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Control your Tedee smart lock using wired electronic methods. Utilize Tedee Dry Contact to integrate Tedee GO and Tedee PRO with switches, alarms, wired legacy systems, and local smart home integrations— including KNX.

This matchbox-sized unit can be wired into any compatible dry contact setup. Operating based on controller device outputs, Tedee Dry Contact facilitates the locking and unlocking of Tedee GO or Tedee PRO via Bluetooth—without requiring a Tedee Bridge, internet connection, or API/SDK integration. Each device controls only one Tedee smart lock and replaces the typical Tedee cloud security system and digital authentication with an alternative, wired access method.

Tedee Dry Contact is intended for professional installation to ensure safety and compliance with electrical safety and compliance standards. Ensure the device is permanently installed, wired to the controller, and powered within the smart lock’s Bluetooth range. Test the target location by unlocking a smart lock with the Tedee smartphone app via Bluetooth at the intended place. Tedee Dry Contact operates with a power input of 5-60V DC voltage, ensuring compatibility with various power sources from power banks to permanent electrical connections. Never directly connect Tedee Dry Contact to the power outlet or the 230V/110V power supply.

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You won't have to worry about problems with connection loss anymore

Do you have a tedee GO smart lock or the newer PRO version and enjoy all the features that come with connecting them to tedee bridge? Controlling locks from anywhere or integrating with smart home systems are among the most popular functions. However, they depend completely on a seamless cloud connection or a connection to your local WiFi network. In the event of an internet outage, it has not yet been possible to control the lock and view essential information about it in the smart home app. This shortcoming can now be overcome with tedee Dry Contact, a module that is used to control the lock in 100% offline mode. It replaces tedee's typical cloud-based security system and digital authentication with an alternative, wired access method. Dry Contact is a matchbox-sized unit that connects via Bluetooth to tedee GO and tedee PRO smart locks. It can be wired directly into existing dry contact systems through connections for power and control signals. One tedee Dry Contact controls only one smart lock.


Extend the functionality of your existing smart locks

Tedee Dry Contact is designed to extend the functionality of tedee smart locks. So what new features will it enable?

  • Direct connections to alarm systems.
  • Local integration with compatible smart home systems.
  • Use with automatic door openers and in critical infrastructure installations.
  • Operation via simple manual controls like buttons and switches.
  • Other functionalities as needed.

  • If you decide to add tedee Dry contact to your system, not only will you be able to operate the lock even if the connection is lost - you won't lose any crucial information about the lock either. At the very least, you will be able to check whether the lock is locked or unlocked in the tedee app or the app of your home integration system, and you will be alerted to any current connection problem. This has not been possible until now.


    Application Example

    Suppose you want to unlock a tedee GO smart lock by pressing a dedicated physical button at the reception desk to allow visitors inside the property without using the tedee app on a smartphone. You can connect the Tedee Dry Contact to a battery-powered, compatible wired switch and pair it with the smart lock. When pressed, this button triggers the tedee Dry Contact to wirelessly unlock the smart lock via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for apps or an online cloud connection.

    Another example from practice is the connection of tedee Dry Contact with a security or alarm system. For example, it is possible to set up automatic door locking when an alarm is activated and to send an immediate notification of such a serious event via the app.


    Installation Requirements and Safety Considerations

    The tedee Dry Contact installation is designed for professional settings to ensure safety and compliance with electrical standards. It must be permanently installed in a location where it can simultaneously connect to tedee PRO or tedee GO smart locks via Bluetooth, and must also be connected to the power supply and the dry contact control unit. The tedee Dry Contact uses an input voltage of 5-60 V DC, offering compatibility with a wide range of power sources from power banks to permanent electrical connections. However, never connect it directly to an electrical outlet or 230V/110V power source. In terms of Bluetooth connectivity, typically its range to enable smart lock control extends up to 10 meters from the tedee PRO/GO lock. However, specific settings and location features may require closer installation. The best way to determine the available location range is to test it by unlocking the smart lock using the tedee app via Bluetooth at the intended location. If the connection is effective, this location is suitable for the permanent installation of tedee Dry Contact.

    Note: Bluetooth range is very sensitive to physical obstructions; open spaces allow for longer connection distances, while walls, doors, or metal structures and installations can significantly reduce this range.

    Features summary

  • Tedee Dry Contact for professional installation
  • Compatible with tedee PRO and tedee GO smart locks
  • 100% offline lock control via Bluetooth
  • Extend the functionality of the locks to ensure their operation when cloud/local connectivity is lost
  • Possible integration with switches, alarms, legacy wired systems, and local smart home integrations
  • Bluetooth range of 10 m
  • Input voltage 5-60 VDC
  • Compatible with a variety of power sources from power banks to permanent electrical connections
  • The power adapter is not included
  • Documentation

  • tedee Dry Contact – installation guide ENG

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