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How to better ensure your own safety or of someone close to you? Entrust this task to a personal alarm in the form of a smart button from Plegium!

Plegium Smart Emergency Button is a personal alarm in the form of a smart button. Once activated, it sends automatic GPS location text messages and initiates phone calls to selected emergency contacts for free.

It is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Just press it for two seconds and let the companion app take care of the rest. It is suitable for small children, teenagers, and adults - simply, anyone who might need quick help or assistance.

Thanks to its compact size and a keychain clip, you can carry it with you everywhere: attached to a bag, on a set of keys, or on a belt of your trousers. It will always be at hand and ready thanks to the integrated high-end batteries. Their battery life is 4 years and there is no need to recharge them.

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Free location text messages and phone calls

In case you need to activate your personal alarm, you'll probably want to call for help - fast. Plegium is counting on this and has developed a companion app that will take care of it. In it, you can set up to 5 emergency contacts, who will receive a text message with your GPS location when you use the button. In addition, they will also receive a phone call informing them that you are in danger. Everything happens automatically and without delay, so that your loved ones can call for help or come to you as soon as possible.

Quick and easy set up

The entire device set up process takes only a few minutes. Get started by downloading the Plegium app to your smartphone. Enter the four-digit code you can find on the back of the product. Continue by adding trusted contacts of your choice. Done. Your Plegium device is connected and ready to use!
The Plegium app is available for iOS and Android. Like the text messages and phone calls, it's completely free.

Silent and discreet

All you have to do to activate the device is to hold it down for 2 seconds. Practical and yet easy enough for small children, the elderly, and people with reduced mobility to handle it. The button is silent and does not emit any sound when activated to signal that you have triggered a personal alarm. But you can also use it as a pager.

Always ready at hand

The device is equipped with a keychain clip, with the help of which it can be attached to a bag, to a belt of your trousers or to your keys. If you need to use it, it will always be at hand. Don't worry, the button won't get in the way of anything. It is only 2,5 cm in diameter, so it is about the size of a metal coin. It will always be ready at hand thanks to top-quality batteries with a lifespan of up to 4 years.

Monthly subscription to a monitoring service

Plegium also provides a monthly subscription to its professional monitoring service free of charge with the purchase of this product. How does it work? After pressing the button, the app will immediately connect to this monitoring service in addition to your emergency contacts. This will alert the first responders to your situation and location. That way you will get the help you need even faster. If you are satisfied with this service, it is possible to purchase a monthly or annual subscription. You also have the option to cancel monitoring at any time.

Feature overview

  • Smart personal alarm in the form of a button
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Free location texts and phone calls to your emergency contacts
  • Silent and automatic activation of all functions at once
  • Battery life of 4 years without charging
  • Up to 5 emergency contacts
  • Free Plegium companion app
  • Portable, with a keychain clip
  • Monthly subscription to the Plegium monitoring service
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 2,5 cm in diameter
  • Documents:

  • Plegium Smart - user manual_EN

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    The Swedish company Plegium has set itself an ambitious goal - to change the personal security industry, which has hardly evolved since the 1970s. It does so successfully with a range of products that use modern technology to increase the chances of escaping and repel attacks. It develops and manufactures all its products at its home factory in Surahammar, Sweden. It has already found its supporters in more than 20 countries around the world. Their motto? Everyone has the right to feel safe!
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