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Forget about constantly looking for controllers. You can control the SOMA automated shades system by voice. All you need is the SOMA Connect module, which supports an unlimited number of SOMA Smart Shades 2 or Tilt controllers.

Thanks to the Connect device connected to your local Wi-Fi or Ethernet, you can add shades controllers to your favourite smart home protocol. You can then set up scenes, routines and automations according to your habits and you will never have to bother with setting up a comfortable living again.

• Connects SOMA controller to your smart home
• Enables voice commands and setting scenes / routines
• Compatible with SOMA Smart Shades 2 and Tilt
• Wi-Fi, Ethernet connection
• Supports an unlimited amount of SOMA controllers
• Protocols HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon, Samsung and more

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Add Smart Shades 2, or Tilt to your smart home

Soma Connect supports popular voice assistants and allows you to set up scenes, routines and automations according to your habits. The device supports an unlimited number of SOMA Smart Shades 2 and SOMA Tilt controllers.

Apple HomeKit Voice commands and scenes for Siri: “Siri, set my blinds to 50%”, or “Siri, open bedroom blinds”, or activating a pre-ser scene: “Siri, it's time to sleep”. Within HomeKit, you set up automation, for example, to close the shades at sunset or open the shades when you leave.

Google Home Voice commands and routines for Google Assistant: “OK Google, set my blinds to 50%”, or “OK Google, close bedroom blinds”. You can also set the usual routines, for example, to completely close the shades in the evening, or to automatically open the shades up at 7 o'clock in the morning.

Amazon Alexa Voice commands and routines for Alexa: “Alexa, open Bedroom”, “Alexa, close Bedroom”, or “Alexa, set Bedroom to 50”. After you add a device to your Amazon smart home, you create routines, for example, to open the shades at dawn, or by using a voice command before watching a movie.

More supported protocols
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Local HTTP API for DIY integrations

  • Connect to your local network

  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet

  • Package contents

  • SOMA Connect
  • EU power adaptor and cable

  • Detailed instructions for setting up SOMA Connect and connecting individual protocols can be found here.

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    The SOMA Smart Home brand was actually created by an accident when Wazombi Labs engineers moved to larger offices, where they needed to control a number of large blinds more efficiently. Success came soon, as the first types of automatic shade controllers from 2015 were reliable and functional. Further improvements arose mainly from the experience and observations of users, whose satisfaction has been the main goal of the SOMA team from the beginning. The brand currently operates mainly in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia and is becoming popular in Europe as well.

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