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Compared to conventional strips, which offer only one colour at a time, the Onvis Smart RGB LED Strip has a great advantage. In the application, you can set the colour of individual diodes according to your needs and give the lighting a new dimension.

If you already have a smart home, you can easily connect the Onvis LED strip to it. It works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa, which also guarantees voice control. Just say the command and your household will respond in a moment.

You can buy Onvis Smart RGB LED strip in the size of 2 meters / 5 meters. Thanks to the combination of RGB colours, it offers countless colour shades that can be combined with each other. With the Onvis Smart RGB LED strip, you will create a unique atmosphere in any room.

What makes the Onvis Smart RGB LED strip great?
• Water resistance IP65
• Supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi standards (2.4 GHz band only)
• Does not require a HUB to operate
• Includes a microphone thanks to which colours change
• Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa

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Light up the household with any colour

With the Onvis Smart RGB LED strip, you will light up every corner of your house. You can attach them to any surface without any problems. You will find the necessary equipment in the package. There is also the option to turn off a certain part of the LED strip as needed. You will enjoy the water resistance IP65, which you will appreciate in places where there could be contact with water.


Made for smart homes

Do you need lights for a smart home? Then Onvis Smart RGB strip is a great opportunity to give the lighting a new touch and is also compatible with applications:
  • Apple HomeKit, which allows you to control the LED strip with Siri
  • Google Home allows you to use the Google Assistant voice assistant
  • Amazon Alexa, with which you can use voice commands

  • Connect Onvis RGB LED strips to the Internet and smart home, and then just use the selected voice commands, thanks to which you can put your phone aside.


    Control each diode

    Most RGB LED strips allow you to use only one colour at a time, you do not have to worry about that with the Onvis Smart RGB strip. Without any complications, you can set a different colour for each diode, to your satisfaction. Create a unique colour combination and stand out from the majority.

    The free companion Onvis Home appaplikace Onvis Home or iPhone, iPod Touch with iOS 12.00 or iPad with iPadOS12.0 or Apple Watch with WatchOS 4.0 and later). gives you control over the LED lighting. You can choose from several modes, set the brightness or timer. Through the application, you connect the LED strip to a smart home.


    Onvis K1 Smart RGB LED Light Strip is ready for a light show

    You will not be bored with the Onvis RGB LED strip. In cooperation with the smart application, you can choose from several colour modes.

  • Basic modes
  • The basic equipment includes the Transit mode, which changes smoothly from one colour to another. Conversely, Converge changes the colour of the individual diodes from both ends of the strip. Similarly, there is the Diverge mode, which works in reverse, i.e. from the centre. The Forward and Backward mode changes colour from one end to the other, each on the opposite side of the LED strip.

  • Painting mode
  • In the Painting mode, you have the option of setting colours for individual diodes and thus creating a spectacular light scene from either already prepared or your own profiles. You can also set the brightness from 0 to 100% for each colour.

  • Music mode
  • Thanks to the built-in microphone in the Onvis Smart RGB LED strip remote control, you can create the atmosphere of a dance floor. You can choose from Beat, Move, Dash or Bounce modes to adjust the response of the lights to the rhythm of the music.

  • Twinkle mode
  • As the name suggests, the Twinkle mode offers you a flashing light effect, which you can use as a decorative element for special occasions. There is an opportunity to unleash your imagination and adjust everything to your satisfaction.

  • Security mode
  • Safety comes first. As part of a smart home, the Onvis Multicolour Smart RGB LED Light Strip provides a light signal in the event of a disturbance. It is unmistakable because it mimics the flashing lights of a police beacon.

  • Pre-set mode
  • In Pre-set mode, you will find several pre-set variants that the developers from Onvis have prepared for you. Investigate the lighting effects and find any that suit your taste.


  • LED: 5050 RGB, 150 pcs
  • Number of light units: 20/50
  • Luminous angle: 120 °
  • Strip length: 2/5 meters
  • Lifespan: 20,000 hours
  • Adapter input: 110 ~ 240V AC, Max 1.2A, 50/60 Hz
  • Adapter output: 12V 2A
  • Water resistance: IP65 (light strip only, not adapter)
  • Operating temperature: -10℃ - 45℃
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n, (supports 2.4GHz only

  • Package contents:

  • RGB LED strip (2/5 m)
  • Remote control with buttons and microphone
  • Power cord to the outlet
  • 1x 3-pin and 1x 3-socket plug for connection
  • Spare sticker and clips

  • Manual

  • Onvis - K1

    Onvis logo

    The Onvis brand team has extensive experience in the development and production of smart devices for smart homes. They specialize in the development of smart electronics with support for the HomeKit protocol and as such, they also received Apple HomeKit certification. That is not the only reason why Onvis has become one of the most reliable manufacturers of HomeKit devices for your smart home. In the Onvis product portfolio, you can find, for example, smart motion sensors, IP cameras, smart plugs, or alarms, thanks to which you can set up automation and make full use of your smart home.

  • More Information
    Product code ONV-K12M
    Barcode 9855621454783
    Color White
    Manufacturer Onvis
    Manufacturer's website http://www.onvistech.com