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Do you have curious children at home and are looking for a way to entertain them while teaching them something new? Try the interactive game Orboot Dinos. The makers of Shifu toys come to the market with a unique globe that clearly and yet playfully brings closer the life of more than 50 species of dinosaurs.

Let your children travel through time and send them back 60 million years. With the help of an Orboot Dinos globe and a tablet, they can explore the earth during the Mesozoic period. Just scan a picture of a dinosaur on a smart device. The children then double-click on the 3D dinosaurs to find out the details of their lives. The application is accompanied by a spoken word and the young travellers will easily learn to pronounce even more demanding names of individual species.

The ten-inch Orboot globe is delivered in a package with other props - a dinosaur diary, stickers and quick guide.

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Road to the Mesozoic period

... has never been easier. Just scan the image of the dinosaur into the application on the tablet and suddenly your children will be transported to a world long past. An animated 3D character moving on the screen is complemented by a spoken word. After individual syllables, children will learn to pronounce even complex names of ancient animals. In the next step, they will learn in which period the dinosaur lived. Triassic, Jurassic or Chalk period?

The game is very simple, suitable for children from 4 to 8 years. They will playfully learn to distinguish more than 50 species of dinosaurs.


Modern form of teaching - STEM

With the help of the globe and the application, children learn without knowing it. They feel like they are just playing, and at the same time they are acquiring a whole range of new knowledge. Interesting dinosaur characters draw children into the action and help them learn. Because the application is only available in English, children also build the basics in a foreign language from an early age. Throughout the game, they develop their imagination and creativity. They learn independence in solving problems. And all this in a form that is very fun for them.

The form of STEM teaching is not very widespread in the Czech Republic yet, however, it is a modern way of teaching, which you can meet, for example, in a leisure hobby group. The smart Globe Orboot Dinos is thus great for educating children in kindergarten or school group. Children are not overwhelmed by an excessive amount of information, but on the contrary - they rather try to work well with knowledge and use it effectively in everyday life.


How it all works

Orboot is an innovative 10-inch AR globe with a map of the world. The world in the form it had 60 million years ago in the Mesozoic period. You will find dinosaur icons on individual continents, which you can simply scan into the application. A 3D character of a selected dinosaur will pop up in the tablet, the children will learn its name and basic information. The second mode is more playful. The application contains several engaging games that improve the cognitive abilities of your children. Help little Jay solve all problems!


  • Download the Orboot app from the App Store / Google Play
  • Choose a language
  • You can adapt the game to your child by entering their age and name
  • Scan a dinosaur image from a globe into an application in "Explore" mode
  • Tap an activated dinosaur for more information
  • Help Jay on his adventurous journey through the Mesozoic period

  • You do not need any batteries, Bluetooth or extra electronics or hardware to play Orboot Dinos. You only need a Wi-Fi connection to download and set up the Orboot Dinos app. You can then play all the games offline. However, it is a good idea to download updates from time to time to gain access to new games and tasks.

    What can Shifu Orboot Dinos offer?

  • A great looking globe with surfaces and dinosaurs from 60 million years ago
  • Discover more than 400 facts about dinosaurs with engaging commentary
  • Play games with amazing dinosaur adventures and adorable characters
  • Detection of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods
  • Quick install - just download the app from the App Store or Google Play and you are ready to go

  • PlayShifu - winner of the Smart Toy Award

    Compatible with…

  • iPad 5 and later
  • iPad Air - all models
  • iPad Pro - all models
  • iPad Mini 2 and later
  • iPhone 6 and later
  • Android devices with at least 3 GB of RAM

  • What you will find in the package

  • Interactive globe Orboot 10‘‘ with a world map during the Mesozoic period
  • The contents include a book with dinosaur stickers. Have your children put up stickers of ancient creatures they already know and motivate them to continue learning.
  • Quick game guide

  • Download the application and start immediately

    aplikace Orboot Well prepared accompanying app in English. Available for iOS (od verze 9.0; kompatibilní iPad, iPhone a iPod Touch) a Android (od verze 4.4). No 3rd party ads. Allows you to purchase additional game modes to the basic one.

    The app is in English, so the globe is ideal especially when you want to introduce children to the language in a natural way. Orboot is also ready to support preschool and school teams during English lessons or to teach in language-oriented schools and kindergartens. All information is very well processed and opens up questions and discussion.


  • PlayShifu - Orbot - Dinos

    logo Shifu

    The Shifu brand has been built by an enthusiastic team of parents, early learning professionals, innovators, and technologists whose diverse knowledge and interests fit together as efficiently as all parts of their kits. Together they aim to connect children's games and meaningful and rewarding learning. Since 2016, they have been getting better and better thanks to discovering endless childhood imagination using the latest technology.
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