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A game that has been with us since about the 7th century AD. Widespread worldwide. Develops logic, abstract and combinational thinking. It inspires and forces to explore the situation and possible solutions. Chess. Well-known board game - now in a modern form, thanks to the creators from Shifu.

Shifu Tacto Chess, a children's game that positively develops skills from an early age. In a very playful way, in which children will not be bored for a moment. The game combines real world (figurines) and virtual reality (tablet applications). There are 4 different games available with more than five hundred levels.

You can play in multiplayer mode against a real person or individually in single-player mode.

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The easiest way how to learn to play chess

The easiest way to learn to play chess. Shifu Tacto is designed for even the youngest chess players. The game will teach them the absolute basics, which they cannot do without. They can start with individual moves of the pieces and proceed to anticipate the opponent's move. The game was designed by chess masters and thus effectively improves strategy and the ability to plan further moves. Will your little heroes win the duel?

Package contents

  • 2 sets - black and white
  • 2x6 pieces (king, queen, rook, pawn, bishop, knight)

  • How does it all work?

    Attach two anti-slip frames with figures to a compatible tablet. Download and open the Tacto application. You can choose between learning mode, single player game, two player game and 4x4 jigsaw puzzle. Just confirm your selection by clicking and start playing. You perform your movements on the tablet screen using physical figures. Each piece has its own specific footprint, so you cannot drag a queen while holding a pawn in your hand. Children will easily and playfully learn to recognize individual figures and the possibilities of their moves.

    Hands on experience

    The game is based on "hands on experience", which means that children "touch" everything and thus remember new information better. During the game, they are better focused on each move, and it is easier for them to gain new knowledge and develop their logical skills. Thanks to the physical figure in the hand, they are more involved in the game and the acquisition of new knowledge is a much more natural and easier process.

    PlayShifu - winner of the Smart Toy Award

    Compatible with…

  • Tablets of 7 inches or more
  • iOS 11 and later (iPad 2 & iPad Mini 1 are not supported)
  • Android OS 6 and later, at least 2GB RAM (Samsung Tab A is not supported)
  • amazon fire - Fire HD 8 (2018, 2020), Fire HD 10 (2019); (Fire 7 is not supported)

  • Who is Shifu Tacto Chess for?

    The game is intended for players from the age of 6, both complete beginners and intermediate. It offers four different game modes with more than 500 different levels. The whole family, big and small, will be entertained. Test your chess skills and challenge your loved ones to a duel.

    aplikace OrbootWell prepared accompanying app in English. Available for iOS (from version 9.0; compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) and Android (from version 4.4). No 3rd party ads. Allows you to purchase additional game modes to the basic one.


  • PlayShifu - Chess

  • logo Shifu

    The Shifu brand has been built by an enthusiastic team of parents, early learning professionals, innovators, and technologists whose diverse knowledge and interests fit together as efficiently as all parts of their kits. Together they aim to connect children's games and meaningful and rewarding learning. Since 2016, they have been getting better and better thanks to discovering endless childhood imagination using the latest technology.
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