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Are you looking for a space-saving and stylish base for your Apple MagSafe? The MagSafe Dock wooden stand will win you over with its elegant design and other practical features, with which simultaneous charging and use of the iPhone will be more comfortable than ever before.

The charging stand keeps MagSafe and your iPhone firmly in place. There are definitely no limits to its location. With the help of a special adhesive layer on its underside, you can repeatedly attach it to any smooth surface.

The stand has been designed so that the phone locks in an ideal position during charging. The 45° tilt gives you easy access to its features and allows you to keep using iPhone comfortably without having to lift it.

Thanks to the patented "Take It or Leave It" system, you no longer have to complicate the separation of MagSafe from the device - now you can do it in literally one go. When you move the phone to the side, the strong feedback magnets ensure that the charger remains stored in the dock.

MagSafe Dock made of solid walnut wood stands out not only for its durability, but also for its trendy minimalist workmanship. The unique drawing of wood as a masterpiece of nature makes each piece unique.

• Convenient charging in the magnetic dock
• Anti-slip base
• 45° tilt for easy phone use while charging
• Made of solid wood
• Compatible with Apple MagSafe

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Keep the MagSafe charger under control

With the new iPhone models, Apple has introduced MagSafe technology, which allows charging via magnetic bond. However, the simple design of the charger soon revealed its impractical aspects. The Rolling Square stand will playfully cope with these shortcomings. MagSafe will no longer slip on the ground or otherwise bother you on the desktop. Simply place it in the MagSafe Dock and safely stabilize it there. The stand will create a great base for iPhone, it will help to clearly organize the area of ​​your desk and keep the charger cable neatly out of sight, so you can focus on nicer things.


Trivia that make a big difference

Don't be fooled by its simplicity! MagSafe Dock is thought through to the last detail. What makes it so special? Sophisticated construction with an inclination of 45°, which fulfils not only an aesthetic function. This tilt allows you to watch videos, make video calls or otherwise work with your phone while charging, without having to hold it in your hand. The chosen angle is by no means random, it is based on the visual habits of the users. This position best suits our eyes and is natural for operating the device.


Original material and style

Solid walnut wood gives the charging stand an elegant and distinctive look. Thanks to the minimalist design, it will complement any interior as a tasteful and original element. Each MagSafe Dock is beautifully unique and differs from each other in the pattern of the piece of wood used. Its durability and long-lasting beauty are guaranteed by a special surface treatment.


Patented "Take It or Leave It" technology

Apple MagSafe is held in the base by small neodymium magnets. These are discreetly hidden under a suede pad, which also protects the charger from scratches. The innovative patented design makes handling the phone during charging more convenient than ever before. To separate the iPhone from MagSafe, simply move the phone aside. The magnetic bond between the device and the charger is broken and MagSafe remains docked. While with the classic iPhone lift, its connection to the charger will be maintained.

Nanotechnology for perfect stability

The base of the stand is equipped with a non-slip high-tech layer that adheres to any smooth surface. Forget the adhesives, the flawless stability of MagSafe Dock is due to nanotechnology, resp. a large number of mini suction cups. Thanks to them, the stand can be easily moved as often as you need, without damaging it or deteriorating the furniture underneath it. To restore the suction function of the base, rinse it under running water.


  • Material: walnut / sapele solid wood
  • Anti-slip base
  • PU suede anti-scratch pad
  • N52 magnets
  • Compatible with Apple MagSafe
  • Note: The MagSafe charger is not included.

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