SOMA Smart Shades 2 – Window Shading Automation for Blinds, Bluetooth

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Did you know that your smartphone can also control the shade of your blinds? And even quite simply - with the help of an inconspicuous device, which you can easily install them yourself to any chain or cord on your shades.

SOMA Smart Shades 2 is an improved version of the smart controller for automatic control of shades or blinds. Easy installation and a number of smart features will save you a lot of time and create a cozy home or office. You can set the shade level remotely from the mobile application, or automatically according to your settings.

• Open the window / room shades with your mobile phone
• Compatible with chain / cord operated shades
• Daily / weekly automation settings
• Artificial intelligence is governed by lighting conditions
• Fast, powerful and quiet motor
• Solar power / rechargeable batteries
• Enables voice control with SOMA Connect

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motorizované rolety s pomocí ovladače Smart Shades2

The most advanced shade motor

Automatic shades control
Smart Shades 2 are an improved version of the smart controller in the form of an application on your smartphone and a motor for shades, blinds or any existing window shading with an endless beaded chain or cord.

Quicker and smarter
4x faster motor in combination with smart features from Smart Shades will make it an indispensable part of your cozy home or office. The quiet morning mode does not wake you up when the blinds are opened, and the artificial intelligence adjusts the shade according to the current lighting conditions. All this with an unlimited number of Smart Shades controllers and rooms and even solar powered if you want, which you can also easily operate yourself.

Soma will do it for you

Powerful hardware
  • Up to 4x faster motor compared to the previous version
  • Solar panels for alternative power
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 30 days of power
  • Quiet motor operation
  • Installation in 4 easy steps

  • Smart features
  • Daily or weekly automation schedules
  • Activation according to local sunrise and sunset times
  • Control using the application on your mobile phone
  • AI software adjusts the shading according to the current lighting conditions
  • SOMA Connect accessory enables voice control (Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa)

  • DIY pohon na rolety Soma Smart Shades

    With Smart Shades you can renovate on your own

    In 4 easy steps, you can make your ordinary shades smart. You do not need any additional controllers, just your iPhone or Android smartphone.

  • 1. Insert the chain or cord into the gear.
  • 2. Mount the Smart Shades to the wall.
  • 3. Download and configure the application for iOS or Android.
  • 4. All Done. Control with the help of an application or set up automations.

  • Installation of the motor and solar panels and the first configuration of the application in the video:


    logo aplikace Smart Shades 2Free accompanying application for iPhones and iPads (iOS 8.0+ ) and for smartphones with OS Android (version 5.0+). Enables wireless control with Bluetooth Low Energy.

    Soma Smart Shades - smart pohon na rolety s hlasovým ovládáním a solárním pohonem

    Automations and voice commands make everything even easier

    Scheduled shades will save you money. Slide your finger on the phone screen to adjust the height of the shades. That's not all. The timer allows you to set daily or weekly automations, so you will not be woken up on weekends and you will not be delayed by opening the shades on weekdays. You can also synchronize window shades, air conditioning or heating settings during the day.

    Control shades with your voice. The optional SOMA Connect accessory allows you to connect shades to a smart home. With Connect, you pair Smart Shades with the most commonly used smart home systems.

  • Apple HomeKit and Siri
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home and Google Assistant
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • IFTTT Platform
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Instructions for SOMA Connect can be found here.

  • Technical specifications

  • Rechargeable lithium battery 1 400 mAh
  • Charge: USB cable / solar panel
  • Compatible devices: Android 4.3+, iPhone / iPad s iOS8+
  • Range: up to 40 m
  • Wireless technology: BLE
  • Maximum dimensions of the shades are 2 x 2 m
  • Supports 3 types of chain cords
  • Mounting: 3M double-sided adhesive tape
  • Spare gear wheels for the beaded chain can be found here, and for the loop cord here

  • Documents

  • Declaration of conformity (PDF, 99 kB)
  • Introducing Smart Shades 2 (PDF, 568 kB)
  • User manual in Czech (PDF, 1,3 MB)
  • User manual in English (PDF, 1,2 MB)

  • Soma Smart Home logo

    The SOMA Smart Home brand was actually created by an accident when Wazombi Labs engineers moved to larger offices, where they needed to control a number of large blinds more efficiently. Success came soon, as the first types of automatic shade controllers from 2015 were reliable and functional. Further improvements arose mainly from the experience and observations of users, whose satisfaction has been the main goal of the SOMA team from the beginning. The brand currently operates mainly in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia and is becoming popular in Europe as well.

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