Acopower LiONCooler 40L Solar Freezer w/o Power bank

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The portable solar fridge and freezer from ACOPOWER is a game changer for your outdoor adventures. With alternative power supply options from a car battery, solar panel or power bank, it's perfect for life off the grid.

Recharge the Acopower solar freezer using a solar panel, car battery, or through a traditional AC outlet when you find yourself back in civilization. The portable solar freezer finds its use in all activities such as fishing, hiking, mountain trips, boating, camping, hunting. It is great for storing and transporting not only food, but also medical supplies. Cottagers, builders, gardeners and all other groups of people who have limited access to electricity for various reasons will also appreciate the benefits of a portable freezer.

You can adjust the internal temperature within a wide range of ±20°C. You can control it either directly on the digital display or via the companion application. For easier handling the LiONCooler is equipped with a telescopic handle and all-terrain wheels, with which you can take it into the field.

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Acopower LiONCooler 40 L

Comfort during outdoor activities

How to keep food and drinks at the ideal temperature throughout the trip? Forget improvisation, melting ice and other tricky solutions. The new solar fridge from ACOPOWER can be powered by a car battery, solar energy or a lithium-ion battery backup, making you independent of the power grid. It's perfect for travelling. To make manoeuvring it a breeze, it is equipped with a telescopic handle and all-terrain wheels.

Acopower LiONCooler 40 L

Freezing temperatures even without ice

LiONCooler features a wide range of temperature settings. The ±20°C range allows you to safely chill fruits, vegetables and dairy products, or freeze meat and other perishable foods. In addition, the cooler can also be used to transfer medicines, and other heat-sensitive materials and substances that need a constant low temperature for transport. A DC compressor is used for cooling, not ice. This way, you don't have to lug its extra weight around and you save yourself the trouble of cleaning up the water after it all melts.

Acopower LiONCooler 40 L

Sophisticated details and app control

Need to charge your phone but can't keep up? Don't worry, the LiONCooler is equipped with an easily accessible USB port. The lid has built-in cup holders and you'll even find a bottle opener on the back of the cooler. You can further accessorise with a bottle holder and a storage pocket for small items and valuables. You can regulate the internal temperature of the fridge, switch it to ECO mode or check the battery level directly on the light display or remotely. Just download the accompanying ACOPOWER app to your smartphone. It is available free of charge for Android and iOS.

Three ways to charge the power bank

The internal temperature of the refrigerator directly affects the life of its battery backup. It can keep food, water and medicaments cold for up to 12 hours. But if you use the LiONCooler as a freezer, the battery life will be about half that. Remember that the battery discharges only when LiONCooler is in use. If you are connected to a power source, it will remain fully charged. If necessary, you can use an AC socket, a car battery, or a portable solar panel to recharge it. It reaches full capacity after just 3 hours. Powerbank AP-X230 is not included in the package and can be purchased separately.

Versatile use of the battery

If the additional AP-X230 power bank is removed from LiONCooler, it can supply power to your smart devices whenever and wherever you need it. It features a battery connector, Type-C and DC connectors, and two USB ports. Its 193 Wh capacity will cover 250 hours of smartphone use, 60 hours of tablet fun or even 27 hours of laptop use. The real highlight is the built-in LED flashlight and the digital display with remaining energy. Powerbank AP-X230 is not included in the package and can be purchased separately.

Easy charging of the additional backup power bank

The battery life of the additional backup battery is affected by the temperature you set the fridge to. Keep in mind that it is more energy intensive to maintain lower temperatures. Remember that the battery is discharged only during use. If you are connected to a power source, it will remain fully charged. AC main socket, a car battery or a portable solar panel can be used to recharge it. It will reach full capacity after 2 hours, or 3-4 hours of charging by using green solar power. Refrigerator is functional without any limitations during the battery charging period.

Summary of features

  • Portable solar fridge/freezer
  • Adjustable temperature ±20°C
  • Operation from mains electricity socket, car power socket, solar panel or backup power bank AP-X230
  • Charging methods: AC mains socket (230 V), car battery socket ( 12/ 24 V), solar powered panels (12 - 40 V)
  • Full charge in 2 hours (3-4 hours using solar panels)
  • Operating time with powerbank 5 - 10 hours (12 hours at 20° C)
  • DC compressor cooling
  • Control via app
  • Practical holders for drinks, glasses, bottles
  • Side handles for easy carrying
  • Easily washable cover
  • USB port for charging electronics

  • Technical specifications

  • Weight: 14.9 kg
  • Capacity: 40 litres (28 bottles 0,5 L)
  • External dimensions: 64 x 40,5 x 51 cm
  • Colour: grey

  • Note: Solar panels and AP-X230 power bank for LiONCooler are available as separate accessories and are not included. However, a solar power cable connector is included in the power cable accessory kit to help you get started if you decide to extend your power solution off the grid.

    Package contents

  • 1x Acopower LiONCooler 40L Solar Freezer w/o Power bank
  • 1 x DC cable
  • 1 x AC adapter
  • 1 x cable for solar panel connection
  • 1 x manual
  • Documentation

    English manual

    Meet the Acopower P40 LiONCooler Solar Freezer in the video (AP-X230 power bank and solar panel are not included and can be purchased):

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    ACOPOWER is an established Los Angeles-based company dedicated to providing off-grid and portable energy solutions. Acopower team members strive to meet the needs of a diverse group of customers, from campers, RV or boat owners, to survivalist enthusiasts, to emergency responders and emergency responders. Their long term specialisation is developing of solar products for household and personal use. These products bring joy to their owners in more than 50 countries around the world.
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