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Do you feel like finding a fun toy that also teaches children something new is an impossible task? And why is it so complicated when children learn the best while playing? Shifu toy makers answer these questions with an amazing interactive globe called Orboot, which presents the world imaginatively and comprehensibly to children.

Interesting facts about nature, culture or technology will be shown to children thanks to augmented reality technology on the screen of a tablet or smartphone in 4D processing. Children tap three-dimensional objects to find out more details according to what they are most interested in. In addition, every step is accompanied by a spoken word.

Orboot is also equipped with travel props - a passport, a stamp and a sticker booklet to make exploratory trips around the world even more authentic. In the passport, children mark a visit to any country they virtually travel on the globe.

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Just point your finger and you’re there!

Point your smartphone or tablet to a location on the globe you're interested in and tap on it with your finger. Tapping on the three-dimensional model activates information that is compulsorily processed for each age range of children in the range of approximately 4 to 9 years.

The smart globe Orboot is focused on education and is great for school or kindergarten. Thanks to its sophisticated processing, the globe does not overwhelm children with a rush of information, but rather teaches them to work actively with the knowledge.

World full of interesting facts

With 4D experiences and an amazing companion application, kids will have fun exploring more than 400 detailed attractions divided into 8 categories. Orboot app is full of places to explore with games and fun quizzes that support STEM learning and skills. Children easily remember a lot of new information in the wider context of the world and culture.

What does STEM have to do with toys?

Educational STEM toys brilliantly introduce children to polytechnical fields in an active and fun game. The colourful details draw the children into the plot, so they don't even realize that they are learning. Orboot also encourages children to ask questions and encourages them to use new knowledge in their daily lives.

STEM Shifu toys

  • attract children's interest to science and technology fields
  • improve orientation in modern technologies
  • and encourage children to use their knowledge in their daily lives.

  • What will the kids learn with Orboot?

  • Broaden their knowledge of the world in a meaningful context
  • Build language skills
  • Develop cognitive skills
  • Develop imagination and creativity
  • Learn to solve problems independently

  • How to do it?

    Orboot is packed with interactive games, activities, puzzles and quizzes, so it's well prepared for even the most curious children

  • Just download the Orboot app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Choose your language and sync data across multiple devices
  • Customize the settings for your child by entering their age and name
  • Scan any region of the world on a globe (star in a circle) in "Explore" mode
  • Click the activated 3D part for more information
  • Solve a fun quiz about what you just found out

  • Download the app and start immediately

    aplikace OrbootWell prepared companion app in English. Available for iOS (from version 9.0; compatible iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) and Android (from version 4.4). No 3rd party ads. Allows you to purchase additional game modes to the basic one.

    The app is in English, so the globe is ideal especially when you want to introduce children to the language in a natural way. Orboot is also ready to support preschool and school teams during English lessons or to teach in language-oriented schools and kindergartens. All information is very well processed and opens up questions and discussion.

    Feature overview

  • Educational globe for children 4 to 9 years old
  • Augmented Reality Technology (AR)
  • Information and quizzes in the app in English
  • Based on the STEM education concept
  • Interactive points, that are activated by tapping the screen
  • 4D experience with engaging soundtrack
  • For iOS devices, the purchase of travel mode without globe and other games available
  • More than 400 attractions and 1000 facts included in 8 topics
  • Topics: animals, monuments, cuisine, culture, inventions, geography, weather
  • Globe dimensions (with the stand) 33 x 20 cm
  • Map without text and borders
  • Directional rosette
  • Does not require Bluetooth, cables, buttons or batteries

  • Kids on the go with Orboot

    Revolutionary toys by Shifu

    With Shifu Educational Toys, you can be sure your child is in good hands and that they will gain new information, cognitive skills and language skills in a fun game. And in a form that can easily be used in everyday life.

    Orboot has been named the best educational globe in 60 countries. It is designed to open up your children 's horizons so that even small children can orientate on it, the map is designed without names and borders.

    Package content

  • Interactive Orboot Globe
  • Passport
  • Stamp
  • Sticker booklet
  • Quick guide

  • Compatibility and equipment requirements
  • iPad 3rd generation and later
  • iPad Mini 2 and later
  • iPad Air - all models
  • iPad Pro - all models
  • iPhone 6 and newer
  • Android with min. 3GB RAM
  • Does not support Kindle

  • logo Shifu

    The Shifu brand has been built by an enthusiastic team of parents, early learning professionals, innovators and technologists whose diverse knowledge and interests fit together as efficiently as all parts of their kits. Together they aim to connect children's games to meaningful and rewarding learning. And since 2016, they have been getting better and better thanks to discovering endless childhood imagination using the latest technology.
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    Manufacturer Shifu
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