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Kids have been playing with trains for generations. How can a classic electric train with wagons change? Unrecognizable! Intelino is a classic locomotive with wagons but again invented from the basics.

Intelino train is simple, but sophisticated. Futuristic design covers powerful features and a huge range of interactivity. In short, this is the smartest train which was ever built.

If you have already been 3, you will be able to programme it with colored slats. The train will last over 100 minutes according to your settings and then just recharge it via the USB cable. You can also plug in a tablet or cellphone and control the train remotely.

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Electric train – re-invented

Intelino is ready to use immediately after unpacking. Assemble the rails, attach the carriage and send the train to the track. Kids can also ride with Intelino over classic wooden trains.

And what is the big progress? Built-in sensors that allow the train to read your commands are hidden in several places. Kids just draw up color sequences on the tracks with codes to guide the locomotive. It i salso posibble to control Intelino remotely via an application on your mobile device.

The train uses advanced robotic electronics and communicates with the application via Bluetooth. You can easily update and program everything, and your kids learn the programming principle while playing a fun game and try to use modern technology in practice.

Clever fun for kids and adults

Controlling the locomotive and wagon is simplified and intuitive. You don't have to search for any buttons or think of turning off to not let the battery discharge. All you have to do is put Intelino down and start it with a hand gesture.

Everything is the same as the retro trains. Except that it is a smart robotic toy with precise hardware. Smart train Intelino at many levels extends the classic gameplay experience, so without hesitation actively entertains train enthusiasts of all ages.

Intelino Smart Train – Chytrý nabíjecí elektrický vláček s dráhou - 2 kluci při hře

Get in!

The track and the train set are built for quick action and smart play. The rails are extra durable, double sided and easy to assemble by a small child. All rail parts have holes to snap the colored markers that are in the package.

Intelino is for children over 3 years of age. Sensors will quickly pull you into active play. Choose one of 2 game modes – no screen on the trails, or control the train through the app.

Learn Intelino to ride your train
  • Durable double-sided rails can be assembled by snapping
  • Plastic colored slats can be easily attached to rails
  • Create coding sequences from the slats (clear list in the package)
  • The smallest children can control the trains using the codes
  • Working with markers improves fine motor skills
  • You program the speed, the direction of movement, or the magnetic clutch of the wagon by slats
  • You can find 17 basic commands in the box

  • Intelino Smart Train

    The Intelino driver can't do without the application

    “Intelino The train dashboard with a range of remote control features is free to download for smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth Smart (BLE 4.0+) support and iOS version 8.0 (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch compatible) or Android version 5.0+.

  • Older players can use the free app on your tablet or mobile
  • The application allows you to control the train in real time at a distance
  • You can activate a number of advanced features
  • Turn the screen into the dashboard
  • With the app, the Intelino train can on wooden tracks, that you may have at home
  • Intuitive Snap Editor lets you create custom codes and program train behavior
  • In a "drag and drop" system that resembles a puzzle, you set up function and command assemblies

  • Intelino Smart Train

    Main features

  • Robust and durable ABS and polycarbonate shell
  • More than 100 minutes of operation per charge
  • The multifunction button switches the engine on and off and controls additional functions
  • LED indication of battery status: low battery - red, full charge - green
  • Color LED lights can be controlled with the app
  • LEDs on the roof for feedback (start, stop, acceleration, etc.)
  • Built-in Speaker (sound effects can be set up in the app)
  • High speed DC motor drives the train in both directions
  • Front chromatic sensor scans color markers
  • Also runs on most wooden rails (eg Ikea, Brio, Woody, etc.)
  • Smart Coupler: The electromagnetic clutch is controlled by sensors or app at distance

  • Intelino Smart Train – Chytrý nabíjecí elektrický vláček s dráhou - barevne kody na kolejích k ovládání lokomotivy

    What sensors are under the bonnet?

  • Front and rear capacitive sensors allow interactivity with the user and capacitive objects on the track
  • Speed sensor - The optical sensor monitors the speed of the train and maintains a constant speedt
  • Three axis accelerometer (position sensor) provides accurate train motion information and supports some functions
  • Front and rear color sensor continuously scan color codes when moving forward and backward

  • Technical specifications

  • The engine is powered by a 32-bit ARM processor
  • Wireless control for 9 meters with Bluetooth Smart 4.2
  • Three-axis accelerometer
  • Durable transmission assembly with electromagnetic clutch mechanism
  • Motion sensors
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Top speed 80 cm / sec
  • Li-Po rechargeable battery (micro USB port at the rear of the locomotive)
  • Charging via USB - micro USB cable

  • Documents

  • Intelino Quick Start Guide (ENG)
  • Download the product information legal guide with important safety and regulatory instructions
  • Intelino action snap command reference sheet (ENG)

  • What do you find in the box?

  • J-1 smart locomotive
  • J-1 wagon
  • 40 colored slats
  • 20 pieces of differently shaped rails
  • Code summary tab
  • USB - micro USB cable (included)

  • logo Intelino

    Modern technologies are penetrating into our lives more and more. But why should kidswaste their natural curiosity and just passively consume tablet screens? Why not bring them to the development of important skills through the most popular children's game? Similar and other questions were led by the founder of Innokind, Inc. Armena Kroyana to create a smart Intelino® train. Intelino pulls your children into creative play and helps them actively improve critical thinking or math skills and also enjoy a lot of fun.

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