Acopower 193Wh Power bank for LiONCooler/LiONCooler Mini

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Acopower is a specialist in off-grid and portable energy solutions. Its flagship products are the LiONCooler solar refrigerators and freezers, which will make your stay in the wilderness more enjoyable without the need to connect to the electricity main socket.

To really enjoy their capabilities to the full, you can't do without this Acopower power bank with an impressive 193 Wh capacity. You can recharge it with the help of a solar panel, a car battery or via a conventional AC socket.

But the battery is not only used in conjunction with the solar refrigerator. It can seamlessly replace a conventional power bank and supply juice to your smart devices whenever and wherever you need it. Attention, Acopower has even equipped it with a built-in LED flashlight, which can come in handy not only when camping.

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Acopower x230 powerbank

The solution for reliable power without access to the mains

The portable backup battery is ideal for camping, power outages and whenever you need reliable power. If you're going on an outdoor adventure or preparing for an emergency and know you'll have to do without electricity, you can rely on the Acopower power bank. It can keep your electronic equipment running for hours - or even days. It is primarily designed for use in the LiONCooler and LiONCooler Mini solar refrigerators.

Acopower x230 powerbank

Three ways to charge

You can recharge the power bank using a solar panel, car battery, or a conventional AC socket when you have it available again. It reaches full capacity after just 3 hours. Depending on the internal temperature setting of the refrigerator, it will last 5-15 hours, maintaining lower temperatures is usually more energy intensive. Remember that the battery only discharges when in use. If the refrigerator is connected to a power source, the power bank will remain fully charged.

Acopower x230 powerbank

Versatile applications

When removed from the LiONCooler, the battery functions as a classic power bank. It is equipped with a battery connector, type C and DC connectors and two USB ports. So you can use it to charge your smart devices and accessories whenever and wherever you want. Its 193 Wh capacity covers 250 hours of smartphone use, 60 hours of tablet fun or 27 hours of laptop use. The real highlight is the built-in LED flashlight and the digital display with remaining energy.

Summary of features

  • Power bank for LiONCooler and LiONCooler Mini solar refrigerator
  • Charging methods: AC socket (240 V), car battery (12/24 V), solar power (12-40 V)
  • Full charge in just 3 hours (3-4 hours using solar panel)
  • Versatile application
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Digital display with remaining energy data
  • Technical specifications

  • Connectors: C/DC/BAT/2x USB
  • Weight: 1.38 kg
  • External dimensions: 19 x 11 x 4 cm
  • Colour: blue

  • Note: Solar panels and power bank for LiONCooler are available as separate accessories and are not included. However, a solar power cable connector is included in the power cable accessory kit to help you get started if you decide to extend your power solution off the grid.

    Technical specifications

  • Capacity 193 Wh/13,000 mAh
  • Maximum current consumption up to 52.000 mA
  • DC output 12/16/20/24 V 5 A max.
  • USB-C output 5V 3A max (separately)
  • USB-C output 1 and 2 to 5 V 3.5 A max.
  • Maximum battery load up to 10 A (12 V - 16.8 V)
  • Package contents

  • 1x X230 - Acopower 193Wh power bank for LiONCooler/LiONCooler Mini solar freezers
  • Documentation:

    English manual
    Get to know the Acopower LiONCooler Solar Freezer in the video (the coolers can be purchased as an accessory to the powerbank X230):

    ..and also with ACOPOWER LiONCooler mini Solar Freezer refrigerators:

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    ACOPOWER is an established Los Angeles-based company dedicated to providing off-grid and portable energy solutions. Its team members strive to meet the needs of a diverse group of customers, from campers, RV or boat owners, to survivalist enthusiasts, to emergency responders and emergency responders. Their long-standing specialty is solar products for household and personal use. These bring joy to their owners in more than 50 countries around the world.
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