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How should look an ideal container for water - the most perfect fluid? Noble materials, harmonious colors, perfect functionality ... And could it also control fluid intake?

Nowadays you can please yourself with a such perfect bottle. The Equa smart bottle keeps the liquid cold or warm, and with its removable light tracker, it will motivate you to optimize your water intake.

And it really works - because the Equa bottle with its look, materials, and features will not lie unnoticed somewhere. The pleasant volume of 680 ml is hidden in a double-skinned shell from stainless steel with a matching color metal lid.

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The most luxurious container of your daily hydration

The Equa smart bottle in its 680 ml will not only provide optimum fluid intake, but also motivate you to the right habits of healthy lifestyle. Your moments of personal space will be enhanced by Equa´s perfect design and luxurious materials.

Equa –  smart lahev, růžová – vám pomůže upevnit správné návyky při hydrataci

The Equa bottle will improve your lifestyle

Thirst is the last call of your body for help. Equa lights up before dehydration processes begin in your body. This will prevent headaches, tiredness and overall discomfort. On the other hand, when you reach the right fluid balance in the body, you will feel better and your skin will be brighter!

Every day 2 liters of water - everyone knows it. But Equa knows and controls your optimal daily water intake. The smart bottle takes into account the individual needs of hydration. Equa will become your personal healthy lifestyle trainer.

Equa – chytrá lahev z luxusních materiálů – mramor a ocel,

It communicates even without a smartphone, only with a smart gesture

You don't have to be stuck on your smartphone to drink. Equa will communicate with you without a mobile phone. Gently tap on the bottle to see how are you doing. When the light reminder lights up slowly, everything is fine, but with 3 flashes you have something for catching up.

Equa App

Aplikace EquaAccompanying app for smart bottle Equa is free to download for smartphones and tablets with iOS version 9.0 (compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), or Android from version 5.0.

How does the app help me?

  • It will guide you through setup and installation
  • Based on your lifestyle and personal information it will recommend daily water intake
  • You set up and control the tracker's reminder light at the bottom of the bottle
  • It monitors your daily water intake
  • Allows access to the history of hydration
  • It will remind you of breathing antistress exercises
  • Monitors battery charge status

  • Summary of smart bottle features

  • The bottle is 100% impermeable
  • The bottle body is made of high quality stainless steel
  • Thermostatic function– double-skinned shell keeps the drink
    - 24 hours cold
    - 12 hours hot
  • The bottle neck has the right size for ice cubes
  • Matte finish
  • The lid is made of matching color metal
  • Clip on lid for easy carrying
  • The battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Accompanying app for smartphones running iOS and Android
  • Not intended for carbonated drinks and carbonated mineral water

  • Planeta, nebo plasty?

    Technical specifications

  • Available in 680 ml volume
  • Tracker power supply: 5V DC -10%/ +20%, 150 mA
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery 3,7 V, 250mA
  • Micro USB cabel for charging included
  • Diameter 73 mm, height 250 mm
  • Bottle weight alone: 420 g
  • Bottle weight with smart tracker: 470 g
  • Indoor environment: min. -10 ° C, max. +90 ° C
  • LED remanding light on the bottom of the bottle
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dimensions of the pedestal with tracker: diameter 70 mm, height 10.7 mm
  • Bottom with silicone anti-slip finish
  • An additional device with a tracker, battery and light is not waterproof

  • Documentation

    Equa manual on myequa.com

    logo Equa

    The philosophy behind the Equa bottles is very clear from the motto "We do what we love". That is why Equa bottles must meet strict sustainability, detail and quality requirements, because every moment counts when it comes to your body. Design, features and materials pursue a single goal - to help you focus on your goals and balance your body, mind, and environment.
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    Product code EQ-SNOW-S
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    Color White
    Manufacturer Equa
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