Tractive DOG XL (TG4XL) Rubber Clip Mounting

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If you love using the Tractive DOG XL locator, make your set even better! Add three more maxi-sized clips to your set! They will fit even the largest dog breeds flawlessly.

The mounting clips are no different from the original clips. Therefore they can be used as spare parts and replace original pieces in case of loss. However, you do not need to keep them in reserve. Place them on other collars or harnesses and prepare your gear for your outdoor adventure in advance. The next time you want to head out, everything will go quickly, not only to the satisfaction of your impatient furry friend. The mounting clips are made of soft, durable rubber. Due to the flexible clamps, the tracker can be easily inserted and removed again. They won't restrict your dog's movement or irritate him. And you can rest assured that the locator will reliably protect even in the harshest conditions. They can be attached to almost any collar no wider than 4 cm.

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Tractive DOG XL (TG4XL) - Rubber Clip Mounting

Ensure your pet's safety

Meet the additional accessories for the Tractive DOG XL locator! This set of three rubber clips will securely attach the tracker to almost any collar or harness. The clamping system has been designed to be compatible with collars up to 4cm wide. It means that even the largest dogs can wear the tracker comfortably!

The set of mounting clips can serve as spare pieces. They can replace the original clips if you lose them. Or you can attach them to the other three collars and shackles you like to use. Next time you go out with your canine companion, there'll be no need to move the whole set from one harness to another. Just insert the tracker into the mount, and you're ready. This will prepare you for an outdoor adventure much faster.

This mounting system is sturdy enough to give the Tractive DOG XL locator enough protection, even during tough challenges. It will suit really big dogs. Thanks to its lightweight and soft materials, it won't restrict or irritate them in any way.

Features Summary

  • Tractive DOG XL Rubber Clip Mounting - 3 pieces
  • Protection of the locator, maximum comfort for the animal
  • Easy handling, instantly ready for adventure
  • Designed for large dog breeds
  • Suitable for collars up to 4 cm wide
  • Material: durable and flexible rubber
  • Compatible with the Tractive DOG XL GPS locator
  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 8 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 26 g
  • Colour: beige
  • Note: the locator is sold separately

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    Behind this lovely young company based in Paschen, Austria, are real lovers of pets and animals in general. Consequently, Tractive products are thought through to the very last detail and match the modern approach to breeding and training dogs, cats, and other animals.

    After all, you can see for yourself on the company's blog or on its Facebook profil that their main focus is the well-being of our four-legged friends. In addition to user-friendly apps designed to control the Tractive devices, the company also offers other applications for pet owners to download.

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