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Bring some colour to your home! With its 37 LEDs, Cololight MIX can illuminate it with up to 16 million shades of the RGB colour model! It helps you create an original light scene with a single voice command or push of a button. It does not matter if you are relaxing, listening to music, hosting a party or playing games, now you can add the right atmosphere to your activities.

As a stylish light, the mono block can be easily attached to a wall or any metal base on which it remains stable thanks to magnetic adhesion. It is powered by a battery, so its placement options are almost limitless. With the help of a practical system of notches and connecting parts, you can also connect it to other modules and assemble the shapes according to your imagination. The base unit is powered by a battery (18650) or by a USB-C cable. In case of connecting expansion modules, the included 24 V adapter is needed to light up the whole installation.

Installation and setup are very easy. Light mode settings can be made in the free downloadable application for iOS and Android. Be creative! Use the offered effects to create your own light production or choose from already pre-set schemes and sequences.

In addition to the application, you can control Cololight via Alexa and Google voice assistants for even greater convenience, or let the lighting change in the built-in module, which changes colour effects like a music visualizer based on the scanned sounds.

• LED light with 37 diodes
• 16 million RGB colours
• battery power
• possibility of connection with expansion modules
• settings via mobile application
• Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

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Life Smart

Stylish lighting for every occasion

It is a well-known fact that the colours we surround ourselves with have a great influence on our psyche. Take advantage and create the atmosphere you need at certain moments with the help of light mono blocks. While warm shades provide energy and conjure vivid motivational lighting for work, the cooler ones will be ideal for moments of rest. Stunning lighting effects can deliver the right charge for your home party or playing games on your computer or PlayStation. In addition to colour therapy and ambient lighting, you can also use Cololight simply as night light.

Life Smart

Play with the location

Where Cololight finds its place is entirely up to you and your imagination. You can attach it to a metal surface, where it will be held by strong magnets, to a table, a wall, or even a ceiling. Each mono block is equipped with notches and connectors that allow you to connect additional expansion modules. So you can assemble the most diverse shapes and decorate the room according to your own preferences. What is more, the mono block is powered by a battery, so you are not limited by the necessary proximity of an adapter or the presence of a power cord.

Life Smart

Dancing colours

Cololight has 37 LEDs that can produce more than 16 million colours. Thanks to the even distribution of diodes and their larger number, even better and brighter lighting effects can be achieved than is the case with conventional LED lighting. You can set the lighting mode yourself or simply select one of the already programmed ones. A very attractive feature is the control via an integrated acoustic sensor, where Cololight instantly creates a dynamic light projection based on the sounds it records, literally dancing to your music.

Life Smart

Control via application and voice assistants


Aplikace Cololight The Cololight application is a free download for smartphones and tablets iOS running iOS from version 7.0 (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), or Android od verze 4.0. After launching it, it will guide you step by step through setting your own modes, allow you to modify colours and brightness, and offer pre-set projections. However, the lighting can also be controlled with the help of voice assistants as well. If Alexa or Google Assistant takes care of your home, you can conveniently change the lighting with a single voice command, even in several different rooms at once.

Feature overview

  • decorative LED light, 37 diodes
  • use: night light, design accessory, ambient lighting, wall lighting or colour therapy
  • 16 million RGB colours
  • battery power, 24V adapter
  • expandable with additional blocks
  • compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • light control via application, reproduced sound or voice assistants
  • user modes, pre-set projections
  • Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi

  • Technical specifications

  • material: plastic
  • dimensions: 12.8 cm x 12.8 cm x 3.06 cm
  • weight: 165 g
  • colour: black
  • power supply: battery type 18650 or DC 5V / 24V
  • operating temperature: -5 ~ 45 °C
  • operating humidity 5 ~ 90%
  • maximum power 7.5 W
  • package contents: Cololight MIX 1pc, USB-C cable, Adapter - 24 V, connecting connectors 2 ks, Adhesive tapes 2 ks

  • Manual

  • Cololight - MIX

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    Make every home a smart home and make every office a smart office. In LifeSmart, this idea is what drives the development of IoT devices with elements of artificial intelligence. The result is an energy-saving smart electronics that maximizes the comfort and safety of any interior. Under the Cololight brand, you will find an effective ambient lighting solution that will turn any opportunity into a remarkable experience.

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