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Have you decided to equip your home with Tedee Lock smart locks, but your existing locks do not suit the installation? The Tedee Adapter will easily solve your problem.

The Tedee adapter allows you to install the Tedee Lock smart lock on your door without changing the cylinder or the entire lock. It is made of high-quality material and its unique design allows manual and automatic unlocking. You can unlock the door via the mobile application and the classic key.

The minimalist design of the adapter does not disturb the appearance of your door in any way and, thanks to two colour variants, it fits perfectly with the smart Tedee Lock. It can be installed on all locks of the European, Swiss, and Nordic type.

• Supports automatic and manual unlocking
• Installed within one hour
• Minimalistic design

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Fits everywhere

The Tedee Lock smart lock adapter fits all European, Swiss and Nordic type locks. Manufacturers boast a long tradition and many experiences in the field of locksmithing and thus offer products made of the highest quality materials. The adapter is completely secure and makes it easy to install your Tedee smart lock. If for any reason you decide to uninstall the adapter, no problem. In a moment you can return to your old lock.

Automatic and manual

One of the biggest advantages of the Tedee adapter is the fact that even after installing the smart Tedee Lock, you can still use your classic key. Each family member or co-worker in the office can choose which way of unlocking is more pleasant for them.


Minimalist design

Manufacturers pay attention not only to the quality of the material and construction, but also to the design itself, which is always developed in accordance with the aesthetics of all other products. You will not even notice the adapter on the smart Tedee lock, and it will not harm the overall appearance of the interior of your home.

Smart lock installation without problems

The adapter is specially developed to provide the user with the best support when installing Tedde Lock smart locks. If your existing lock does not meet the installation requirements of the smart lock design, simply modify it with an adapter. You will find all the information and the installation procedure in a well-designed user manual, which will guide you through the installation step by step. But be careful: invite a professional locksmith for the installation.

If you are going to install the adapter, read the user manual carefully. Our video tutorials, which will show you the whole process step by step, can also be helpful.

European lock installation


  • tedee - EU adapter

    Feature overview

  • Minimalist design
  • Highly reliable
  • All-metal
  • Suitable for European and Swiss lock types
  • Can be unlocked automatically or manually
  • Made in the EU

  • logo Tedee

    Tedee combines progressive IT technologies with many years of experience in the classical mechanical locksmith industry. With more than thirty years of experience in the market, they are still open to the latest trends in technological development, resulting in a new generation of unique, innovative and high-quality products. Tedee's development team consists of experts in cloud software, mechanics and product design, taking their smart products to a higher aesthetic and practical level. The company's goal is to provide the convenience and security of smart locks to any home.
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