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Plugo is an interactive educational game for your tablet using augmented reality technology. Does that sounds pretty boring to you? Then you haven't seen Plugo in action yet. Action and entertainment are all the more important because everything that children put on a magnetic pad creates feedback in a colourful story on the tablet screen, thanks to AR technology.

So children do not even realize that they voluntarily solve mathematics. The whole system of Plugo games is based on the concept of STEM education and uses a playful and imaginative approach to introduce children to technology and logic.

The companion app includes a large number of fun games at age-appropriate levels, ranging from approximately 5 to 11 years old, so that your siblings and friends will be entertained reliably.

The set includes a pad with a slot for attaching a tablet and a magnetic surface to play and a Plugo Link game containing 15 magnetic hexagons.

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Active logic game for a tablet

Do you also think that a tablet doesn’t have a positive impact on children? Plugo Link will convince you otherwise- it turns your tablet into a modern learning toy that will entertain girls and boys between the age 5 and 11.

Plugo Link is both fun and exciting

How does Plugo work?

Everything takes place on a magnetic pad, in which you can attach a tablet on one side (it is possible even with a case). When you start the application, children control the games on the screen by folding of magnetic hexagons. They assemble shapes according to the tasks on the screen, and each correct link moves them further in the story.

The app's interactive environment includes audio-visual motivational elements that help children smoothly and efficiently solve tasks. Augmented Reality (AR) technology, in addition to continuous feedback, brings one big advantage - no buttons, batteries or cables are interfering with the game, and children can focus on deepening their STEM skills.

What does STEM have to do with toys?

Learning STEM toys brilliantly familiarize children with polytechnical fields through an active and fun game. Plugo stories of the games draw children into action, so they don't even realize that they are learning unpopular objects and learning how to use them in practice.

STEM toys Shifu

  • attract children 's interest to science and technology
  • improves orientation in modern technologies
  • and encourage children to use their knowledge in their daily lives.

  • Do you want to know what’s next? Use your hands!

    Whether children assemble animal shapes or build pipes to extinguish a fire, they always actively use their hands to solve the problem.

    Hands On Experience, actively solving a task instead of just reading or watching, helps children to:
  • focus more on the task at hand
  • easier to acquire knowledge and skills
  • remember everything better

  • With Plugo Link the children will improve:
  • mathematics
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • logical thinking
  • independence in task processing

  • Download the App and you can start immediately

    aplikace Plugo LinkA thought-through companion app (in English, basic knowledge of the language is sufficient) contains a number of games for individual Plugo kits for different age categories. Available for iOS (version 9.0+; compatible with 3rd generation iPad, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air all models, iPad Pro all models except iPad Pro 12 ", iPhone 6plus) and Android (version 5.0+; compatible with devices from 2015 and later versions with 2GB RAM and larger: Samsung tablets, Lenovo, Samsung smartphones, does not support Kindle).

  • Download Plugo and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Log in and enter the information that matches the games to your children's age
  • Alternatively, create multi-player accounts
  • Synchronize your Plugo kits
  • Unfold the magnetic pad and insert the device into it
  • And the children will be able to choose the games themselves...

  • Feature overview

  • The Plugo Count Kit contains 2 parts:
    - magnetic pad to hold tablet
  • - 15 magnetic hexagons
  • For children aged approximately 5 to 11 years
  • Několik ocenění v oblasti výukových hraček (Mom´s Choice, Tillywig Brain Child a další)
  • AR interactive game without touching the screen
  • Continuous feedback
  • Linking STEM entertainment and learning concept
  • Active Tablet Game – "Hands On Experience"
  • Just unpack and download the Plugo companion app
  • Without buttons, wires and other hardware
  • Compact, durable kit parts
  • Fun educational games in the free app
  • Games have different themes and a large number of levels and difficulty options

  • Package contents

  • Magnetic pad with slot to hold the tablet
  • 15 magnetic hexagons

  • System compatibility with devices

  • iPad 3rd generation and later
  • iPad Mini 2 and later
  • iPad Air - all models
  • iPad Pro - All models except iPad Pro 12.9 "
  • iPhone 6 and later
  • Android 2015 and later, min. 2GB RAM:
  • Samsung and Lenovo tablets
  • Samsung smartphones
  • Does not support Kindle

  • logo Shifu

    The Shifu brand has been built by an enthusiastic team of parents, early learning professionals, innovators and technologists whose diverse knowledge and interests fit together as efficiently as all parts of their kits. Together they aim to connect children's games to meaningful and rewarding learning. And since 2016, they have been getting better and better thanks to discovering endless childhood imagination using the latest technology.
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