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Ozobot Evo introduces a new generation of mini robots with enhanced features and hardware. As an approved educational device, it will enrich the teaching of mathematics, logic, computer science, programming, and robotics. It will help students overcome difficulties in these subjects and other polytechnics in a fun way. It will develop their creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, coding, and problem-solving skills.

Children soon discover that the restless Evo is also up for any prank! He wins them over with his funny chatter and cool moves, among other things. Teachers, in turn, can rely on the fantastic Ozobot community to share their ideas and plans. They can take advantage of the lessons available in the online library and expand their knowledge with regular webinars.

This kit for schools and after-school groups is equipped with everything large teams need to get into the fun of coding. As well as 12 Ozobots Evo, you'll find a set of activities to help you get into the ins and outs of coding smoothly. There's also a set of 12 washable markers to ease kids into drawing color codes and their intricate paths. They'll also enjoy the many colorful stickers. A new feature is the charging matrix, which also automatically updates the software.

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Hra s Ozobotem Evo

Evo – a small robot with a big personality robot

Do you want a funny robot that fits in your pocket? Would you like to attract children to computer science? Do you enjoy new technologies and want to try programming? Start with Ozobot Evo, it can do everything at once and more. It's a smart toy and a sophisticated educational device at the same time, suitable for both leisure and school education across subjects and grades. The little bot is packed with features, LEDs, speakers, and sensors, yet its battery lasts an entire lesson. It can follow guidelines and execute coded commands drawn on paper, or perform everything according to a simple script you program yourself in the intuitive OzoBlockly editor. Does it sound complicated? Don't worry. Evo is easy to use, it can be mastered by children as young as 8 years old and adults who prefer to avoid smart electronics. Even preschoolers can tackle the easiest tasks! Use Evo to develop kids‘ creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, coding, and problem-solving skills from a very young age.

Hra s Ozobotem Evo

Everything you need to start programming

This kit for schools and after-school programs comes with everything big teams need to get into the fun of coding. As well as 12 Ozobots Evo, you'll also find a set of activities to help you get into coding smoothly. There's also a set of 12 washable markers to ease kids into drawing color codes and their intricate paths. The width of the marker track is tailored directly to the sensors of the little bot. This makes it easier for him to navigate their trails and does not require frequent calibration. Many colorful stickers will also make the little programmers happy. A new feature is the charging matrix, which also automatically updates the software. It has a low profile and modest dimensions, so it never gets in the way. An AC/DC adapter is included to plug the charging station into a standard electrical outlet.

Ozobot awards

STEM educational device for modern schools

Evo creatively introduces the world of robotics, computer science, and programming to pupils and students in primary, secondary, and higher education. All over the world, Ozobot is a very popular STEM educational instrument for modern polytechnic education. STEM is a concept focused on four disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. However, don't expect to find a classical way of education behind it. Instead, it focuses on solving real-world challenges and emphasizes critical and creative thinking. Playful Ozobot is ideal for this type of teaching. Imagine, for example, a small robot counting intersections passed or randomly selecting numbers and mathematical operations for students to perform. Or how it travels through a drawn sketch of the human respiratory system during biology class, helping children understand this basic physiological process.

Creativity doesn't remain aside either - you can let your imagination run wild when drawing the guidelines and ozocodes, or equip Ozobot with your own sets and costumes. That's why we wouldn't be afraid to say that Ozobot is suitable for the STEAM concept of education. In addition to the above-mentioned subjects, it also emphasizes the Arts. This may include also the ability to master language, formulate ideas, and present them convincingly. Lessons with Ozobot can include discussions in which pupils explain their actions, and describe the problems they had to solve and the methods that led them to complete the task. The amount of topics you can cover from each subject area with the robot is extremely broad. And it's well noticed by the professional community, which has honored Ozobot with several prestigious awards in the field of education and technology.


Two ways to program

As mentioned, children and adults can code Ozobot Evo in two ways. To get started, all you need to code is a marker and paper. Your task will be to draw guiding black lines for the robot to follow. On these, you will place color codes made up of a sequence of red, green, and blue squares. These will give the robot direction, and speed, start a counter or timer, or allow it to perform cool moves. There are lots of different codes you can use to spice up the track. And don't worry - you don't have to learn them from memory. You and your kids can keep a list of them close by. Are you working with young children who might find it difficult to draw color-coded tracks? Do you want to save the amount of paper you use? You can expand the basic starter kit with a set of magnets that will perfectly substitute them.

