OZOBOT BIT Starter Kit – Smart Minibot, White

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OZOBOT BIT is here!

The ever popular minibot is coming in version 2.0, and it’s smarter than before. OzoBlockly is a new quick and easy programming software, accessible from any web browser. For starters, you can take a marker and draw tracks, curves and commands to paper. Place your Ozobot on the screen and deal with logic tasks, program choreography to your favorite songs or play games on your desk with friends.

OZOBOT BIT is interactive toy, evolving creativity and logic thinking. And is also is a great didactic utility inclusive the shortest and the funniest way to the real coding and robotics.

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Colored language of ozocodes and own intelligence
Ozobot use an unique colour language based on the different variant of green blue and red, whereas each variant means a different command for Ozobot – Ozocode. You can change the speed, direction, color and blinking intensity of integrated LED diode. Ozobot can rotate like a tornado or dance backwards. Draw the line and Ozobot starts to follow it thanks to a light sensor like a train follows a rail. Draw the crossroad and ozobot decides along the direction. Ozobot can even a count or react according to the conditions.

Welcome in OzoBlockly!
OzoBlockly is a real clear editor based on Google Blockly and programming in ozoblockly can help even a student in elementary school. Its huge advantage is the visual clarity and intuitiveness. Single commands are composing like a puzzle “drag&drop”, so inconsistent commands simply do not fits to themselves. Simultaneously this system allows you to combine multiple commands at one time and logically set it up with each other. You can check the way your code looks at any time in java script, A real programming language. OzoBlockly is absolute coup in teaching, programming and developing logical thinking.

OzoBlockly open in a random web browser and platform on your tablet or lap top. There are several levels of difficulty. In the simplest, programs just to move or change lights effects while the advantage options the world already gets more complicated logic, mathematic, variable functions and so on. Individual levels will therefor suit younger children and high school students or even adult fans of robotics.

After creating the code, you can transfer it to the Ozobot and attach to the designated place on the screen. Transmissions takes the form of rapid flashing color sequences which Ozobot records by sensors on its bottom side. You don’t need cables or Bluetooth. The transferred sequence starts by double-pressing the power button.

Working on the tablet or smartphone display
Download the free application Ozogroove to your smartphone and customize your Ozobot. Change the color of LED diods and speed of movement. In the application you can prepare your own choreography to your favorite song even by two ozobots at once.

Even better Ozzzobot communicates with tablets and the application Ozobot offers more funny and education options. Directly on the tablet display draw the lines with commands, solve logical tasks or play the games with your friends where Ozobot is a principle of chance.

Game zone
On the producer websites can download and print a pre-prepared labyrinth, racetrack and overview about colour codes and commands. Also can play chosen games without installing the app or seeing the instructional videos.

On-line library of school lections
Producer created special portal intended for all teachers, which can find many lections, workshops and activities for classes. Lections are marked according to difficulty, focus and every month gains new.

Companion to your pocket
Thanks to the minimalistic dimensions you can take your Ozobot anywhere. For this purpose you can find a carrying case. Charging of your Ozobot via micro USB port situated on the backside.

Sensors calibration
For the absolutely correct function of Ozobot it is necessary to calibrate the sensors, particularly when the temperature changes, ambient light, or the transition from the display to paper. Calibration can be performed by using the enclosed card if you are going to draw on the paper or directly on the display. For sensor calibration hold down the power key at least 2 seconds and then lay the minibot to the calibration place. After successful calibration, Ozobot flashes green.

  • Interactive toy and education tool for children from 8 years
  • Easily programmable by an unique system of colored sequences - OzoCodes
  • Easy programming with OzoBlockly editor
  • Own intelligence based on randomly generated decisions
  • 5 sensors continuously sensing a route and Ozocodes
  • LED lights, reacts to colour of base and ozocodes, batery status indicate
  • Changeable movement speed
  • Battery life up to 1 hour of continuous use
  • Quality and durable construction
  • Compatible with systems iOS and Android
  • Dimensions: 2,5 x 2,5 cm
  • Weight: 17 g
  • Package weight: 272 g

    Package contents:
  • 1x Ozobot BIT
  • 1x Protective skin
  • 1x Charging cable (USB – micro USB)
  • 1x Protective travel case for Ozobot
  • 1x Ozocards set
  • 1x Calibration card
  • 1x Stickers set
  • 1x Manual included OzoCodes overwiev.


    Free application Ozobot for tablets (iOS, Android).

    Basic application Ozogroove for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android).

  • On-line library of learning lessons Ozobot.com
  • Editor OzoBlockly
  • Instructional videos on Youtube channel of producer
  • Play zone on Ozobot.com

    logo Ozobot

    In 2012, Nader Hamda came up with a little robot which was then named “Ozobot” by his ten-year-old daughter. After 2 years of development, the robot is presented at the largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas. Since then, Ozobot has been making entertaining programmable robots for the next generations.

    The Ozobot´s mission is to inspire young people to develop new technologies instead of using them passively. As of now, the entire Ozobot concept perfectly fulfils the principles of STEAM education – the interconnection of polytechnic studies and a creative approach to the development of a sustainable future.

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    Product code OZO-040301-04
    Barcode 0852636005375
    Color White
    Manufacturer Ozobot
    Manufacturer's website www.ozobot.com
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