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Extend your smart home with a smart gate. It’s super easy with the most complex IoT controller, the ismartgate PRO Gate. You can easily install the controller to the gate and set up automation according to your needs.

PRO Gate is a set for installing Wi-Fi remote control for up to 3 entrance gates.
Waterproof magnetic sensor and controller will control and monitor the opening and proper closing of your sliding, folding or swing gate for you.

After installation, pair the ismartgate with a smart home HomeKit, Google Home, iFTTT (for Amazon Alexa), or Samsung SmartThings. An alternative control option is a native application for iOS and Android.

Ismartgate Standard Pro Gate includes these key features:

• Remote access to up to 3 gates
• Voice control
• Automatic open / close (with iFTTT)
• Real time notifications
• Access management of individual users
• Video transmission – optional after connecting the camera
• Ability to wire up to 3 sensors
• Automation to turn on sound and light

The controller is fully functional without hidden fees - integration with compatible smart home systems is completely free and does not require additional hardware.

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PRO version will exceed your expectations

The ismartgate PRO Gate set is intended for full-fledged control of up to 3 gates. The system allows you to remotely control the gates and monitor their status. It is the only set in the category of comparable products that contains a waterproof wireless magnetic sensor.

If the gates are used intensively, it is advisable to connect other sensors with a cable – you can connect up to 3 sensors with the Pro Gate. A comparison of Pro and Lite version can be found in this PDF document. The controller is compatible with ismartgate wireless ismartgate sensors. The device is functional even in remote areas without internet access. All data is stored locally, not in the cloud.

Control the gate with voice commands

Ismartgate supports all the most used smart home assistants – Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa. These, together with the controller, allow you to open the gate with a voice command or set up automation.

Connect ismartgate to your smart home

  • Apple HomeKit – Siri voice commands, obstacle detection
  • Google Home – voice commands
  • Amazon Alexa – automatization via iFTTT
  • Samsung SmartThings

  • the best Apple HomeKit gate remote controller

    Gain remote access from a phone

    Open or close the gate from anywhere remotely, even from an application on your smartphone, or from a web link. You only need a Wi-Fi connection to activate this feature.

    Your gate will know when you are nearby

    The PRO Gate controller opens or closes the gate automatically upon your arrival. Just set iFTTT automation according to distance or location and the rest will be taken care of by the GPS signal of your smartphone. You will never have to look for your phone or remote control in your bag again. What is more, you can make your arrival even more pleasant by playing music and turning on light.

    You will get an instant notification

    Ismartgate application notifies you when the gate is open / close and sends you a real-time notification even if the gate has not closed itself fully. The notification is sent on your phone or email. The application also monitors the temperature in the garage and the battery status of the sensor.

     The best secured smart gate controller with no data on cloud

    The best secured smart gate controller

    Ismartgate’s technological architecture prevents from your private data being used for commercial use. In other words, no one but you has access to the user list, user settings, event log or history because your data is not sent to the cloud.

  • The data and setting is stored only in your devices
  • The system does not use any remote data storage
  • Data transfer takes place without storage via a data bridge
  • Neither ismartgate nor any 3rd party has access to your data
  • If the ismartgate is connected to your home Wi-Fi, it works locally even in case of Internet failure (WLAN)

  • Application

    logo aplikace ismartgateFree ismartgate Access application for smartphones and tablets running iOS (version 9.1 and higher) and Android (version 5.0 and higher). The app connects your smartphone or tablet to your ismartgate device via your home Wi-Fi network or the Internet.

     You can connect your own IP camera

    You can even connect an IP camera

    Remotely, with the help of a smartphone, tablet or computer, you will then monitor and record events around your driveway in real time. You can view the recorded events in the built-in calendar in the application. A single ismartgate device can control up to 3 cameras.

    User accounts under control

    You can remotely grant or deny access to up to 10 users. The administrator sets unlimited access, access for a certain period of time, or for 1 day. You can set up access for free according to time, specific gate and GPS location. Information about the optional user account management extension can be found here.

    More useful features

  • Calendar – check remotely your events via a built-in calendar in the app.
  • Multiplatform – control the gate with your smartphone (iOS, Android) or a web browser on a tablet, laptop or PC.
  • Easy to install – you will only need a screwdriver and 20 minutes to connect the device.
  • Time to open / close – thanks to iFTTT, you don’t have to check the gate daily.
  • Music player – Pro Gate will welcome you with your favourite song.
  • Turn on LED light.

  • Introducing ismartgate in a video

    Package contents

  • Ismartgate PRO Gate remote controller
  • Peeled connection cable, 3 pieces
  • Power supply
  • Double-sided tape
  • Quick start guide
  • Waterproof wireless magnetic sensor (sliding, folding or swing gate, and roller doors)
  • 1,5 V battery type N (LR1), 2 pieces

  • Technical specifications

  • Wi-Fi 2,4 Ghz (802.11 b/g/n; frequency differs from other controllers and LED lights)
  • Relay outputs: 3, to control up to 3 gates
  • 3 outputs for mounting a wired sensor
  • Speaker
  • LED light
  • USB: type A
  • System: 512 Mhz CPU / 4 GB eMMC / 128 MB RAM
  • Universal power supply: 110 – 240 V AC (50 – 60 hz) up to 5V / 2A DC
  • Receiver: 2401 Mhz

  • Sensor
  • Transmitter: 2401 Mhz
  • Sensor type: magnetic sensor
  • Temperature indicator
  • Range: 15 m
  • Operating temperature: -25 ºC up to 70 ºC
  • Battery: 2x Type N (1,5 V)
  • Battery life span: approximately 18 months
  • The magnetic sensor is waterproof (for outdoor use)

  • It is very easy to install ismartgate on a gate

    Useful links

  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Version comparison – ismartgate LITE and PRO
  • Detailed step by step and video tutorials for all versions
  • Verify controller compatibility with your gate (by gate manufacturer and type of gate / garage; except Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Craftsman with Security +2.0)
  • Ismartgate configurator – learn how to control all your accesses wirelessly
  • ismartgate PRO brochure in English

  • Enhance the ismartgate features with plugins

    The ismartgate system allows you to purchase additional SW licences:

  • Integrate your existing IP camera with ismartgate PRO / LITE
  • Remote access management for up to 100 users
  • Remote access management for an unlimited number of users
  • More information can be found here

  • ismartgate is a Spanish brand of the company Remsol Europe S.L. (Remote Solutions), they have been specializing in smart remote control solutions for garage doors and gates since their first startup project, which was started in 2013 under the name Gogogate1.

    Subsequent improved ismartgate models along with IP cameras, have become the best-selling sets in North America and Australia. In Europe ismartgate is also very popular, mainly due to reliable connection to the HomeKit protocol, but also for wide range of solutions, original design and easy installation.

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