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Do you want to get fit but don't have the time or space to exercise? Are you often on the go? Or simply do not know how to do it? The smart STRAFFR fitness rubber will crush every possible excuse to the last one! Just download the free companion app, connect this smart exercise tool to it and get ready to work up a good sweat!

STRAFFR offers you everything:
• All 5 skills in one - strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination
• A workout truly for everyone, without distinction!
• Exercise under the supervision of professional athletes
• Smart live feedback technology
• Don't lose a minute of your life through incorrect exercise
• Absolute German quality thanks to German engineers
• Made of premium medical grade silicone
• App with a rich database of practice workouts
• Resistance range 15 - 25 kg

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A simple, fast and, above all, effective helper

Whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight or work on your mobility, the app has a rich database of practical workouts that match your fitness goals. They are composed and illustrated by professional trainers. This in itself is a solid guarantee of the effectiveness of these programs, but not the only one! The strengthening rubber has a special sensor. This monitors your movements and, with the help of the STRAFFR Live Feedback feature, provides you with instant visual feedback and audio instructions to help you perform the exercises correctly. The integrated chip also tracks your progress in real time - number of reps, resistance of the rubber band and calories burned. Your activity stays saved in the app so you can always keep track of your workout history and overall progress. Plus, Apple users can take advantage of syncing with Apple Health.

Don't waste a minute of your life with improper exercise

Effort, momentum, determination - the STRAFFR strong smart band gives you all of that. It will help you rediscover the power of not making excuses. It will find the ideal and sufficiently motivating goal for you, or your new vision.

STRAFFR offers you an absolute reboot of your exercise habits

A change in your current lifestyle is at your fingertips. Reach out for the new smart fitness eraser and start future-proofing your dream step by step at a time.

The most important thing is to just start somehow

There is no need to practice like a "pro" right from the start. A lot of people never start just because they see a huge mountain in front of them, but are afraid to take that first tiny step. This is not your case, this is STRAFFR - your perfect personal trainer to support you on your journey to conquer every mountain. Take that first step, and everything else will follow. STRAFFR, the smart fitness rubber for which nothing is impossible, will take care of it for you!

All 5 skills in one to keep you feeling healthy

Which skills are ideal for getting in perfect shape? Strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination, of course. Are these words sometimes foreign to you? Give the Straffr smart weight training rubber a chance and get new skills into your life, even if you never dreamed of them before. Just a few minutes a day separates you from your goal. That can't stop you!

With the STRAFFR Fitness Rubber, everyone can do the workout, no matter what!

The only fitness elastic that is designed to give professionals a good workout, yet not discourage beginner athletes. Need to get in shape for life, lose a few pounds, or just work up a sweat? The STRAFFR strong weight training rubber can do it all. Take the edge off with exercise and give your brain the right hormones so that you fall asleep with a pleasant feeling that today was worth it. All it takes is so little

Introducing the STRAFFR smart band:

Sticking to a fitness routine is now a breeze!

With the STRAFFR smart fitness eraser you can get fit anytime, at home or on the go. All you need to do is download the app and connect it to the exercise tool via Bluetooth. It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner or have been doing the sport for a while.

There are more than 100 training plans and exercises waiting for you

In the app, they are clearly divided so that everyone can find one that matches their fitness level. You can orient yourself according to the specific muscle group the program targets or the fitness goals they pursue (e.g. weight training, HIIT, mobility, etc.). If one of the trainers particularly suits you, you can view their workouts exclusively. If you're already more proficient in exercise, there's nothing stopping you from creating your own plan that will challenge you and be tailored to fit your time constraints.

Max Planer - the rowing legend offers you a free complete wourkout - setup using the STRAFFR Smart Band:

Work out under the supervision of professional athletes

All the workouts available in the app have been put together by certified fitness trainers in collaboration with successful athletes. So you can be sure that their workouts cover all 5 basic sports movement skills - strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination - and with a little time and regularity will get you the results you want. By following them you will improve your economy of movement, increase your performance and, most importantly, prevent sports injuries. The variability of training plans is also an undeniable plus. If classic fitness apps can't motivate you enough and you quickly get bored with them, you won't have this problem with STRAFFR!

STRAFFR - it can be done easily! More in this video:

Smart tracking with live feedback technology

A patented sensor system is integrated directly into the resistive rubber to ensure data is transmitted to the application. No matter where you're pulling on the band, or whether you're just using a portion of it, you'll always find up-to-date data on your device about the number of reps you've performed, calories burned, and the resistance of the rubber in kilograms you're currently working with. The real unique feature, also backed by the built-in motion sensor, is the STRAFFR Live Feedback feature. This provides real-time visual feedback and audio instructions to help you perform exercises with proper form - essentially like having a flesh-and-blood personal trainer in the room with you. All of your activity is logged in the app so you can view stats and analysis of your workouts and keep track of your progress at any time. If you use Apple Health, feel free to sync it with the STRAFFR app. That way, you'll have your health data in one place.

Learn to train anywhere - at work, on a walk, even by the sea:

Premium German quality

The STRAFFR smart fitness rubber is the first of its kind in the world. Its core - a unique motion sensor - was designed by top German electrical engineers. The premium quality of the product is also underlined by the choice of durable medical-grade silicone instead of the commonly used latex. Unlike other commercial belts, the STRAFFR thus stands out for its durability as well as for its more comfortable and firm grip. To enjoy all its functions to the fullest, make sure its battery is sufficiently charged. The energy can be easily

See how easily your personal STRAFFR trainer works:

Summary of features:

  • Smart fitness rubber with integrated motion sensor
  • Resistance 15-25 kg
  • Used by professional athletes and trainers
  • Connected to the free STRAFFR app, available for Android and iOS devices
  • Access to a database of over 100 exercises
  • Video guides with certified trainers for the correct way to perform the exercises
  • STRAFFR Live Feedback feature for visual feedback and audio instructions
  • Workout breakdowns by involved areas or fitness goals
  • Training plans integrating all 5 fundamental movement skills: strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination
  • Progress monitoring - number of repetitions, calories burned, rubber band resistance
  • Training analysis and statistics
  • Top quality, made in Germany
  • Lithium-ion battery, USB-A to USB-C cable charging
  • Battery life up to 24 hours
  • Material: durable medical grade silicone
  • Colour: Cyan
  • Length: 2 m
  • Package Contents:

  • STRAFFR Strong 15 - 25 kg
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • STRAFFR travel case

  • App download

    aplikace STRAFFR - Personal Trainer
    The STRAFFR smart app is free to download for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. The minimum requirements for system versions are iOS 11 and Android 5.0 or higher


  • Czech Manual
  • English manual

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    Look no further than former professional athlete Stefan Weiss for the idea of a smart exercise aid. Even after his sporting career ended, he was looking for a balance between an active lifestyle, long working days and travelling. Countless fitness apps couldn't motivate him enough and working out with conventional elastic bands seemed to be missing something. So he approached his two friends, also former professional athletes and industrial engineers, to help him turn this versatile classic into a smart fitness device. The road to market was long and fraught with obstacles, but eventually the trio managed to.
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