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Have you decided to move from partnership to parenting? And are you a “man of action” who leaves nothing to chance? Then YO is your choice! With YO you don't have to go to see your doctor because of a spermiogram.

YO - a fertility test for men will automatically examine your spermiogram with 97% reliability. You can use it in the comfort of home, without stress and all uncomfortable circumstances.

You can watch live video of your sperms and the app will count and evaluate the active and healthy ones. The spermiogram result remains safely stored in the YO archive.

• iPhone iOS 11 and above
• Android 6 and above
• Windows 7 and above
• MAC OS verze 10.14 (Mojave) and above

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Home sperm examination? YO is the answer!

YO Home fertility test is an automatic examination of spermiogram showing sperm content in 1 ml sample. YO is the only one in its category which includes only movable and functional sperms into a result and compares it with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation.


It will determine the concentration of moving sperm and “YO score” that will evaluate your fertility potential. The results can be used as a basis for consultation with your doctor, because YO can guarantee 97% accuracy of the test result.

The package contains complete accessories for 2 spermiograms and YO device for sample examination, which can be used repeatedly. An interactive application will guide you through the whole process, shortening the result with a funny quiz. Find out how you are doing and take steps to improve!

The decision was made. We will be family! But...

What if the results are not good?

Sperms are very sensitive to your lifestyle, so you can effectively change their quantity and quality by changing your regime. And it really makes sense, because 40% of the inability of a couple to spawn a child is on the man's side. Based on your current “YO score”, the app will suggest you possible solutions and procedures.

It is better to examine your sperms with 2 or more tests, 1-2 weeks apart. So you can easily see changes of your YO score and impact of your effort on the ability to father a child. However, the WHO fertility limit starts at 6 million sperm in 1 ml and more than 15 million / ml with more than 4% of normal sperms is considered “normal”.

Even the tough guys can worry

Is spermiogram really reliable?

Everything is carefully tested in advance - use, safety and reliability. The YO test has received CE certification and reliability has been tested in extensive tests that have passed over 300 FDA test participants.

YO is developed by MES company, which is the largest provider of automatic sperm analyzators for professional departments in US. MES has more than 20 years of experience in automatic sperm testing.


How does the whole test run?

  • There are accessories to easily and accurately perform 2 spermiograms in the package
  • In addition, you will need an Android or iOS phone or a Windows PC or Mac running OS 10.14 or later
  • Your sample can´t come into contact with your mobile or PC in any case
  • The app is very clever and it will guide you through the whole process
  • The result is fast, automatic and 97% accurate
  • All testing takes approximately 45 minutes
  • Plus you can watch video with your swimmers!

  • spermie

  • YO testing kit is 100 % discreet
  • A subtle box does not reveal its content
  • The results of your YO test are not saved in your gallery in mobile or PC, but safely in YO archive
  • Results and videos can be subsequently viewed and managed
  • YO score is reflected by 4% of sperm counts with normal building and 58% of live sperm counts
  • YO company recommend you to protect your mobile or PC with a password to ensure medical secrecy

  • Test your swimmers in few easy steps

    YO Home Sperm Test App

    Aplikace YO Home Sperm TestFree app for smartphones and tablets with Android.
    Application to install for Windows OS. The application requires Windows OS version 7 or later to be installed.


  • ENG manual

  • A package contains:

  • YO device (allows multiple use)
  • 2 collection cups
  • 2 pipettes to transfer the exact amount of a sample
  • 2 sealable vials with powder for sample liquefaction
  • 2 closed slides
  • Manual

  • logo YO

    Test your swimmers!
    The Medical Electronic Systems (MES) team has taken the challenge of testing men´s fertility without the demeaning sampling process in a clinical setting. The 4-year clinical trial results in the first homemade male fertility test with automatic sample evaluation using a mobile or PC. The uniqueness of the test is also the ability to watch live sperm video.

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