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ShiftCam has designed an incredibly useful smartphone accessory that lets you really let your creativity run wild. One of their gadgets is the SnapGrip, with which taking high-quality photos and videos will be a breeze. Working with it is simple - just attach it and start creating!

SnapGrip is a portable, lightweight, compact attachment and its main purpose is to turn your mobile phone into a more ergonomic camera. In addition, it also serves as a docking station and charger. You connect it to the phone quickly and safely using the magnetic system. It's compatible with MagSafe, but don't worry, you can use it even without this iPhone function.

The Grip will win you over with its minimalist design without unnecessary embellishments. When designing it, ShiftCam emphasized versatility and practicality. It fits in any pocket or bag and will always be at hand to capture a special family moment, capture a trendy TikTok or record a longer vlog.

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ShiftCam SnapGrip

Practical design for SLR-like convenience

Focusing on the most essential of digital cameras, ShiftCam has come up with an optimal grip shape that will transform your device into a much more ergonomic one. Now you can take high-quality pictures with just one hand and conveniently activate the shutter with the press of your index finger. Just as if you were working with an SLR camera. The rotary system allows you to easily change the shooting mode to landscape and portrait. Whether you're an avid Instagrammer, a TikTok freak, a Facebook fan, or want to share your cooking skills on YouTube, SnapGrip lets you focus on your passion. But that's just the beginning!

Quick and safe set up using magnets

It's not better when everything falls into place by itself, or rather it clicks? With SnapGrip, it's just that simple. You can connect it to the phone in an instant using MagSafe magnets, which are built into the back of the current generation of iPhones. Their connection is much stronger than you might think - it holds really tight and the grip is definitely not going get separated from the phone by mistake.

If your device does not have MagSafe, do not worry! The package contains a magnetic sticker that can be attached to the back of any phone and imitate this iPhone function.

Charge your phone battery while you create

Since the MagSafe system was originally introduced as a charging solution, it makes sense that the SnapGrip's 3,200mAh battery doubles as a wireless charger. This will come in handy if you shoot battery-intensive videos or decide to use the grip as a stand during FaceTime calls. Thanks to this useful feature, you will be able to devote yourself fully to your creative work at any time!

The grip itself can be charged classically via USB-C to USB-A cable. The charging port is located at the bottom of the Grip. On its sides, you will find six small LEDs that indicate the level of the remaining battery.

Feature overview

  • Ergonomic grip for comfortable taking photos and videos using a phone
  • Easily accessible trigger, similar to that of a digital camera
  • Possibility to charge the phone while using the grip
  • Ability to rotate 180 degrees to change landscape/portrait mode
  • Quick and secure set up using the MagSafe technology or a magnetic sticker (included)
  • Compact size, light and portable
  • USB-A power supply
  • Technical specifikations

  • Dimensions: 113,3 mm X 81,74 mm X 34,1 mm
  • 3 200 mAh battery
  • Weight: 127 gr
  • Colour: Pink
  • Package contents

  • ShiftCam SnapGrip
  • USB-C to USB-A power cable
  • Magnetic sticker
  • Reset pin
  • Documents

  • Quick manual EN

  • Meet the ShiftCam SnapGrip Creator Kit in the video

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    ShiftCam was founded in early 2017 with the goal of helping users reinvent mobile photography and make it even more convenient, compact and more complex. Its founders believe that the ability to take a perfect photo or video should be available to everyone, not just professionals. That's why it tries to support the smoothest possible transition from a smartphone to a professional camera with its sophisticated mobile accessories. Thanks to it, everyone can simply pick up their smartphone and capture precious memories in a creative way.

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