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Fragrant and hot coffee for several hours without having to worry about anything? Or tea with honey, warm and full of vitamins whenever you feel like it? All this plus the option to take a travel mug with you wherever you go? Of course! Finally, there's a thermo mug that's smart, durable, perfectly sealable and on top of all that, temperature adjustable.

Join the club of happy owners of the Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug. Nothing is impossible for the Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug. You want one single mug that can do it all, no problem! You've just found it and from now on you can enjoy everything you enjoy.

Muggo products boast impeccable, detail-oriented minimalist design and high-quality materials. Stainless steel with a smooth finish fits the hand of every tea and coffee lover.

The unbeatable features of the Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug:
• Set the temperature to 45 - 62.5 °C to your taste
• Controlled directly by touching on the mug
• Elegant subtle LED indication
• Heats drink and charges your phone at the same time
• Timeless design
• High-quality materials
• Fast charging
• Special mug cap

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Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug

Neither hot nor cold

I'm sure you all know this. You've just brewed a great morning coffee, but you have to wait until it's cold enough. But once it's been sitting on your desk for more than half an hour, you're ready to brew another one because it's too cold. The Muggo team has found a solution for you. The Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug will keep your drink just right and warm for a full 3 hours. A simple touch on the mug sets the ideal temperature between 45 and 62.5°C, and the mug takes care of the rest.

Can heats drinks and charges your phone at the same time

The multi-functional charger is a great benefit of the Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug, which makes it easy to do two things at once, unlike other similar products from other manufacturers. Set everything up quickly and easily with just a click in the easy-to-use app.

Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug

Coffee anytime, anywhere

Whether you're spending the day at the office or heading out for a camping trip, the Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug will always be there for you. The mug is ready to care for your hot beverage immediately after charging. As soon as the battery starts to run down, the mug will alert you so you have plenty of time to find a convenient place to charge it. A fast charger will ensure you have enough power to quickly charge your mug and mobile phone.

Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug

Design that doesn't age

Perfection is in the details. This is the motto that the Muggo brand followed when developing the mug. The precisely thought-out morphology fits both women's and men's hands, the finish is pleasant to the touch and the minimalist, sophisticated design never gets old. The mug will become a great design addition to any modern interior and a faithful companion when travelling the world. The ideal size of the mug can hold up to 355 ml of beverage, and the health-safe, high-quality stainless steel will last for years like new. Simply wash the mug with warm water after use.

Features Summary:

  • Set the temperature to 45 - 62.5 °C to your taste
  • Controlled directly by touching on the mug
  • Internal intelligent system
  • Heats drink and charges your phone at the same time
  • Elegant subtle LED indication
  • Minimalistic design
  • Precision workmanship
  • High-quality materials
  • Induction heat technology
  • Technical specifications:

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Capacity: 355 ml
  • Mug size: 200 mm x 80 mm (height and width)
  • Portable charger size: 172 mm x 99 mm
  • Package Content:

  • Muggo Travel Inteligent Mug
  • Portable charger
  • Adapter AC for Europe
  • User manual
  • Documentation

  • Manual (EN)

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