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Do you enjoy sending your Ozobot on fun and intricate tracks that you draw on a paper yourself? With a set of color-coded stickers, you can easily upgrade or change any section of your track - Send Ozobot to search for a treasure elsewhere or let him explore a haunted house.

Ozocodes are suitable for both Bit and Evo Ozobots. Just choose a sticker with a new command and simply stick it over the original code or guideline. The package also includes a list of ozocodes to help you quickly differentiate between the codes for direction changes, speed, funny moves or pauses.

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An addition to playing with Ozobot

Keep your best Ozobot track and make it perfect! Thanks to a set of stickers with ozocodes, Ozobot explores other ways or finally gets the treasure. And you can start improving the track with props and invent Ozobot's next tasks, because this is where the real fun begins.

přidejte do dráhy pro Ozobota nové povely s ozokódy pomocí nálepek

Feature overview:

  • Colour code stickers to control your Ozobot’s motion on the drawn track
  • Enables easy code correction or new commands on the guidelines
  • Suitable for all types of Ozobot (Bit, Evo)
  • In total 160 stickers of various types including repair stickers
  • You can tell your Ozobot to speed up, stop, spin, etc.
  • Easily create roads, mazes, racetracks, or maps with codes that are ready to use
  • Suitable for children from 6 years of age

  • Package contents:

  • Overview of coding tips using ozocodes
  • 40 stickers with directional ozocodes
  • 40 ozocode stickers for speed and cool moves
  • 40 ozocode stickers for pauses and countdowns
  • 40 repair stickers

  • Who can draw the craziest track?

    logo Ozobot

    In 2012, Nader Hamda came up with a little robot which was then named “Ozobot” by his ten-year-old daughter. After 2 years of development, the robot is presented at the largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas. Since then, Ozobot has been making entertaining programmable robots for the next generations.

    The Ozobot´s mission is to inspire young people to develop new technologies instead of using them passively. As of now, the entire Ozobot concept perfectly fulfils the principles of STEAM education - the interconnection of polytechnic studies and a creative approach to the development of a sustainable future.

    More Information
    Product code OZO-660001-00
    Barcode 852636005665
    Color Multicolored
    Manufacturer Ozobot
    Manufacturer's website www.ozobot.com
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