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WHOOSH! Screen Shine wipes will give you easiest way how to use the best screen cleaner ever. Wipes leave fingerprint-free displays, and most importantly, free of bacteria and viruses.

The cleaner creates a protective nanolayer on the display surface that improves the touch screen properties. At the same time, the layer protects the screen from collecting more dirt. WHOOSH! Screen Shine is 100% organic, non-toxic and free of alcohol and ammonia.

The cleaner is also suitable for MacBook screens or prescription glasses with anti-reflective coating. Practical wipes pack also includes a microfiber cloth.

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How to remove bacteria and viruses from your phone?

Microfiber cloth Whoosh! is woven from extra thin fiber and it is antimicrobially treated before the fabric is woven. Extra fine microfibre loops capture microscopic dirt, dust and biofilms. When combined with Screen Shine products, Whoosh! ensures perfect hygiene for your mobile, tablet and other devices you touch every day. You can find more information here.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the best cleaner for ever-clean, fingerprint-free displays, and most importantly, free of bacteria and viruses. The product is effective and suitable for prescription glasses and sunglasses, laptops, smartphones, tablets, LCD screens, HD TV, and wearable electronics. The cleaner is safe to use for all surfaces.

Just as you would wash your hands after using the toilet, you should clean your touchscreen daily, no matter how safe it seems to be. WHOOSH! Screen Shine is 100% organic, non-toxic and free of alcohol and ammonia. The thin nanolayer on the display ensures a comfortable finger movement across the screen and great fingerprint resistance.

Package 70 pcs screen shine wipes in sealable packaging with microfibre cloth. Ideal for home use (kitchen, bathroom, nightstand) office or car.

Four facts about dirty mobile screen:

1) 30 % of viruses and bacteria can spread through touchscreen.
2) Average display is 10 times dirtier than your toilet seat.
3) 18 % of all mobile phones is contaminated with Staphylococcus.
4) 16 % of fecal flora. Don't you even want to know what that means? ;-)

How does WHOOSH! work?

The moment Screen Shine touches the display surface, it begins to decompose oils and biofilms. The microfiber cloth then easily lifts and removes the microscopic dirt particles. The light solution makes the screen easy to clean and polish. The antimicrobial properties of the cloth ensure that it does not go musty and can be reused.

Super natural cleaning:

  • 100% natural formula
  • Without toxic substances
  • Without alcohol
  • Without ammonia
  • Safe for all screens, cases and covers
  • Safe for children!
  • Even completely safe for ingestion if swallowed
  • Attached cloth has antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment PROTX2®

  • Antibacterial with protective coating:

  • After cleaning the display is utterly brilliant as new one
  • The thin antistatic nanolayer ensure a smooth glide of your fingers across the screen and very pleasant control
  • Highly resistant to fingerprints, dust and other dirt
  • Resistance increases with regular use

  • Health tips:

    Wash your hands after using the toilet or traveling by public transport?
    But you touch the screen all the time?
    Even during the meal?

    WHOOSH! Screen Shine vlhčené ubrousky s antimikrobiální utěrkou k čištění obrazovek


  • 100 % natural formula, without toxic and other dangerous substances
  • Destroys harmful bacteria and viruses on the display
  • Without odorless
  • Subsequent resistance to fingerprints, dust and other dirt that grows over time
  • Completely safe for children
  • Included antibacterial cloth
  • Made in USA

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    logo WHOOSH!

    The American company WHOOSH! actually started as a coincidence. A story about how Jason used his new biological solution for car cleaning on an iPad and it looked as good as new, sounds like a marketing fairy tale. With the help of Jason’s friends, they filled thousands of samples with the solution and spread them on Las Vegas's largest consumer electronics trade fair. WHOOSH! became the most innovative product of CES 2014. The fairytale story moved to Apple Store, and after a worldwide engagement, it ended in your home where it takes care of electronics.

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