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Back case Tech21 Pure Clear for iPhone 11 Pro Max protects your smartphone against all bumps and impacts repeatedly. The protection covers impacts from a height of up to 3 m and the self-healing function extends the surface cleanness.

Tech21 does not recognize simple ‘this or that’. The new models will also please those of you who care about the environment - a substantial part of the material is of plant origin. Pure Clear not only protects the environment, but also you from microbes thanks to antibacterial treatment of the material.

Another big advantage of the cases is the crystal clear design, which despite all functional features retains very slim dimensions and great sensitivity of the button covers.

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Tech21 uses BioCote® antimicrobial technology

BioCote formula is tailored to Tech21 cases and is applied to the material during the manufacturing process. It protects your phone and irreversibly destroys up to 99.99 % of viruses, bacteria and fungi within a few hours. More information can be found here.

You don’t have to be afraid of your phone falling on the ground

Your smartphone will be safe with case Tech21 even after an impact from a fall of up to 3 m. Impact protection tests in cooperation with NPL (British national technical laboratory) showed the same level of efficiency even after multiple loads. Protective function of the case Tech21 does not weaken even after multiple falls.

Together, patented ribbing and BioShield create an unbeatable barrier for impact energy. BioShield is a unique material with a partial composition of plant origin and high impact resistance.

Nové bezpečnostní obaly od Tech21 pro iPhone 11 Pro

Who would want to get their hands dirty?

Your phone has 10 times more bacteria than a toilet lid. On average, you touch your phone 47 times per day. And bacteria such as E. coli survive on hard surfaces for months. Viruses spread through a touch of your phone as well... these are valid reasons for updating your phone hygiene.

Cases prevent from the spreading of bacteria thanks to a technology from the hygiene leader BioCote. Used material reduces the occurrence of microbes to 99,9% in 24 hours and 99,5% within 2 hours. Antimicrobial protection is permanent, non-washable and functional 24/7.

Say goodbye to ordinary plastics

The patented composition of Pure Clear cases for iPhone promotes sustainable development, and is therefore 37% complemented by degradable materials of plant origin. Nevertheless, the cases provide extra effective fall protection. What's more, the package is fully compostable.

8 reasons to choose the Tech21 Pure case

1. Compatibility – precise case shaping thanks to cooperation with Apple.
2. Impact protection – fully retained protection after each impact or bump.
3. Antimicrobial material – permanent microbial protection from BioCote.
4. Composite structure – provides best-in-class protection for slim and lightweight cases.
5. Patented design – unique RIB shaping and design.
6. Self-healing surface - stays as new and scratch-free for longer.
7. Clear signal – thanks to the patented design, the case does not interfere with wireless charging, networking, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
8. Shaping of the button covers – enables smooth control with fast response.

Case feature overview

  • Protects iPhone with fall protection from up to 3 m
  • Antimicrobial protection is part of the entire material
  • Material BioShield - 37% of the material is of plant origin
  • Thin profile with minimal material in crystal clear design
  • The self-healing surface lasts longer without scratches
  • Very effective and tested protective materials
  • Scratch and wear resistant materials
  • Precise cutouts shaping makes the smartphone easy and smooth to operate
  • Fully compostable packaging

  • Testing the Tech21 cases in cooperation with NPL (national physical laboratory, UK)

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    Mission is simple: To create the most intelligent impact protection on the planet. Each and every one of our products is the result of passion for protection. Company Tech21 has professional laboratories, proprietary research and development teams combined with unique materials. Tech21 is one of the Britain’s fastest-growing tech companies. They use different materials with proven protective properties. The same emphasis is placed on design. They want people to enjoy their cases as well as their phones and tablets.
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