ShiftCam LensUltra 10x Traditional Macro

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Overcome the limitations of your phone's built-in lenses to capture moments of higher quality and with cool effects! ShiftCam has produced a total of 7 unique lens attachments that have instantly earned a reputation as the highest-quality optics for mobile devices on the planet. One of them is the traditional 10x macro lens. With it, you can reveal the hidden details of your subject and explore the finest features from a distance of just 10-15mm.

Whether you're shooting wildlife, portraits, or any distant scene, this lens will provide stunning clarity, sharpness, and beautifully compressed perspective. It will take your photography to a whole new level, allowing you to reveal the beauty, which lies beyond the world visible to the naked eye through its optics.

The lens has a lightweight and durable construction made of aerospace-grade aluminum, and fluorite lens coating. This mineral has the unique optical properties necessary for sharper, brighter, and more accurate images. You only need your device's camera to enjoy a new angle of view without losing resolution. Dare to discover its full potential with the ShiftCam LensUltra!

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ShiftCam LensUltra 10x Traditional Macro

See beyond the limits of your mobile camera

Nowadays mobile phones have more processing power than high-end DSLRs and cameras - the only thing they lack is the perfect optics. ShiftCam has solved this problem for you! It gives you 7 fantastic lens attachments to choose from, allowing you to overcome your current limitations. They offer an unprecedented depth of field, improved details, and color rendition, and the ability to redefine perfection, capture every scene angle, or add playful effects without losing resolution. We're not afraid to call these seven little technological gems. The 10x Traditional Macro lens is an essential part of it. It has a lightweight and durable construction made from premium materials, especially aerospace-grade aluminum. It also features a fluorite lens coating. Fluorite is a rare mineral that has exceptional optical properties. Specifically, reduces color fringing and improves color accuracy, resulting in even sharper, brighter, and more realistic images. Each lens is sandblasted, has several protective coatings, and, due to their unique materials, guarantees a high level of light penetration on the sensor.

ShiftCam LensUltra 10x Traditional Macro

Zoom in for immersive detail

The traditional macro lens will enrich your photo equipment with a powerful tool. It helps you get amazing details of your subject. The level of magnification it will offer you is truly extraordinary. It will allow you to dive into fascinating details, from delicate flora and fauna to complex textures that are invisible to the naked eye. Explore hidden beauty that would otherwise go unnoticed and be amazed by the sensationally clear and sharp images.

ShiftCam LensUltra 10x Traditional Macro

Discover the captivating world of small miracles

Capture breathtaking images with stunning precision with the 10x Traditional Macro lens - from delicate flowers to tiny insects. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or just interested in macro photography, this lens is your gateway to a new realm of exploring detail and texture. With its maximum magnification of 10x and the ability to zoom in further, even 25x for fine detail, even everyday subjects become extraordinary. It's great as an inspection tool or for taking precise product photos. The sun hood comes with the lens and lets you take full advantage of its capabilities in any condition.

First, download the camera app

Your device's camera app will automatically switch between native lenses according to the light detection technology. Therefore, for optimal use, you must first manually select the right one and block the others to keep the action focused on the ShiftCam lens. How to do it? Download one of the recommended camera apps such as ProCam, Halide, or Adobe Lightroom. In the app, select and lock the camera to which the LensUltra lens is attached. Links to recommended apps available for both iOS and Android devices can be found here.

Features summary

  • Traditional macro lens
  • Focal length 10-15 mm
  • Exceptionally sharp detail capture
  • Ideal for capturing insects, plants, and textures
  • Removable lens hood
  • Premium fluorite lens surface finish
  • Aerospace-grade aluminium used
  • Sandblasted lenses
  • Multi-layer protective coating
  • High light transmission due to special materials
  • Sharp and vivid image
  • Attention to detail, excellent engineering
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Universally compatible with cases and mounts
  • Technical specification

  • Magnification: 10-25x
  • The angle of view: angle of the main camera divided by 3
  • Multi-layer AR coating
  • Deformation: -1%
  • Minimum focusing distance: 10-15 mm
  • Mounting: M12 x P0.75
  • Length: 34,8 mm
  • Net weight: 36,6 g
  • Material: aluminum, fluorite glass, silicone, plastic
  • Package contents

  • LensUltra 10x Traditional Macro
  • Lens case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Lens Pen
  • Documentation

  • User Giude
  • Review

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    ShiftCam was founded in early 2017 with the goal of helping users reinvent mobile photography and make it even more convenient, compact and more complex. Its founders believe that the ability to take a perfect photo or video should be available to everyone, not just professionals. That's why it tries to support the smoothest possible transition from a smartphone to a professional camera with its sophisticated mobile accessories. Thanks to it, everyone can simply pick up their smartphone and capture precious memories in a creative way.
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