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Are you tired of playing the never-ending hide and seek with your things? The unobtrusive Bluetooth finder Chipolo ONE will never let you lose in this difficult game! The premium chip, European origin and stable application guarantee the finder’s reliability and accuracy.

Chipolo CARD in the shape of a small card is perfect for locating wallets, billfolds, passports, but also your TV remote and other things you need to have on hand.

A particularly stable application with several smart functions will turn any item into something you will never lose again, and your phone will take on the role of Sherlock Holmes...

• FIND the marked items
• RING a paired item or phone
• GET AN ALERT that you are leaving without marked item
• LOCATE the marked item before it is lost

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How does Chipolo work?

It’s a small card with a button that you can easily insert between the documents in your wallet or attach to things and small items that you use daily. After pairing with the Chipolo application, which is also in Czech, it is an essential tool for finding your stuff quickly. If you don't know where the marked item is, just ring it from your smartphone and you will immediately find out where it went.

Chipolo CARD – tracker in passport and on the remote control

How to find your lost phone?

The elaborative application also thinks about the difficulties when your phone falls behind an object. You can also use the finder to ring the mobile phone on which you have the Chipolo application installed. Just double-click on the paired finder and the phone will answer from its hiding place.

Lost and found community

You are not alone in finding any Chipolo marked item. Other Chipolo users will help you find the marked item thanks to an anonymous lost and found network. How to do it?

  • In the application, simply mark the item as lost to send an anonymous signal to other users
  • Other users' phones within the range of your lost item will detect Chipolo’s new location
  • You will then receive an anonymous notification with the new location of your Chipolo on your phone and email
  • You can also send a message to the lock screen with a contact for the finder from any browser

  • Check how you can use Chipolo features

    More useful features to find items easily

    Chipolo adapts to your daily routines. Do you keep losing your TV remote? In that case, just share it in the application as a marked item. Chipolo will also notify you by sending an alert that you are probably leaving without a marked item.

    Chipolo cooperates with voice control Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

    Chipolo also cooperates with Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on smart speakers and mobile devices that have installed the applications Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

    Wireless selfie shutter

    Finally, one more great feature – as long as the Chipolo is within the range of your mobile phone, it will also serve as a wireless camera shutter and your selfie photos will simply be perfect, with no unnatural angles or squished faces.

    Feature overview

  • Ring Chipolo – finder will make a sound after you ring it from the app
  • Find your phone – Ring your phone by double clicking the Chipolo finder (even in a silent mode)
  • Last known location – Track your item to where you last had it via the Chipolo app
  • Out of range alerts – Receive a notification from the app when you leave your item behind
  • Share Chipolo with your loved ones – by sharing via the app you can find other misplaced items
  • Community search – When any Chipolo user comes near a lost item, they will update its location
  • Voice control – Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri
  • Change ringtone – set a ringtone of your choice for your Chipolo
  • Widget on your home screen – quick control without opening the app
  • Wireless selfie shutter – with Chipolo you’ll get perfect selfie photos
  • Chipolo application

    Life is messy, but with Chipolo doesn't have to be. The companion app with many features is free to download for iOS and Android. You can pair up to 9 finders with one user account, 7 of them can be simultaneously active in the application.

    Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 37 mm x 68 mm x 2,15 mm
  • Weight: 8,7 g
  • Range: 60 m line of sight (obstacles can reduce the range)
  • Water resistant: IPX5 standard (splash proof)
  • Power: the battery lasts 1 year (with Renewal program)
  • Finder’s volume: 95 dB
  • Compatibility

  • Devices with iOS 11 and higher
  • Devices with Android 5 and higher (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch)
  • The current list of compatible devices can be found here

  • Simple, smart and reliable Chipolo finders come from a team of 6 friends who decided to face everyday problems with lost keys and things to the fullest. That's why they joined Kickstarter in 2013, and since then they have grown into an international company with their own products and applications that help find lost stuff in more than 200 countries.
    More Information
    Product code CH-C17B-WE-R
    Barcode 3830059105008
    Color White
    Manufacturer Chipolo
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