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The programmable mini robot Ozobot Evo helps you with maths, logic, computer science, programming and robotics. The fact that Ozobot is approved as an educational tool does not make it a dull technical aid. Quite the contrary – Ozobot Evo is up for anything! Teachers can make use of number of training of how to work with Ozobots in class.

Ozobot will grab your pupils’ attention not only with his funny babbling – he helps them to overcome difficulties in mathematics, computer science and polytechnics in the form of a fun game.

With Ozobot, you can easily incorporate the principles of STEM education into your teaching, so that you pass on the knowledge to pupils and students and teach them skills related to science, technology, and mathematics.

The classroom and leisure kit contains 12 Ozobots EVO and is equipped with everything a large team needs. A new feature is the charging matrix, which also ensures automatic software updates.

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Small robot with big personality

Do you want a funny remote-control robot that will fit in your pocket? Would you like to attract children to computer science? Do you enjoy new technologies and want to try programming? Ozobot Evo can handle all of the above and even more.

Ozobot Evo is packed with features, diodes and sensors, yet its battery lasts for an entire hour and takes to charge for the same amount of time. The newly equipped classroom kit includes a charging base that provides software updates in addition to easy charging.

  • Ozobot Evo is a smart toy and thoughtful STEM teaching tool
  • It is suitable for both leisure and school education across various subjects and levels
  • The whole system is aimed at supporting STEM skills
  • Lasts for 45 – 60 minutes per charge
  • It traces the guidelines drawn on paper and executes the commands of the specified ozocodes
  • Or it will do everything according to a simple script that you program yourself in the intuitive OzoBlockly editor
  • You will love it thanks to its audio playback and its self-intuitive decisions
  • The controlling is easy and even 8-year-olds and adults who want to avoid tiny electronics can handle it with ease
  • Apps, games and lessons in the web interface are free and more are being added

  • Meet the Ozobots

    What are you most interested in Ozobot Evo?

    STEAM educational tool
    How does a lesson with Ozobot look like?
    How do I make Ozobot EVO move?
    Portal with Lessons Library
    Program your robot
    Ozobot Evo's feature overview
    Package content, manuals, activities and links

    playing with ozobot

    Genial partner for STEAM education

    Ozobot Evo will creatively introduce the world of robotics computer science and programming to elementary, high school and university students. In the Czech Republic, Ozobot is a very popular STEAM tool for modern teaching
    of polytechnic fields.

  • 2 ways of learning: drawing Ozocodes on paper or visual programming in an online editor OzoBlockly
  • Try everything in the form of a fun game
  • You can find applications, games and editor online and other necessities in the Ozobot’s package
  • Creativity is not left behind – draw the lines and ozocodes on paper and equip the Ozobot with your own props and costumes
  • It is ideal for interpreting mathematics, programming, robotics and computer science, as well as all nature sciences
  • You have an online library of lessons for educational institutions
  • Lessons are marked according to difficulty and focus, and more are added regularly

  • How does teaching with Ozobot look like?

  • To get the most out of the lesson, Ozobot is very easy to use
  • All you need to start coding are your pens and paper
  • Draw ozocodes – sections of the tract in red, green, and blue to tell Ozobot what to do
  • Create your own game plan from the black lines, or download prepared mazes and racetracks
  • Operate the robot via touch screen as a toy car in Ozobot Evo (for both systems below) app
  • OzoBlockly online block editor allows you to program your Ozobot using logical operators and conditions
  • For Ozobot to work properly, it is necessary to calibrate the sensors whenever it behaves strangely

  • How to make Ozobot Evo move?

    Simply by using ozocodes. There are no limits to their compilation. Make Ozobot Evo do a crazy choreography or send him on a treasure hunt. Draw a tract with your marker or upload your own script.

