you energy, make your stay at home more pleasant, or make it easier to manage any interiors. Activating additional HomeKit devices by opening / closing the door, or a specified temperature / humidity will help you improve the care of your wine cellar, animals in pens, warehouse, or office and save your energy costs.

You can install the alarm yourself in a moment

Use the accompanying Onvis Home application or your existing Apple Home application. After you scan the code, the pairing of the device with your HomeKit hub will be complete in a few minutes. The small size of the alarm and battery power allow installation on a variety of surfaces, such as doors, windows, gates, pens, or cabinets.

Onvis Home application

Free accompanying Onvis Home app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch with iOS 12.0+ and WatchOS 4.0+.

What can you see in the app?

View the last 100 records of sensor activity in Onvis Home. From anywhere, you can conveniently check the state of the entrances and interiors monitored by the alarm and sensor at a given moment. By looking at your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, you will also find out the temperature and humidity around the sensor, so you will keep any interior safe and in perfect condition.

ONVIS Alarm na dveře / okno – HomeKit alarm pro DIY zabezpečení domácnosti

Information overview

  • Wireless smart alarm with sensors
  • Features: security system, input status overview, temperature, and humidity
  • Displays status messages and sends push notifications
  • Displays the last 100 records
  • 4 alarm modes in 3 volume levels
  • Allows setting a delayed alarm
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Home application
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy
  • Battery lasts for up to 15 000 hours
  • Accompanying application Onvis Home
  • Allows you to set up automations with the help of other smart devices

  • Technical specifications

  • Power: 2x AAA alkaline replaceable battery (included)
  • Maximum alarm volume: 120 decibels, 3 levels
  • Requires pairing with an iOS device that acts as a home hub to operate
  • Remote sensor status monitoring requires a permanent hub location within Bluetooth range of the sensor
  • Remote Control Centre: Apple TV (tvOS 10.1), iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch (iOS 12.1+) or HomePod (iOS 11.3+)
  • Operating temperature: - 10 ° C ~ 45 ° C
  • Operating humidity: 5 % ~ 95 % RH
  • Dimensions: sensor 90 x 38 x 21,4 mm
  • Colour: white
  • Use: indoor only
  • Location: any; windows, doors
  • Mounting: adhesive tape / screws
  • Mounting gap between the magnet and sensor max. 2 cm
  • Operating time: up to 15 000 hours (1,5 year)
  • Weight: 80 g

  • Documents

  • User manual (PDF, 6,8 MB; ENG, D, F, IT, ES)
  • CE certificate

  • The Onvis brand team has extensive experience in the development and production of smart devices for the smart home. They specialize in the development of smart electronics with support for the HomeKit protocol and as such, they also received Apple HomeKit certification. That is not the only reason why Onvis has become one of the most reliable manufacturers of HomeKit devices for your smart home. In the Onvis product portfolio, you can find, for example, smart motion sensors, IP cameras, smart plugs, or alarms, thanks to which you can set up automation and make full use of your smart home.

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