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Fast, secure and silent locking and unlocking of doors, manualy on the place or remotely, technological maturity, the use of premium materials and easy installation - these are the synonyms of the new tedee GO smart lock.

Tedee GO follows on from the successful tedee and tedee PRO smart locks, which are the smallest, quietest and most technologically advanced smart locks on the market, while requiring a higher level of technical expertise to install and usually not requiring the replacement of the lock cylinder.

Tedee GO has been designed to offer users a seamless plug-and-play installation. It can be installed on a standard European door in a minute, without any advanced technical skills, additional accessories or special tools. Simply insert the key into the cylinder, fit tedee GO onto the cylinder and use the Allen key (Inbus key) included to attach the three screws. Then, at the touch of a button or by using the app, you can start using the lock. Add to this the independence from a fixed power source thanks to the replaceable batteries, the possibility of connecting to Tedee Bridge and Tedee Keypad and you have a full-fledged door system.

• Highest level of safety
• Quick installation in 1 minute
• Easy to use with the application
• Compatible with most doors and locks
• Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and more
• Battery operational and no need to charge
• Timeless design

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Never forget to lock again

You know that annoying feeling when you're not sure if you forgot to lock the door, or remember you didn't lock it on the way to your holiday? With the tedee GO smart lock, there's never any risk of fumbling, hoping or going back to lock the door. Simply set the tedee GO smart lock to lock itself whenever you leave your home, office or even storage space. And if that unpleasant feeling does come over you, simply check in the app to see if it's really locked. Smart devices are here to help, and so is tedee GO smart lock. It solves the status of your door for you.


Open the door remotely without having to be at home

Sitting in a car in a traffic jam and your announced visitor is already waiting at the door? A courier calls to say he's waiting outside with a package and you're still in the office? Did your child fortgot the keys at home? Are you on holiday and need a friend to water your flowers? With tedee GO lock and the tedee app, you can do it all. All you need is what we all use most often today - a mobile phone. It's not that small and, unlike the outdated classic keys, you won't lose it right away. Thanks to the secure tedee app you always have your key with you. Just approach the lock with your phone and it will automatically unlock. You can also share the key for a short time or open the door remotely for your visitor, courier or pet sitter.

One lock for all doors

Do you want to unlock your door without keys or directly remotely or automatically? Not sure if the automatic lock is compatible with your cylinder or if you'll need to replace it? With tedee GO, you've solved that worry. The latest smart lock from tedee, which was developer in a close cooperation with the security cylinder leader Gerda, is designed to fit all standard European doors and cylinders. The only requirement is that the cylinder has an emergency function that allows two keys inserted from either side to be turned. By bringing together the world's best door system experts and using the years of proven reliability of tedee and tedee PRO locks, a new lock for every door has been created - tedee GO.

Long life even without looking for a charger

Tedee GO uses replaceable batteries (3 x CR123A - included) for power, which last from six to nine months. Definitely the longest lasting of all battery powered locks on the market. So you don't need any power cords that are constantly getting lost, or to remove the lock from the door to bring it to a power source to recharge the built-in battery. When the batteries run out after more than half a year, simply replace them with new ones. You do not need to adjust anything after replacing the batteries. Tedee GO remembers everything and downloads the necessary settings from the app itself. Replacement batteries can be purchased at any electronics store.

High quality material and design

Tedee GO smart lock has been designed for easy installation on any door, and is therefore a slightly larger device compared to the original tedee or tedee PRO. It is made of thermoplastic material which gives it strength and maintains excellent performance. It is coated with a silver or graphite metallic finish, which adds a stylish touch to its design. Compared to other locks, it is very quiet and its dimensions, despite the small increase, are still very comfortable. The look of tedee GO is non-disruptive and fits into any quality interior.


Easy to install in just 1 minute

Are you not the technical type and are you worried about the difficulty of a smart lock installation? Although the tedee GO smart lock represents the latest innovation in locksmithing, its installation and subsequent use is completely easy and intuitive. Simply buy tedee GO, unpack it, insert the key into the cylinder, fit the unpacked lock and attach the three screws using the Allen key included in the package. The installation itself takes no more than 1 minute and can be done by anyone without the use of any other tool. To make the installation easier to understand, an intuitive manual is included in the package or you can use the QR code on the packaging to link to the video tutorial. With tedee GO installation is a joy.


Compatible with smart home systems

Tedee GO smart lock also supports over 15 smart home systems including Google Home, FIBARO, Grenton, Jeedom, etc... It is now not compatible with Apple HomeKit. However, it is ready and backwards compatible to the Matter platform, which will allow for its future addition to Apple HomeKit and a long line of other smart communication interfaces that claim compatibility with Matter, such as Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smartthings, Tuya and more.

Unlock with your voice

Tedee GO can also be controlled by voice using the "Hey Google" command. If you prefer to control your lock on the Apple platform, you can create commands for Siri with the Shortcuts app and then use your iPhone or Apple Watch to enter them.

Finally! Rent out properties without physically handing over the keys

The current trend of short-term rentals is creating a strong demand for easy lock control in rental properties. No more rushing to hand over the keys. Simply open the door remotely - instantly using the app, or create and share a key with temporary access including detailed settings.

Watch a video demonstration of how easy renting is with tedee GO

Keep track

The tedee app makes it easy to administer your assigned access. You have a perfect overview of lock usage and individual accesses. Thanks to notifications, you can see when tedee GO smart lock is in use and what state it is in. You don't need to worry where the keys are, who has them, or whether the door is unlocked. You have a complete overview of what's happening when you enter your property. This is thanks to the unique teede GO smart lock.

Installation can be done in three easy steps

Insert the key into the cylinder tedee

Insert the tedee GO smart lock onto the key cylinder tedee

Tighten the 3 locking screws with the allen wrench tedee

Do you prefer a video tutorial with installation? See how easy it is to install tedee GO

logo aplikace tedee“ width=Free tedee app for smartphones iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android ( version 6.0 and more). The app sends notifications, alerts and recommendations based on your personal settings. Control your lock from anywhere in the world. Easy to connect.


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  • Tedee GO manual SK
  • tedee GO lock – pairing with the app

    Summary of features

  • Installation in 1 minute
  • Intuitive app easy setup
  • No need to change a cylinder
  • Compatible with all cylinders with emergency function allowing two keys inserted at the same time and to all doors
  • Fully controlled ability to share access with others
  • Possibility of automatic door locking
  • Compatible with more than 15 smart home apps, beyond Apple HomeKit
  • Ready for the Matter platform after its release
  • Voice control support
  • No need to hargé
  • Up to 9 months of battery life
  • Minimalist and timeless design
  • Second the most quite lock on the market (after tedee PRO)
  • Highly reliable, developed to meet high security standards of Gerda (premium cylinder manufacturer)

    Technical specifications

    • Weight: 196 g • Size: 57 mm x 63 mm • Operating temperature: 10 - 40 ° C (indoor only) • Maximum humidity for lock operation: 65% • Power suply: Batterries 3 x CR123A (included) • Battery life: lasts up to 6 - 9 months when used 8 times a day • Color: black

  • logo Tedee

    Tedee combines progressive IT technologies with many years of experience in the classical mechanical locksmith industry. With more than thirty years of experience in the market, they are still open to the latest trends in technological development, resulting in a new generation of unique, innovative and high-quality products. Tedee's development team consists of experts in cloud software, mechanics and product design, taking their smart products to a higher aesthetic and practical level. The company's goal is to provide the convenience and security of smart locks to any home.
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