Faitron HeatsBox PRO Smart Heated Lunch Box

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The smart HeatsBox PRO food and lunch warmer brings a professional yet elegant portable catering solution. Finally, you can indulge in healthy food whenever you feel like it and in the highest possible quality. All tasty and healthy, because in the smart lunch box HeatsBox PRO there is no unnecessary irradiation of food with microwave radiation. Food is heated using healthy, natural heating that is best for you. You don't have to make any compromises when heating food!

Your body needs a diet rich in vitamins and other beneficial substances, which are not resistant to microwave radiation. With the smart HeatsBox PRO lunch box, you can ensure all-day hot meals full of valuable substances and vitamins. HeatsBox PRO not only supports healthy eating, but also saves our planet. With low power consumption, this smart product heats up any food within 25 minutes and then keeps it at the ideal temperature for as long as you need. You can easily set everything up in the free mobile app.

High-quality processing guarantees pleasant use and perfect user safety. The control temperature sensor constantly checks the temperature of the heating and the material itself, so that there is no fire or burns to the user. HeadsBox PRO is compact and easy to store, so it can be used not only at home or in the office, but also during a business trip, at a cottage or on a summer vacation at a campsite.

Innovative materials and minimalistic processing are complemented by a stylish timeless design, and as the biggest bonus, you will be able to heat food from all sides, so that everything is perfectly heated and without unpleasant cold spots.

Check out the other benefits:
• Supports all-day hot meals
• Heating food without a microwave
• Heats your food from all angles
• Food ready in 15-25 min
Reduces the risk of vitamin loss
• Maximum temperature up to 85 °C
Even heating of the food
• Detailed control through an app on your phone
• High security
Quality materials
Low power consumption
• Developed and engineered in Switzerland

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Faitron HeatsBox PRO

Hot food fast, healthy, high quality

Are you not a supporter of microwaves and at the same time don't want to underestimate the ritual of a hot lunch? HeatsBox PRO heats any food in 15 to 25 minutes, with minimal energy consumption. It doesn't matter whether you have soup, gravy, steamed vegetables or a juicy seared steak for lunch. If you don't eat the whole meal right away, the HeatsBox PRO will keep it warm continuously so you can come back to it whenever you're hungry.

Supports all-day hot meals

We all know how challenging it is nowadays to provide hot food continuously throughout the day. The classic example is a cold lunch at work and wherever there is no restaurant nearby. Another typical example is sports and leisure clubs, as few gyms or sports halls offer support for hot meals. Thanks to the smart lunchbox HeatsBox PRO, the situation is changing. Treat yourself to plenty of nutrients, served at the ideal temperature for your body. This is the only way to ensure vitality, health and longevity without unpleasant complications. Because life is meant to be lived!

Faitron HeatsBox PRO

Healthy and perfectly reheated

After several years of development, Swiss technological engineers managed to develop a product that meets the strictest requirements of supporters of a healthy lifestyle. The food is perfectly heated in the smart HeatsBox PRO lunch box, completely from all sides thanks to the special patented heating technology.

Faitron HeatsBox PRO

Fragrant, warm and healthy food

Thanks to the smart HeatsBox PRO lunch box, perfectly heated and fragrant food is prepared in no time and even automatically, without the need to remove the food from the box or transfer it to a plate. You don't have to worry about anything, just set the timer in the morning and just plug it in when you get to work. HeatsBox PRO will provide heating for you and you can focus on work or whatever you need.

Faitron HeatsBox PRO

Highest processing quality

The development team of the HeatsBox PRO product decided to use materials that last a long time as new and at the same time do not endanger your health when handling food. All materials and the product itself have passed all food and safety tests for household use. Thanks to the temperature sensor, your home is also perfectly protected against an unexpected fire or burning yourself. Despite the manufacturer's best efforts to ensure safety, the manufacturer recommends handling the heater with care. Before removing the inner bowl, let the whole device cool down for a little while.

Faitron HeatsBox PRO

Perfect hot meals anywhere, anytime

Thanks to its minimalist design, HeatsBox will become your good partner in most daily activities. It will serve perfectly not only at home, but also, for example, in the office, during a business trip, at the cottage or on a summer vacation. Its weight does not even reach one kilo, and with a little space in the car or backpack, it can accompany you wherever you go. Food is heated in HeatsBox PRO simultaneously from several sides. You will enjoy every bite of evenly heated food.

Faitron HeatsBox PRO

Removable bowl for added convenience

A removable bowl with a divider, for example, into a part with the main dish and a part with the side dish is part of the basic package. In addition, you can buy additional separate inner bowls and thus prepare yourself for the possibility of serving a hot meal within a larger family or, for example, a work team.

Easy clean up

The HeatsBox PRO smart heater does not require any special maintenance. After eating, simply wash the removable inner bowl together with the other dishes in the sink or dishwasher and just quickly wipe the rest of the device with a damp cloth.

Controls for easy goers and innovators alike

Do you like everything clearly summarized in a mobile application or do you prefer to rely on yourself? Either way, the HeatsBox PRO smart food warmer gives you both options. You can control it either offline directly on the device or via a free mobile app that is available for Android and iOS. The app intuitively guides you to set all the necessary parameters, such as the heating timer.

Download the app for iOS phones and tablets for free from the Apple App Store or for Android from Google Play.

Feature overview

  • Fast heating of food in 15-25 min
  • Heating takes place from all sides at the same time
  • Without using a microwave
  • Limits the loss of vitamins
  • Maximum temperature up to 85 °C
  • Evenly heats up food
  • Easy portability
  • Supports all-day hot meals
  • Detailed control through an app, including a timer
  • Precise processing
  • 100% seal
  • Timeless design
  • High quality materials
  • Developed and engineered in Switzerland
  • Possibility to heat up multiple meals with additionally purchased removable inner bowls
  • Easy maintenance
  • 2-year warranty
  • Technical specifications

  • Material: PP, silicone, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Model: HB-01-102B
  • Food certification: LFGB a FDA
  • Dimensions: 179 mm x 73 mm x 220 mm
  • Heating: 100 W
  • Power consumption: max. 102 W
  • Voltage: 100 - 120 V nebo 220 - 240 V při 50/60 Hz
  • Heating: 85 °C
  • Weight: 800 g
  • Cable length: 1,5 m
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Firmware update through the app on your phone
  • Package contents

  • 1x HeatsBox PRO
  • 1x removable bowl
  • 1x lid for the removable bowl
  • 1x divider
  • 1x charging cable
  • 1x user manual
  • Documentation

    English Manual

    The Swiss company Faitron occupies a unique position in the market with innovative and mobile solutions for food heating. It offers its users the possibility of a healthier, more comfortable and gentler lifestyle. As part of its focus, the Faitron company does not leave a single detail to chance: From quality material to efficient and safe heating systems to minimalist design and easy maintenance. Faitron brings a vision of future catering.
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    Product code HB-01-102B
    Barcode 0705632682005
    Color Steel
    Manufacturer Faitron
    Manufacturer's website faitron.com