Another option is visual programming in the app or online block editor OzoBlockly. In this intuitive editor, especially older students can line up blocks with movements, sounds, lighting effects, loops, and timers to create unique combinations. The complexity of the individual tasks is divided into 5 difficulty levels so that every little programmer can choose their own. You then load your original programs directly into the bot and let it show them into action. Now it is possible to switch the entire editor environment to Python and teach your students to use this programming language as well. Whichever method you choose, you'll practice the skills to create sequences and commands, work with logic, and strengthen your problem-solving skills in a fun game.

Dva způsoby kódování

Web portal with lessons

Not sure if you can come up with enough interesting and sophisticated tasks for the kids? What to do with Evo after you've done all the included activities? Don't worry! There is an online library of lessons for educational institutions (in English). The lessons are divided according to difficulty and focus. Importantly, more and more are added regularly! On the manufacturer's website, you can download and print out ready-made mazes, race tracks, and an overview of color codes and commands, among other things. You can play selected games without installing apps or watch instructional videos. Another source of inspiration is the fantastic community of educators who teach various subjects and share their ideas and plans. The Ozobot community is very active and constantly evolving. That's why we can only recommend watching the teachers‘ webinars as well.

What's next? Expand your kit with more smart gadgets

The entry kit is a great starting point for modern programming basics. But what's next? We've got a few ideas for you!

STEAM sady

Ozobot STEAM sets

Ozobot STEAM kits will help you to go through many other lessons. With little Evo, you can explore the mysteries of the universe or the simple laws of physics. There are sets dedicated to the solar system, the Earth's orbit around the sun and the sundial. The Ozobot Explores the Seesaw set will explain the principle of levers and simple machines to children. One set will engage a group of up to 4 students, so you can use it to reinforce collaboration and communication skills. To answer the questions on the worksheet, students will need to engage both observational skills and analytical thinking to interpret the situation correctly. The actual construction of the games will also require a certain amount of skill from the children, contributing to their overall development. All sets always include prepared lessons, activities, and fact cards. You can also find more challenges to complete and ideas in the online lesson library.

Ozobot Crawler

Ozobot Crawler

Crawler is one of the latest additions to the large Ozobot family. Its construction strongly reminds of a six-legged beetle, in whose saddle you can put a small robot. The Crawler will challenge students to think beyond the usual movements of Evo, allowing them to program individual limbs in different patterns and to explore the mechanical interplay of the components closely.

3D print

3D prints

Do you have a 3D printer? Then you can directly download, share, and print your accessories from the Ozobot 3D CAD library! The library offers a variety of free 3D printable designs to enhance STEAM learning with Evo. There are already several models available and more will be added. For example, you can print a case or helmet for your robot. Let him play sports, print a hockey stick with a puck, and organize your tournament with your kids. You can also use the designs to print trolleys, all sorts of barrels, and other loads, even the shovel of a digger! With such equipment, turn your bot into the handiest helper in building your town!

PSSST! We also know of other fantastic products that Ozobot is now working on. And just a glimpse under the hood promises big things!

Features summary

  • Set for schools and after-school clubs
  • Many essential tools for large teams
  • 12 Evo mini robots, 12 sets of colored markers, an activity pack, and a charging matrix
  • Support for the basic Ozobot Evo app and others for smart devices
  • Connecting and programming in the OzoBlockly editor
  • Approved educational device
  • Ideal for STEM modern education
  • Develops logic, creativity, and problem-solving skills
  • Technical specifications

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (range 9.14 m)
  • Proximity sensors*
  • Optical sensors*
  • LED lights*
  • Built-in speaker*
  • Firmware update with new features
  • Wireless charging capability
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery (60 min. charging time)

  • *Program these and other Evo features using the Ozobot Blockly app!

    Package contents

  • 12 Ozobot Evo robots
  • 12 sets of colored markers
  • 1 set of activities
  • 1 charging station and power cord
  • 2 packs of Bot Label stickers
  • 1 pack of Ozobot stickers
  • Documentation

  • Ozobot calibration
  • Main differences Ozobot Evo and Bit+
  • Ozobot color codes guide
  • External links

  • Library of lessons for teachers
  • Ozobot Classroom portal to facilitate STEM education
  • OzoBlockly Editor
  • Instructional videos on Youtube
  • Game zone on Ozobot.com

  • logo Ozobot

    In 2012, Ozobot comes up with a new small robot prototype, and after 2 years of development, the robot is presented at the largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas. In the next years children and students all over the world quickly took a liking to. Since then, the Ozobot company has been making fun programmable robots for the next generation.

    The mission of Ozobots is to inspire young people to develop new technologies, instead of passively using them. Currently, the entire Ozobot concept perfectly fulfills the principles of STEAM education – linking polytechnic fields and a creative approach to develop a sustainable future.

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