  • Ozocodes are color static codes in a form of alternating lines of red, blue and green colours
  • Draw the ozocodes or print finished tracks
  • In the app, you can find the ozocodes in form of flashing interactive colour points that the Ozobot records when placed on the screen
  • The drawn track of the Ozobot also consists of black lines, crossroads and turns
  • Draw a crossroad on the line and if Ozobot is not given strict orders it can decide itself in which direction to go
  • You can save your ozocode tracks in the app
  • The OzoBlockly programming editor is accessible from any browser, and tips for using it are provided below

  • 2 ways to code: on the paper or on the screen

    The online lesson portal

    More than 150 in-depth lessons are available to download from the STEAM skills library. focused on enhancing STEAM skills.

    Intuitive coding and fun block editor games to download at OzoBlockly website..

    Get inspired by a community of teachers who teach a wide range of subjects and share their own lesson plans. You can also find webinars on the teacher website..

    Possibilities of modern education:

    Visual programming in OzoBlockly

    You can run the OzoBlockly block editor on any iOS or Android browser and tablet except the iPad Mini. Even younger primary school pupils can do the programming – each sequence is set by dragging and dropping.

  • Choose your skill level, type of movement, lighting effects and timing
  • By dragging, the correctly placed part of the script will fit into the sequence, just like a puzzle
  • Start from scratch and get to programming complex logical operations
  • Record the finished program to Ozobot via interactive screen space (at 100% screen brightness)
  • Press the Ozobot’s On / Off button twice to start the created sequence
  • And that’s it, you’ve just programmed a robot!
  • In the OzoBlockly world OzoBlockly you will also find various games

  • Editor k programování Ozobota Ozoblockly

    Elaborated technology in miniature package

  • Ozobot Evo communicates via Bluetooth Smart 4.0 with a range of up to 10 m
  • Supports basic Ozobot Evo application and other smart device applications
  • Connect the robot and program it in OzoBlockly
  • Infrared sensors scan the robot's surroundings and are located at the front and rear
  • If Ozobot has a choice, it uses independent decision-making and random behaviour
  • Multiple optical sensors for detecting the guidelines and colours
  • Built-in speaker with audio playback - voice, sounds, etc., mute option
  • Durable polycarbonate shell to protect the electronics
  • Automatic firmware update
  • Rechargeable Li-Po battery charges in 60 minutes in charging base

  • Classroom Kit

  • Interactive toy and educational tool suitable from 8 years of age
  • 2 ways of coding: Ozocodes, OzoBlockly
  • Portal for teachers and lecturers with a lesson library
  • Free apps and games are available for iOS and Android
  • Ozobots interact thanks to sensors and autonomous behavior
  • Minimal dimensions and weight, very durable shell
  • Charging base with automatic software update function
  • Requirements for additional smart devices: iOS 7.0, 1GB RAM (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch), Android 4.0, 2GB RAM
  • Easy to start with Educator Bot Camp (included)
  • Updates within the Edu App will allow students to improve their Ozobots
  • 150+ STEAM lessons
  • The new Ozobot Classroom portal provides: teacher training, lesson settings, online and offline student activities
  • Ozobot Classroom compatibility with devices and browsers (PDF document)

  • To start teaching with Ozobot is easy!

    Classroom kit contents

  • 12x Evo in Crystal White
  • Guides and leaflets for students
  • Paper coding equipment (12x set of felt-tip pens)
  • Accessories for charging and updating software
  • Obstacles and colour distinguishers for Ozobots

  • External links:

  • Teacher training library
  • Ozobot Classroom – Ozobot's STEAM learning management system
  • Coding editor OzoBlockly
  • Youtube video tutorials
  • Herní zóna na Ozobot.com

  • Videoreview:

    logo Ozobot

    In 2012, Nader Hamda came up with a little robot which was then named “Ozobot” by his ten-year-old daughter. After 2 years of development, the robot is presented at the largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas. Since then, Ozobot has been making entertaining programmable robots for the next generations.

    The Ozobot´s mission is to inspire young people to develop new technologies instead of using them passively. As of now, the entire Ozobot concept perfectly fulfils the principles of STEAM education – the interconnection of polytechnic studies and a creative approach to the development of a sustainable future.

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    Manufacturer Ozobot
    Manufacturer's website www.ozobot.com
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