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A forgotten or lost wallet sometimes troubles all of us. With the Chipolo CARD Spot smart finder you will have your valuables under perfect control. Chipolo CARD Spot is a very thin, lightweight and elegant card that fits into any type of wallet. Through the simple Apple Find My app, you pair it with your iPhone or iPad and it will help you find your lost wallet in minutes. The app is perfectly encrypted so all your personal data is completely safe.

The Chipolo CARD Spot smart object finder offers several practical functions. If the wallet is within 60 metres, the card will start emitting a loud signal tone, allowing you to find the wallet even under a duvet or mountain of laundry. If you forget your wallet for example in a café, shop or airport, the app will show you exactly where it is on a map. As part of the tracking feature, the app will alert you as soon as you start moving away from your wallet.

The timeless minimalist design and high practicality of the product are complemented by the high quality of the material and individual components. The lightweight battery lasts for two years and is completely recyclable once it is exhausted. The app uses a bluetooth signal to connect to the device, so the use is data-light.

• Simple and fast wallet search
• Bluetooth pairing
• Audio search up to 60 metres
• Perfect data security

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Find your wallet anywhere and anytime

Finding a wallet becomes a daily ordeal for many people. Whether you're in a hurry to catch the bus and don't know where you put it, or you're leaving a café in a daze only to find out at home that your wallet was left on the table…These and many other situations are the source of even the smallest inattention.The Chipolo CARD spot smart item finder provides an elegant solution. This lightweight wallet card pairs with your smartphone or iPad in moments, showing you where your wallet is in an instant via the Apple Find Me app. The device uses a Bluetooth signal, so it's very data-light.

Chipolo CARD – lokalizační čip v pasu a na dálkovém ovladači

Close by and far away

The Apple Find Me app offers basic usage options once installed. If you're sure your wallet is somewhere near you, turn on the audio search mode and the card will emit a loud beep to guide you to it. Chipolo CARD spot boasts a volume of 105 dB, so you won't overhear the alert even in loud noise. If you forget or misplace your wallet, the app will show you its exact location on a map. After all, this feature is also great if your wallet is stolen - in this case, you can track the perpetrator's movements through the app. Also very useful is the feature where you are alerted whenever you start to move away from your wallet. This way, you have your documents and other valuables perfectly under control.

Chipolo CARD – lokalizační čip v pasu a na dálkovém ovladači

Minimalism in all aspects

The Chipolo development team believes that less is more. The Chipolo CARD spot is very unobtrusive, elegant, lightweight and almost as thin as a credit card. It fits seamlessly into a wallet and can be used to search for any other valuables. The Apple Find Me app, which acts as a network of thousands of users, is just as easy to install and operate. Download the app, install it and have 100% control of your wallet in minutes.

Chipolo CARD – lokalizační čip v pasu a na dálkovém ovladači

See how you can take advantage of Chipolo's features

Feature overview

  • Object Finder
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use
  • Connection via mobile app
  • Instantly reveals the location of your wallet
  • Apple Find Me compatible

  • Technical Specifications

  • V momentě odhalí polohu vaší peněženky
  • Hlasitost: 105 db
  • Dimensions: 85.1 x 53.6, 2.4 mm
  • Volume: 105 db
  • Nearby alert sound playback: up to 60
  • Location app: Apple Find My
  • Search: Bluetooth
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • Battery: 2 years, recyclable
  • Compatibility: Pair the app with the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS or macOS

  • User Manual

  • Chipolo manual (ENG)

    Simple, smart and reliable Chipolo finders come from a team of 6 friends who decided to face everyday problems with lost keys and things to the fullest. That's why they joined Kickstarter in 2013, and since then they have grown into an international company with their own products and applications that help find lost stuff in more than 200 countries.
  • More Information
    Product code CH-C21R-GY-R-EN
    Barcode 3830059103462
    Color Black
    Manufacturer Chipolo
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