iHealth FIT HS2S – Smart Body Analysis Scale, Bluetooth 4.0

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Design and comfortable weighing will not be the only reason iHealth FIT becomes an integral part of your bathroom. A smart personal scale, or body analyser measures along with your weight, 9 important body indicators, such as BMI or the proportion of bone mass, body and organ fat.

Obtained data is automatically and transparently processed by the accompanying application iHealth MyVitals in both Czech and Slovak languages. Clearly displayed data and setting your goals will help you effectively achieve your dream fitness goal and get a better control of your health.

The FIT scale meets the requirements for the certification of medical devices and its use is safe for pregnant women. Secure and free storage lets you conveniently share data with your doctor or family.

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Perfect your lifestyle according to your body’s requirements

Thanks to the FIT scale, you can easily see, for example, the effect of dietary changes or get accurate data on the effectiveness of your workouts on health. By monitoring changes in body indicators, you can quickly avoid JoJo effect or muscle mass loss and other diet and training errors.

What data will the scale help you evaluate?

  • Body weight
  • The proportion of water in the body
  • Bone mass ratio
  • Muscle mass ratio
  • Body fat ratio
  • Non-fat tissue ratio
  • Visceral fat
  • BMI - body mass index
  • DCI - recommended daily calorie intake according to your goals

  • Chytrá osobní váha s analýzou složení těla pro sledování fyzické kondice po tréninku

    The scale is able to differentiate up to 8 users

    The FIT system and the app sort out and evaluate data from up to 8 users, and it will recognize it automatically. This gives you a powerful tool to support your fitness activities and health control of the whole family.

    You can be FIT both with your phone and without it

  • You can see the current weight on the scale display
  • Keep track of your goals after syncing with iHealth MyVitals app
  • And you can send the data to a doctor or share them with your family

  • Weighting without a smartphone

    Vážení na iHealth FIT bez synchronizace s mobilem

    Weight yourself by simply stepping on the scale. The device stores up to 500 measurements in each internal memory for each of the 8 possible users. You can synchronize memory and application data at any time by starting Bluetooth and iHealth MyVitals. After pairing your mobile, you will also see your current weight.

    Synchronization during weighing

    Vážení a analýza na iHealth FIT s použitím smartphonu

    When using your smartphone (or tablet) for weighing, you get an immediate overview of all current data. Just turn on Bluetooth and open MyVitals app. As soon as you step on the scale, the data is automatically transmitted and evaluated. You can also see the current weight on the screen.

    Comprehensive system with MyVitals app

    MyVitals companion app (iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+)evaluates essential information about your body. The app sorts and tracks data from various iHealth devices (scales, body analysers, oximeters, manometers) on a phone, tablet or computer.

  • MyVitals is the 1st app for medical devices fully compatible with Apple HealthKit and Health app
  • Clearly view your history and clear graphs with hotspots
  • The app automatically sorts data among the set users
  • Set your goals – for example, "I want to maintain weight but increase my muscle mass by 2 kg at the expense of fat in 5 months"
  • Thanks to the app, you will have your progress in the palm of your hand, which gives you the necessary motivation
  • Create activity reminders (e.g. pressure measurement, physical activity, medication dosage use, etc.)
  • iHealth includes unlimited secure storage
  • Lets you easily share the information you receive and email it

  • iHealth FIT HS2S – Chytrá osobní váha s analýzou složení těla

    iHealth FIT feature overview

  • Lightweight design personal scale with body composition analysis
  • Measures 9 different data (weight, BMI, non-fat, bone, muscle and water mass, body and bowel fat, caloric intake)
  • Light LED display
  • Can be set up to 8 users
  • Clear data and history tracking in the accompanying iHealth MyVitals app
  • Device memory up to 500 measurements for each user (unlimited after synchronization with the application)
  • Convenient data sharing with your doctor or family
  • Access your secure cloud account from anywhere (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Non-invasive measurement method from the lower body, completely safe for pregnant women
  • CE certified as a medical device
  • Tempered glass finish
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

  • Body composition analysis technology

    The iHealth FIT is a precise electronic device designed for adults. It uses ITO thin layer technology and pressure sensors to smoothly measure body composition. Results are displayed and stored on your iOS or Android device along with the date and time of measurement.

    The data is read from the lower body and the results of the indicators (all but weight and organ fat) are evaluated by the bioimpedance method and based on your personal data. Weight is read by sensors integrated in the scale and the amount of visceral fat is evaluated by the system based on previous measurements.

    Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 306 x 306 x 26.6 mm
  • Weight: 1.85 kg
  • 4 electrodes
  • ITO technology (bioimpedance measurement method)
  • Power supply: 4 1.5V AAA batteries
  • Battery life of approximately 3 months of daily use
  • Optional units: pounds / kilograms
  • Compatible with iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+
  • Measuring range:
    Body weight: 5 - 180 kg
    Body Fat: 5 - 65%
  • Weighing accuracy to 0.1 kg
  • Measurement deviation:
    Body weight: ± 0.5 kg in the range 5 - 50 kg
    ± 1% in the range 5 - 150 kg
    Body Fat: ± 1%
  • Operating temperature: 5 - 40 ° C
  • Operating humidity: 20 - 85% RH

  • Package contents

  • iHealth FIT (HS2S model)
  • 4 1,5V AAA battery
  • Quick start guide

  • Documents

  • PDF manual in english

  • iHealth logo

    iHealth is the world leader in the development of smart medical devices. All iHealth products are certified for medical use. The goal is to develop innovative and easy-to-use personal medical aids that connect to the data storage and use free applications for a more comprehensive view of your health. Many iHealth products include blood pressure monitors, glucometers, analytical scales, and pulse oximeters.
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